Depreciation Calculatore Template

Depreciation is a very common term that we use in business and offices and still there are some nonfinancial people out there who don’t know the exact meaning of it. If we define depreciation in simple words, it’s the decrease in cost of an item, product, machinery or any other business asset because of its usage or unfavorable market conditions. When we buy a something like a vehicle or a building, we can’t sell it on the price on which we bought it. With the passage of time, as we use it, the resale value of that vehicle or building decreases and it decreases much faster if the market has introduced something better than that in a lower price. It’s a common sense that when we use something, it reduces its original price with every passing day but there are something things that don’t behave in this manner. For example patents and copyrights are the assets of a business that increase their value with every passing day and we can sell them on a much higher price.

Depreciation calculator is a process which enables us to find out the reducing price of an asset with the passage of time. This way before we actually buy that product, we can estimate its resale value after a certain amount of time like six months or one year. If we know the effective age of that equipment and its depreciation price, it’s not difficult to reserve some annual funds to buy the same product again once the existing one is expired. This calculator provides us ease when we want to buy a vehicle or commercial building and we don’t know whether it will be possible to sale it after a few years or it will expire by that time. Businesses work in a much professional way and they don’t buy a thing without estimating about the future and the upcoming situations and this calculator comes handy in that circumstances.

The main advantage of using a depreciation calculator is that it enables a company to estimate the exact price of used machinery after a few years and it helps to compare if it’s the right product for the company according to its price, quality and productivity. It provides information about the output of that machine and its price after a certain amount of time so that the company can compare if the productivity is higher or the machine is expensive. All the finances of a company depends upon this calculator as it won’t be a good situation if the finance department estimated a wrong depreciation percentage and now the company can’t sell the used machinery as it assumed a few years ago. By using this calculator, the company can estimate the actual price of its assets anytime during running year. This helps to get the real value of a business by knowing the present value of its assets. This calculator comes in handy when you want to know the depreciation price of equipment and its effective working years so that you can save some annual funds for the purchase of a new product when this one expires. This calculator also helps a lot when a business has to pay tax on its present value and the condition of its assets.

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Usage of depreciation calculators in our daily life:

  • When you are about to buy an equipment or machinery, you should estimate it’s depreciation price and its production value so that you know if this machine is going to give you profit or loss over a certain period of time.
  • By using this calculator we easily find the resale value of a machine after a certain amount of time.
  • This calculator helps one to estimate the actual value of his business at the present time. This comes quite handy when you are selling your business or merging it into some other firm.
  • This calculator helps a business to allocate the annual budget for the purchase of a machine after a few years when the existing unit is going to expire because of usage or duration. This way the business saves some extra finances for the purchase of a new product and at that time, it won’t have to struggle to get finances.
  • Once government sends you a payable tax notice, you have to estimate the real present value of your business and its assets so you don’t pay extra money in form of tax.
  • Depreciation is an expense and this calculator helps us to estimate that expense before time.

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House Affordability Calculator Template

If I am allowed to talk about myself, I would like to share my biggest wish in life which is, to build a house of my own. Nobody wants to or likes to live in a rented house but its not possible for most of us to have our own house before you hit forty. What if you are saving money for 20 years to buy a house for you and your family and when you buy a house, you find out that you can’t afford its expenses like bills, maintenance and repair? This is why it’s very important that before you decide or actually purchase a house, you make some assumptions about the upcoming years. Also when you buy a house, you don’t want to sell it right away but believe me there will be a time after a few years when you will be able to afford a much better place and you will sell this house. So the house you buy should have a good resale value. All these figures and facts come when you check the affordability of your house or the one you are about to buy. And the process which helps one in this situation is called a house affordability calculator.

A house costs a lot and most of us work our asses off to save the money for our dream home so it is not a good idea to make this decision without thinking about every aspect and a fact that is it affordable or not. It’s not about the money you pay to buy the house but the expenses that come after the house is yours. You will have to pay the bills, take good care of the house and pay for the maintenance and repair stuff and the taxes that the government implements on your property. This affordability calculator helps you to estimate all these expenses to see if you can actually pay for them or not. This calculator gives you an amount of tax that you will be paying to government when you own this house. If you think you can buy the house but can’t afford those expenses, we recommend that you buy a smaller place or change the neighborhood and check a few blocks outside the city where real estate prices are comparatively low and taxes are less.

