Wedding Checklist

The most important and excited day of a person’s life is his or her wedding day and the same day is also very important for other people too such as their parents, friends and relatives. A wedding is a social occasion which only completes when all the persons that matter in your life are invited in the ceremony to share the joyful moments with you. In a wedding it’s not just about the incoming guests, but there are a number of others factors too that matter a lot such as wedding dresses, flower decorations, centre pieces, cake, wine and food items. In a wedding there are some other functions that you invite guests too such as bridal shower, mehndi or walima which require different kinds of arrangements like in bridal shower, you only invite females and every function has different kind of arrangements too. The amount of work in a wedding ceremony is so big that no matter how much you want to remember, you will always forget something. This is why you have to keep a track of everything you do or buy.

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In order to remember each and every detail in a wedding, you need to arrange for a wedding checklist. This is like a to-do-list in which you enlist the important things or stuff to do and when you finish that thing or arrange for that item, you put a check mark on that item for the later. There are many methods to create a checklist such as you can make it in MS word, excel or by hand on a simple paper. You can either create a joint list in which you put all the necessary items or tasks for every function or you can make separate checklists for each function or item types. For example if you want to make a checklist for food items for all the functions, this is a joint food items checklist. This list helps you to arrange for every item or task one by one according to their priorities. There are many websites that facilitate the visitors with the readymade checklists in which you just have to pick the items and enter the number of guests you have invited along with the money you have in your hand for the wedding, and the website automatically provides a checklist according to your needs and financial conditions.

A wedding checklist is like the most important item in a wedding which tells you what to buy and when to buy. This way you make sure that you have only planned for the most necessary items or tasks and there is nothing irrelevant in the shopping. This checklist helps a lot when you have to plan the wedding in lower budget or lesser finances and it’s very important to only buy the essential items. You can make this list anytime before the wedding i.e. one week or even three months. This checklist also takes a lot from you head too as with this list, you don’t have to try so hard to remember everything or each item. Also it’s very possible that you will buy something that you have already bought because you can’t remember everything. With the help of this checklist, you put a check mark whenever you buy an item or some services.

Tips to create a wedding checklist:

  • Before starting the actual planning, you need to pick a wedding date. You can choose a date in your favorite month or in your favorite season like winter or autumn.
  • Check for the money you have in your hand for the wedding and then set a wedding budget limit. This will help you to create a checklist which will allow you to buy only the important stuff.
  • You should divide your budget into several parts in order to allocate finances for each function or event.
  • You can also make more than one checklists in order to make different persons responsible for each function or event in your family for example you ask you brother to look for the rehearsal dinner or nominate your sister for the bridal shower. This way each one has different tasks with separate checklists.
  • Put the number of guests you want to invite for each event and if those numbers are different, it’s not uncommon.
  • Always put the quantity of each item on the checklist so that you  have an exact idea about what to buy and how much to buy.

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Food Price List Template

Whenever you go to a grocery store or a bakery to buy some food items, the first thing you want to find out is the available items and products to see if the store has what you are looking for and their prices so you can calculate which item you want to buy now and which you will buy in the next visit. To do so, you either ask a salesman or the person behind the counter or you just look for a price list. A food price list is a widely implemented document which contains all the information about the available food items in a place along with their prices. You can find such lists in superstores, shopping malls and bakeries. Sometimes the shopkeepers hang these lists outside the shop and sometimes you need to ask for one.

It’s an obvious thing that each food shop or bakery has its own foods and eating methods so there is no way to define the exact elements of a food price list. Many shops and bakeries use list form to put the food names on the price list where others put same kind of foods in separate categories. But usually a food price list contains the following elements such as:

  • Name and logo on the shop or company
  • Street and contact address
  • Names of food along with their prices
  • Special discount conditions and requirements
  • Timing of the shop and closing hours
  • Weekly special food items and their prices too

Benefits of a Food Price List:
The first and most important benefit of making a food price list in your bakery, café or the restaurant is that now you don’t have to waste your time with the customers while talking about the available food items and their prices. When you hang a price list above the counter or outside the shop on a window, you obviously put the names of available foods and their prices so now people don’t need to stand in a line for 20 minutes and then find out that the muffin they are looking for is not available here or it’s available only on weekends. People can also save their time by choosing the food they want to eat and count for the money and keep it in their hands so the counter person inside the shop doesn’t need to wait for them to take out and count the money.