This calculator comes in handy when you are not a rich person and you have to make sure before you spend a single buck. Buying a house takes the money you saved for twenty or thirty years and when you actually start living in the house, you find out that you can’t afford the electricity bill of such a big house or the government has implemented a huge tax on your house. This calculator gives you all that figures before you buy the house. You have to input some figure like the price of house, real estate value in that area, the tax ration of that place and the previous electricity and gas bills and within a few seconds this calculator shows you figures about your upcoming expenses in the future after you buy the house.

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Uses of a house affordability calculator in our daily lives:

  • The main and most important use of this calculator is when an individual wants to buy a house and he can’t figure out the upcoming expenses of the future that comes with the house so he uses this calculator.
  • With the help of this calculator, you find a figure about the annual or monthly tax you will be paying.
  • If you have got a mortgage or house loan, you can make sure if you will be able to make those installments after you buy this house or the house itself needs a lot of money to take care and maintain.
  • Real estate professionals use this calculator to satisfy a client who can’t do this process by his own.
  • This calculator enables you to find the resale value of the house you are buying because no matter what you say, think or decide, there will be a time in future when you will be desperate to sell this house. So it’s better if you prepare yourself for that time and situation and don’t get your hopes too high about the resale value of the house.

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Monthly Vs. Annual Savings Calculator

Monthly savings account is a simple way to make regular monthly deposits which you have saved from your monthly earnings. This is an important step that you should take as soon as you start your professional career. There is no guarantee about your employment period or your health and what will happen to you and your family if you lose your job or meet an accident and paralyze. The savings account is the solution to those unusual situations when you don’t have another source of income. People also deposit a little part of their monthly income into the savings account to support the college education of their child in the upcoming years. If you are a father of a girl, you always dream about your daughter’s wedding day and to make it more special and dreamy and that’s only possible if you save some of your monthly income. Same thing happens in the case of annual savings only with a little difference that only the businesses make annual savings for unfortunate incidents inside the business every year from their annual turnover.

You can’t just take the money from your pocket and put it in the savings account because you may need it later that month and that won’t be easy to draw the money back from the savings account. This is why a monthly savings calculator is important as it tells you about how much you can or you will save this month. In case of an annual saving, you can’t allocate a random amount or approximately finance for the business for the next year and you need a definite tool which tells you about the exact amount that you can save from your incomes. This calculator is free of cost and doesn’t need you to spend even a single buck for the calculations. You just need to enter your monthly or yearly gross income into the calculator along with your regular expenses and within a second, this calculator provides you with a figure of money that you can take from your pocket and put into the savings account.

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The main benefit of this calculator is that it eliminates the chances of mistakes or errors in the final results or figures as this calculator does all the work by itself. If you want to do all this work by yourself, you need to go through a number of formulas and financial equations which will take hours to complete and there are still strong chances that you will mess it up and the final figure will not be so accurate. This calculator generates the exact and accurate results without any fault. You can use this calculator on a computer or a cell phone without any need of internet.

General uses of a monthly vs. annual savings account:

  • Individuals use this calculator to allocate a definite amount for the savings account from their monthly income for the future needs.
  • People, who want their kids to study in college or more than one daughter to marry, use this calculator to take some amount from the monthly salary and deposit in into savings account.
  • Offices, firms and organizations use this calculator on professional level to allocate finances for the next year’s expenses and sudden incidents.
  • Websites put this calculator on their web portals and offer their visitors to use this calculator for free so that they have more traffic.
  • Financial or accountant firms use this calculator to check how much they can deposit into the savings account.

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Monthly Menu Planner Template

Menu planning is literally very important that provides you good chance to include healthy meal options to your day to day diet. Menu planning must be very effective and results oriented and you can make it effective following basics and fundamentals of its preparation. Menu planner is prepared according to different time periods and duration i.e. daily menu planner, weekly menu planner and monthly menu planner. Here we are going to discuss key elements of monthly menu planner.