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Here are some Guidelines to create a Food Price List:

  • Start by putting your company’s, shop’s or bakery’s name on the top of the list followed by the street address and the contact numbers.
  • As you have already decided whether you want to print on both sides of the paper or only one side, so arrange the items as per requirements.
  • You can use either way to enlist the food items on the list such as list view or categorized view.
  • Put the price of each food in front of its name either in Dollars or Rupees.
  • Any special notes such as if you accept credit card or not and what’s the weekly specials are, will go at the bottom of the list.
  • If you are offering any type of discount, put that in the bottom too.

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Project To Do List Template

You have a big project coming up for your school or for your college and you need to ace it to get the best grade. You are worried and extremely stressed out about what to do and how to do it. You are worrying day in and day out and cannot make yourself to get organized and assemble all the things that you need to achieve in order to get your project on the right track. Sleepless nights are encountered and you are on the brink of losing it. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and make a project ‘to do list’. By preparing a “Project To Do List” you will be focusing your energy on your project and will be more focused on what you need to do, what you need, how will you complete your project and when will it be completed. Here is a useful link for you to download several free Excel Templates created using Blue Theme online.

The first step in making a ‘project to do list’ is to think and understand your project. You need to plan when making your ‘project to do list’ and need to understand what exactly it is that you need to achieve. Make a list accordingly and start off with the basic things such as the resources, the material and etc. then move on to more advanced stuff such as assembly and report writing.  Since the ‘project to do list’ will be made some time before the actual day, there should be a mention of dates and time in the most organized and proper way ever. Always keep some space along with each task for some kind of notes or reminder that you may want to note down at that moment or in a day or two. If you’re drafting up the ‘project to do list’ by hand then make use of various colored pens to differentiate between the most urgent tasks and tasks that aren’t that urgent. But if you’re making the ‘project to do list’ on your hand held device or your smart phone, then make use of various colored fonts or highlight and bold the important and urgent tasks. You can also set reminders in your ‘project to do list’ on your smart phone as well! Using technology is much more efficient and time saving but it depends on what is more comfortable for you. Just remember the main focus, to stay organized when making the ‘project to do list’, to maintain objectivity and to ensure that focus is maintained and sustained. Make sure you always leave some space for tick marking the task upon achievement. Never ever scratch off an item of the list or do it in a rough manner. Although it does provide the necessary satisfaction, it would just give the whole list a messy and disorganized look. You can even add some pictures to give it a more formal look to get you in the mood to complete those tasks! Remember, your ‘project to do list’ will be your guide for the months to come, make it wisely!

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Monthly Shopping List Template

Monthly shopping list is very important in nearly all the households. Women of the house starts working on their list as soon as the month approaches to its end. They are also very keen on this listing as a complete monthly shopping list means a lot to those who have to keep their refrigerators and kitchen full with everything which their family needs on daily bases. But no matter how efficient women are in making this shopping list but at the end there is something left behind in the super store and one has to go back in order to buy the things which are left because they were missing from the list. In the current era when everyone is busy and running fast on the tracks of their life, it is very difficult to go back each time to buy the things which were forgotten to be listed down on the monthly shopping list. Therefore whoever has the responsibility of making this list should be very well aware of the steps to make it in a way that every thing is covered and after one shopping trip there is no need left to go there again.

First of all it is very important to focus on the areas of your home which need items because most of the time women centre their attention to the kitchen items and when the husband  has a hammer in hand and need a nail to put a picture frame on wall then there is no nail in the house. In this case it is rightful for the husband to get frustrated. When he is paying for the long list of groceries then its just ridiculous that he is unable to get a penny worth nail in time. So pay attention to not only the kitchen, but visit each area and see if anything is needed besides kitchen items such as garden accessories, tools box items, fuel and oil for the power equipment, toiletries etc.