  • Accomplishing a realistic menu planner is one of very first and key elements of menu planner. For example, your monthly menu planner must consist of such food items and diets that are easily available and is part of your routine diet. Adding most expensive food items would not be possible to follow in menu planning and there will be no use of such menu planner that consists of such dream items of food and diet.
  • Menu planning is accomplished to have proper and complete diet including dairy products, poultry products, grain foods, fruits and vegetables. So you monthly menu planner must cover all food items that can boost your energy and provide you best nutrition.
  • Another thing is very important in preparing monthly menu planner if you are going to prepare it for entire of your family members. Yes monthly menu planner must be enforceable for all in the family. This is one of important elements and fundamentals of menu planning that would be helpful to provide your family with balanced and complete diet.
  • You must plan menu or meal for your family according to their temperament and personality. This is the most important thing to consider because everyone cannot be bond to follow a strict schedule for eating and dining. Everyone has different temperament and eating habits so you must consider these before you make monthly menu planner.
  • You will have to change your cooking style and time while preparing and following a healthy menu planner accomplished on monthly basis. You need to cook perishables first before you cook main dishes for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, salads, fresh fish and chicken should be cooked first than you cook other foods.
  • Shopping for grocery also matters when you have to follow a meal plan for the whole month. You need to be wise and strategic while shopping for grocery items to be used in kitchen. You must prepare a well drafted shopping list to shop all necessary and healthy diet items to follow according to monthly meal planner.

These are such fundamentals, steps or key elements that need to consider for effective and successful monthly menu planner. Remember, a healthier and effective menu planner is that can provide you healthy diet and balanced diet. However, you can prolong your schedule for meal planning if you find it effective and result oriented. You must keep following and accomplishing all fundamentals of menu planning that are given above. These elements are enough to make your menu planner effective and successful.

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Food Calorie Calculator Template

If you are asked to buy an electronic appliance or any household item like a television or radio, would you like to buy it without checking its quality or will you purchase a vehicle without test driving it? your answer would be definitely no because when you are buying stuff, you are actually paying for it and it’s your right to check for the quality and see if it fulfills your needs or not. It’s the same deal with the food you eat on regular basis. If you can’t even buy a MP3 player without playing a song on it, how can you eat something without knowing that what are the ingredients and how much calories it contains. The calories are an essential need of a human’s body but excessive amount of calories can also affect our body in a bad way. This is why it’s very important that before you eat anything, measure the calories in it just to make sure if you are eating the right amount or you will need to work out to burn the extra calories.

A food calorie calculator is a process which helps us to find the calories of a food item and to see if it’s suitable for use or not. Doctors and physicians suggest their patients and old aged persons to use a calorie calculator before they eat anything. People, who have heart diseases or blood pressure problem, need this calculator and use it on regular basis every time they want to eat something. Fat persons who want to reduce their weight, use this calculator to find out the right amount of calories in the food they are about to eat so that they can make sure if they have taken any extra energy they will burn by work out.

The most important benefit of a food calorie calculator is that it keeps you healthy. You can eat whatever you want as long as you know that amount of calories it contains. This way when you are assure that you have taken just the right amount of energy, there is no need for extra workout or exercise or if the food contains excessive calories which will harm your body but you have to eat it because it’s your favorite, you can count the extra calories by this calculator and burn then by exercise or walk. This calculator keeps you aware about the amount of calories you have already taken and now it’s time you say no to the food in front of you. When you control your eating habit, this calculator indirectly affects your decision making ability and make it more efficient.

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Usage of food calorie calculator in our daily lives:

  • People use this calculator in their regular routine before they eat anything.
  • Diet conscious person like models and actors use this calculator to find just the appropriate amount of calories according to their body’s needs so that they don’t take anything extra which can result into extra fat on their body.
  • Patients and old age person use this calculator to maintain a healthy diet and eating the allowed amount of calories.
  • Doctors and physicians use this calculator in hospitals and clinics to provide the right amount of calories to the patients admitted there.
  • Preschools use this calculator when they prepare meals for children on special occasions like a picnic or zoo visit.

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Body Fat Calculator Template

The amount of energy in the food we take decides whether we put on more weight or lose some pounds. If we eat more than the need of our body, the extra energy or excessive calories are stored in our body in form of fats. To live a healthy life and maintains a perfect body, we should always take just the right amount of calories that our body needs or in case of excessive amount of energy, we should work out or exercise to burn the extra calories so that it doesn’t become fat in our body. Our body needs necessary vitamins and minerals on daily basis and we have to provide some extra because our body ejects some energy in form of body oils, sweat, excrete wastes and other body fluids and if we don’t eat the extra amount, we may lose our weight. Before you think yourself as a fat person or start a dieting program, you should check if you are fat or not. The body fat calculator helps you to figure that out.

When we are on a diet, we don’t provide the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to our body and to work properly, our body uses the fats from inside the organs like belly or hips. This way as we eat less, we reduce some weight and get rid of extra fat too. But this is not an easy or usual process as our body goes under a lot of changes when we are on a diet. And it becomes worse if you are on a diet but your body is already weak. This is where a body fat calculator comes handy. When you use this calculator, you don’t need any doctor, physician, health instructor or diet specialist to tell you about your body but you call see the results by yourself even at home. You just need to check your actual weight and height and enter those figures into this calculator and in a blink of an eye, you have the results telling you if you have any extra fats or your body is in perfect shape. When you get the result you can match it with a chart given bellow to see if you fall into category of underweight, perfect weight, overweight or obesity.

  • <18.5 = underweight
  • 18.5-24.9 = normal weight
  • 25-29.9 = overweight
  • 30-30+ = obesity

This calculator is free of cost and also doesn’t need an expert to operate or to read the results. Anybody can use it without any supervision of a doctor or diet instructor. This calculator helps you to locate the extra fats in your body so that by reducing them, you can obtain a perfect shaped body. It helps you to draw a diet plane for you or one of your family members. The result you get is in percentage so it’s quite easy to compare it with your friend or spouse to see which one of you is healthier. You can use this calculator on a computer or your cell phone so there is no need to buy an extra gadget for this purpose. Even if nobody knows but only you about the extra fats in your body, you can use this calculator as many times per day as you want and nobody will ever notice that you are fat or are on a diet.

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Uses of a body fat calculator in our daily lives:

  • Individuals use this calculator to locate the amount of fats in their bodies.
  • Fat persons use this calculator to check how many pounds they need to reduce so that they can create a diet plan at their own.
  • Doctors and physicians use this calculator in their medical facilities to aware the patients about the extra fats in their body.
  • Nutritionists use this calculator to create a diet plane for their clients and to keep them up to date about their reducing fats.
  • Preschools use this calculator to see if the children are putting on some weight so that they need to change the ingredients of lunch they provide at the school or kids eat at their homes.

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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Body mass index is a number obtained from a person’s weight and height to check if he has perfect body or overweight or underweight. BMI is a common used process to locate the extra fats in one’s body and to categories persons into weight categories to save them from diseases caused of overweight. BMI is an easy and general way to find out if you have fats in your body or if you need a diet plan to lose your extra weight. We obtain BMI by knowing our actual weight and height into a simple formula and the then we compare the result with a chart to see what category we fall into i.e. underweight, normal weight, overweight or obesity. BMI calculator is a standard process by which we find out the fat ratio in our body. In simple words, the BMI calculator tells us if we have a healthy body or we need to lose some weight. This calculator is equally effective for both men and women and teenagers to adults. This is the easiest way to find out about your body’s situation to prevent any diseases caused by overweight like heart problem, diabetes or various types of cancers.

This calculator is the most common way to find out the truths about your body without a professional instructor or gym professional. As the result comes in percentage, you can also compare it with one of your friends to see who is healthier. This calculator has became a part of a life for so many people as it’s free of cost and very easy to use and understand. You just need to put your weight and height into the calculator and then compare the results to a chart given bellow to see in which category you fall.