The next thing is to keep an eye on budget. While making your monthly shopping list, keep in mind that your goal must be to keep your expanses under the budget. With a smart move you can achieve this task. Put the prices against each of the item included in your list. When you have finalized it, see if the total is running over the budget. If it is then cut down the things which can wait till the next month. For instance, if you have included the fuel and oil for generator in the list then see if there are any chances of serious electricity shutdown or if you are planning to take a camping trip with the generator. If no then you can cut it down from the shopping list and can save it for the next month.

Making a complete and all inclusive shopping list can save lots of your time, money and energy so you can use them for some other constructive work. Therefore, don’t take it lightly and work on your shopping list with great care for a hassle free month.

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Grocery List Template

Grocery items are important part of our daily life therefore you have to visit grocery stores on frequent basis to have all important grocery goods in your pantry. It is not easy to shop from grocery store because variety and abundance of commodities can make you confuse and you often forget to take important grocery items. If you want to make your visit to grocery store more useful then it is important to prepare a grocery to do list that will help you to save your time and money. You will shop in more organized way with the help of grocery list without forgetting anything. Grocery list should be prepared after considering your budget to avoid too much spending on the grocery store.

Benefits of Grocery List

Despite saving your money and time, grocery list has lots of benefits that you can enjoy and following are some potential benefits of grocery list:

  • Grocery list will help you to save your money by reducing the amount of unplanned purchases and you will surely buy what you want without wasting your time on useless products.
  • Grocery list is usually designed after considering things already available in your pantry and refrigerator. It will help you to avoid those perishable food items like bread, dairy, fruits and vegetables that you already have.
  • It is a better way to include more healthy food items in the grocery list like carrots, broccoli and skim milk instead of ice cream, sweets, chocolate bar and sandwiches. You can analyze your health problems before including any items in grocery list.
  • By creating grocery list, you can categorize each item and will spend less time in wandering for the selection and search of items. It will help you to pick only essential items instead of taking extra one.

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Tips to Design Grocery List

It is essential to design grocery list before going to shop and following tips will help you to design an effective grocery list without any trouble:

  • Check for sales and discounts at grocery stores to save some money and for this purpose you can get regular subscription of circulars that are designed by grocery stores to advertise about sales item for the week.  It will help you to save some money by shopping on discount.
  • You have to consider the preferences of your family members while designing grocery list and this can be done by preparing a menu. Include healthy food combinations in the menu and include grocery items in the grocery list for convenient shopping.
  • Do not forget to include generic items in the grocery list such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, regular spices and different other items that are regularly used for the cooking. It will be important to consider health of all family members while designing grocery list.
  • You have to consider different festivals like birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. It is important to have all required ingredients in advance to prepare healthy party meal at your own place.

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Wedding Gift List Template

Once the wedding date is fixed and you have sent out the invitations, it’s time for you to start receiving the gifts from your relatives and family members. It’s a good thing to send the gift a week or month before the wedding to the happy couple. A few years back, the gifts were sent to the bride’s family but now most couples decide to receive the gifts together on a single address which they have to mention in the invitation letter. The gifts will come from different sources and sometimes, you will collect them from different places too and it can be a tough task for the couple to keep a track of every gift. This includes the sender’s name and the date you received it. If you want to make sure that all of your guests receive a thank you note, you have to keep a track of every gift you receive. This way you will also remember the guests to whom you have already sent a thank you note.

Information you should write down on a paper regarding every incoming gift that will help you in the tracking process. The details such as:

  • The sender’s name
  • His  or her mailing address
  • A small description of the gift they sent
  • Date when you received the gift
  • The information about the purchasing of the gift i.e. buyer’s name and store’s information
  • Name of the shipment or cargo company
  • A little something that you thought when you saw the gift. This will help you to write a thank you note
  • The date when you mailed the thank you card.