  • Underweight: BMI is less than 18.5
  • Normal weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9
  • Overweight: BMI is 25.0 to 29.9
  • Obesity: BMI is 30 or more than 30

The main advantage of a BMI calculator is that it doesn’t need you to attend special classes or do a short course before you can read or operate the calculator. The result is so clear and uncomplicated that even a 12 year old can operate and tell the results. You just have to enter two values into the calculator and then compare the result with a chart to see your actual body type. The world has accepted this technique and now people are using it regularly in their lives because it’s equally effective for men, women and even, children.  With the help of this calculator you can track the extra pounds you have to loose and also you can control your diet by eating less calorie foods.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator  created using MS Excel,

Uses of body mass calculator in our daily lives:

  • Individuals use this calculator to locate the extra pounds in their bodies so that they have the exact idea about how much weight they need to lose.
  • Fat persons or those who think they are fat, use this calculator to see if they are really over weight or it’s just an assumption.
  • Doctors use this calculator in hospitals to prepare accurate calorie meals for the admitted patients.
  • Nutritionists, who are professional to plan a diet for an individual, use this calculator to create a diet plan for their customers.
  • Nursery schools use this calculator for the children to see if they are taking a proper meal or getting fat by the extra fats or calories.

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Ideal Weight Calculator Template

Human life has been getting very complicated with the advent of time. The early humans had a very healthy and full of activity life, which kept them strong, healthy and free from various diseases which the mankind faces in the present day world. Due to the inventions the life has been facilitated to a greater extent, but also has caused a setback to human race; i.e. much lesser physical activity. The diet not being properly digested and consumed becomes a source of overweighing the body and hinders in the path of proper fitness. Now-a-days controlling weight of body is a major issue for every second person in our society. Knowing what is good, better and best is an issue for both, men and women.

To tackle this problem, scientists, engineers, physicians and dietitians have been working for many years. A number of formulae have been written and used to find the answers about the ‘Ideal’ body weight. This struggle led to many other inventions, like exercising machines, medicinal aids, methods of exercising. A remarkable improvement is the Ideal Weight Calculating system. It is a sort of computer program, designed by the software engineers, which is based on any of the formulae developed earlier by the physicians or scientists. What this calculator does is, interpreted the formulae and gives an easy to use interface, where a user can easily enter their basic know data and can get the answers to their question about the weight calculations in terms of Ideal weight ranging to average healthy weight as well.

These weight calculators work on specific parameters, which include height, age, gender and current weight as well; after whose processing, the calculator gives the results whether your present weight is healthy or not, and also that how much weight you should lose or gain to achieve your goal of Ideal Body Weight. This is a very interesting fact to note that both genders have different weight requirements at different age and for different physical parameters.

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Formulae developed by J. D. Robinson, D. R. Miller, G. J. Hamwi and B. J. Devine are of immense importance in the weight calculations. Most of the weight calculators are based on any of these formulae; some calculators will even give results according to all of the formulae of the above mentioned scientists.

Like many other software, these Ideal Weight Calculators can easily be downloaded from the internet. Some websites publish these calculators for online usage; which means that you do not need to download the calculator instead of that, you can use it directly by accessing their webpage. You fill out the required parameters and you get the results right at the moment on that website. This makes their use quite easy and doesn’t gobble up the things for people who are not very well aware of using computer programs.

Ideal Weight Calculators have now become a need of the hour, because every now and then people need to know about their physical status, where they lie from the average to ideal requirements, or if they are even in this range or they are standing lower or have gone too far away from the limits.

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Monthly Attendance Report Template

Monthly attendance reports are used by schools to track the attendance of students according to the rules and regulations of school. It is most important part of classroom life and all teachers are responsible to take attendance of their class at the beginning of each lesson. Monthly attendance reports contains information of students, details of days present and absent, notations regarding absences like excused or unexcused. Monthly attendance report is important to prepare because it often becomes the part of student’s grading and parents are usually notified on the frequent absentees of student.

Importance of Monthly Attendance Reports

Monthly attendance report will help you to record absence of all students on daily basis. It will prove really helpful in the preparation of individual attendance reports of students by extracting details of absent days and reasons of absentees. Monthly attendance reports are usually designed by considering attendance policy of schools. Monthly attendance reports help you to take important decisions for the benefits of schools and let you to report permanently absent students to their parents or guardians.

Here is preview of this Free Monthly Attendance Report Template created using MS Excel,

Monthly attendance sheet will help you to find out attendance rate in the average percentage of school attendance in a particular year. This report is used by department of education to compute the attendance rate and this information will help you to evaluate effectiveness of your education system and policies of your school to increase the attendance rate of students.