Here is preview preview of a Free Wedding Gift List Template created using MS Excel,

A few important methods for gift tracking:

1.     Microsoft wedding gift tracker:

This program is introduced by Microsoft and it’s like the first choice of most of the brides. The great thing with this software is that it’s very easy to operate and you need just a single click to update it. Someone with a basic knowledge of computer can operate it very well. You just have to build a habit of going straight to the computer every time you receive a gift from a person you have invited to the wedding. This way you will create a list that you can check and update as many times as you want. You should always email a copy of this document to yourself every time you update something just to make sure that in case your computer crashes, you have a backup.

2.     Spreadsheets:
Many people also prefer to use a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet whenever they want to keep a track of their incoming gifts. Females who already have tried the spreadsheet for their gift tracking process, recommend this program to others because of its compatibility and availability. The biggest advantage of this software is that you don’t have to be online every time you want update the tracker list. This is a desktop base program which you can operate even on you cell phone. You just have to put information in the appropriate box and you got yourself an amazing gift tracker without any extra cost.

Handmade list home by yourself:
People who are creative enough or always try new things, usually create a gift tracker list at home using just a pen and paper. This way they can be surer about the tracker they want according to the available information about the gifts. This tracker is also very easy to update and you don’t any computer or a digital device every time you want to put something new in the list.

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Extra Payment Calculator Template

Those of you, who bought a house or a vehicle on a mortgage or loan, know this term “Extra payment” very well and those who don’t know what the heck is an extra payment, here’s some explanation. When you get a mortgage, you agree to pay it back to the bank or loan firm in installments monthly or annually. With an additional amount in form of interest rate, you pay off the principal amount in several years but there is a way you can make this process short or quick. Every year if you arrange some money and pay an extra installment to the bank, it will decrease the installments and the time span and save you a lot of money because with fewer installments, you will save the additional amount of interest rate. It’s a fact that we have to give all the money back to bank that we borrowed but if you pay some extra payments, you will be mortgage free a few years sooner. This extra payment is not due on you and even if you don’t pay the extra installment on time, the bank won’t ask you or demand the money from you because by these extra payments, you are giving him more than he asked for.

The extra payment calculator is used when you want to see calculate the extra payments you want to make every year and the affects of these extra payments on the time span and principal amount. We also use this calculator to check the interest saved on a loan or mortgage due to extra payments. This calculator also shows the reduction in the total number of payments. If you are paying extra payments but you don’t know if you can afford a little bit more or these extra payments won’t even affect the principal amount, there is no mean to do that at all. This is the point where an extra payment calculator comes handy and you see a real picture of figures and amounts.

Many websites offer this calculator free of cost and you just have to enter some amounts and within a few seconds you get the results in front of your eyes. This calculator has number of benefits and advantages over a manual work. While using this calculator, you don’t need to do any calculations by hand or deal with complicated equations but you just need to know your principal amount, rate of interest, number of installments and the extra earning you are getting from business. For example if you pay $1000 installment every month and you have decided to make an extra payment of $2000 every year and the total number of installments will pay off after 120 installments, this calculator shows you that by giving $2000 extra each year, you can decrease the installments down to 100 and that means you also saved the interest rate on these 20 installments.

Here is preview of this Extra Payment Calculator Template,

Uses of an extra payment calculator in our daily lives:

  • The most important and frequent use of this calculator is to find out just the right amount of your extra payments. Individuals and businesses use this calculator to calculate the amount of extra installment they can pay every year.
  • This extra amount is not due on the borrower so only this person gets all the benefits of this process and the bank or the loan company just get their money a few months early.
  • Banks and loan firms use this calculator to see the reduction in the installment months of a customer’s debt.
  • Individuals use this calculator to check if it’s better to make the extra payments or should they save the money and after a few years, give in one installment.

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Compound Interest Calculator Template

It’s not an easy job to earn money but this is also a fact that money grows more money. For example if you put your money in a bank, it increases with the passage of time as the bank pays you fees for using your money and that fees is called interest. When you get a loan from a bank or a mortgage firm, you have to pay more than the principal amount as the fees to use the loan money. This means that bank got more money than the amount it had given to you. If you put your money in a high interest rate bank, you get more money in return as compared to a low interest rate bank. This interest is gained annually and if you add the earned money into the principal amount, the interest grown much faster with every passing year. This type of interest that is calculated on both the principal amount and the previous earned interest is called compound interest. For example if you have earned 10% interest on $1000, it means you have earned $100 additional and if you add the additional amount into the original figure, next year you will earn 10% interest on $1100 and that would be $110 and so on.