Tips to Design Monthly Attendance Report

Monthly attendance report is an important document not only for students but for school also therefore it is important to include complete contents in this document according to your own requirements. Following are some tips that will help you to design monthly attendance report:

  • Divide your monthly attendance report in different rows and columns to include different details in it. You have to write the name of student, classroom number and the name of course at the top of the page. It will help data entry person to enter accurate record for each student.
  • Write name of students in the wide column and use alphabetical order to do this. Write first, middle and last name of students like Vaneeza Smith or Brack T. Taylor.
  • Write name of month and date for which you are taking attendance and write date in the small boxes across the top of the sheet. It will be good to write initials for the each day of week at the top of each date. This will make your work really easy and you can simply find any particular attendance record for a particular student.
  • In order to record attendance, you have to find current date and place. Use check mark or “P” for present student and “X or A” for absent students adjacent to the name of each student. You can leave absent boxes empty for few hours to confirm the reason of leave.
  • It is important to carefully record attendance because some school has policy to increase the rating or scores of students on the basis of attendance report.

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Student GPA Calculator Template

GPA or a grade point average is a process by which your school, college or university calculates your overall performance in an exam. Some institutions have a scale of GPA from 0 to 4.0 and other have 0 to 5.0 which mainly based upon the rules and laws of the local government and educational department there.  You get a GPA based on the grades that you earn in each class throughout the semester. At the end of each educational year, the institution also calculates your cumulative GPA which is the sum of all the previous acquired GPAs. Once you have passed your high school and want to apply for a college, the one thing that matters the most is your GPA. That college is going to access you by the GPA you earned and nobody will care if you are hardworking or very intelligent, if it is lower than the average, you won’t be to go to that college whether your GPA is lower because of you or you had a health problem during the exam. GPA calculator helps one to find his GPA and realize if he has to study more to improve or he is doing great and will get admission in a college after the high school.

Calculating your GPA throughout the study year is a very essential part of the education. Your institution does this calculation and after each exam you find out what is your GPA in this exam. This way when it happens after every three or six months, you don’t have to ask anybody else if you need an improvement in your studies or some college is going to accept you. By looking at your GPAs, you can tell if you are improving in studies or going down. In the start of the educational year, when you get GPA of your first exam, you can estimate if you have to increase the study hours or you are doing just fine.

This calculator is very accurate and easy to use and even an immature can create it and use without any outside help. It’s so easy that you can make it at home within minutes and the best part is that you won’t need any help from head of math club. With a little research, you can find a perfect college for you according to your choice but the thing is that if your GPA is not enough, that college won’t accept you so you have to make sure if you are going above the average like or need and improvement or more hard work in the studies. From the first exam GPA you can set your goals and decide whether you need to study more or not.

Here is preview of this Student GPA Calculator Template,

General guidelines to create a student GPA calculator:

  • Most schools use a four point scale where:
    A = 4
    B = 3
    C = 2
    D = 1 and
    F = 0
    once you are sure that your school or college is using the same scale, you can utilize it.
  • Find your grades in the current examination by asking your teacher or head of the department.
  • Write the correct point value next to each grade using the above mentioned grade table. For example if you’ve got A in your math, that means it means 4 point and if you got C in your history, it means 2 points.
  • Add all the above points for each of the subject and write down the final value, which in this case you can assume that it’s 24.39.
  • Now divide the final answer by the number of classes you have. In this case suppose you have 8 classes so divide 24.39 by 8 and the answer is 3.04 which mean on a scale of 0 to 4.0 your have earned 3.04 points which means your GPA is 3.04.

Use of student GPA calculator in daily life:

  • Schools use this calculator to find the ranking of each individual student.
  • Colleges use this calculator to check if the applicant fulfills their criteria and is really eligible for the admission.
  • Institutions use this calculator to check in what category the student lies from bellow average to average to extra ordinary.
  • Individual student uses this calculator to access if he will be eligible to enter into a college after a year or two.
  • Students use this calculator to find out if they need any extra hard work or they are doing just fine.

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