Compound interest calculator is a process which enables us to find the interest we will earn in the next years or will pay off over a specific time period. If we want to calculate the compound interest of next five or ten years by hand, it’s not an easy thing to do as it involves number of formulas and complicated mathematic and accounting equations. One can’t do this by his own if he is not an expert of accounting or banking procedures. But this calculator makes it so easy that even a teenager or immature person can calculate the compound interest of his principal amount of the loan he borrowed. We just have to put some figures into the calculator like the principal amount, interest rate, percent yield and time period of the investment and in a few seconds the actual and most accurate results are in front of our eyes and the best part is that it doesn’t need a mathematician or accountant to handle or understand the results.

The first and most important benefit of using a compound interest calculator is that it doesn’t need a professional of banking or accounting to handle the process or read the results but it’s so easy that anyone can do it and finds out the compound interest of his principal amount. This calculator gives the most accurate and actual amounts and eliminated the chances of an error or mistake into the figures which are possible when someone is doing it manually. This process provides us the information about the upcoming years the estimated financial situation of the future so that if it’s good we can reinvest the earned interest otherwise it would be better if we invest that money into some another project.

Here is preview of this Compound Interest Calculator Template,

Uses of compound interest calculators in our daily lives:

  • Individuals and non-accountant persons use this calculator before they invest their money into a bank, business or some project to see the earning figures of upcoming years. This way they can decide more effectively if a bank fulfills their expectations or they need to find another one.
  • Banks and businesses use this calculator before they loan their money to a borrower to check the amount of extra money that they will get over the next few years.
  • Other accounting and financial organizations use this calculator to find out the best investment plans for their company or business.
  • Government based financial departments use this calculator to develop or improve new financial and investment strategies for the people and banks.

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Balance Sheet Template

Balance sheet is a vital part of financial statements of all organizations because without it you cannot effectively manage accounts of your organization. It helps you a lot to analyze the financial position of your organizations in the market and you can effectively measure the growth or decline rate of your organization. Balance sheet is designed to evaluate the assets and liabilities of your organization. You can take important budgeting and controlling decisions about your organization with the help of effective balance sheet.  A typical balance sheet conclude assets including case, properties as well as inventories and liabilities including short term and long terms loans, bonds, shareholder’s equity etc.  Usually investors and lenders take decision about the investment and financing in the organization after analyzing its balance sheet therefore it should be designed effectively.

Here is preview of this Balance Sheet Template created using MS Excel 2013,

Ideas to Design Effective Balance Sheet

Balance sheet is really important for all organizations therefore it is necessary to design it effectively. In order to make your work easy, I am going to share some tips to design effective balance sheet:

Manage Asset Side of Balance Sheet

  • Initially, you have to prepare list of your all assets including cash in hand, cash at bank, tangible and intangible properties, equipments, buildings etc. In order to make your work easy, you have to make different categories such as cash, investments, accounts receivables, vehicles, furniture and other property etc.
  • Assets will be further broken into different categories named as current assets and long term assets. Cash, saving accounts and any money will fall into current assets because these can be access easily.
  • Long term assets include those assets that have future maturity value of more than one year such as life insurance, retirement fund, real estate building etc. After dividing your assets into different categories it will be easy for you to calculate total worth of your business.

Manage Liability Side of Balance Sheet

  • After completing assets side, now it is time to work on liability side. Any future bill, accounts payable, bills due, mortgage balance, taxes and any other due payment should be written under the liability account.
  • It will be good to divide your liability side into different categories such as current and long term liabilities. Credit card bills, utility bills and different other bills are fallen under the category of current liabilities.
  • Long term liabilities are those that have payment period of one year such as car loan, taxes, mortgage loans etc.
  • After writing all assets and liabilities, it is necessary to calculate both sides to get the net worth of your business. You can get the total worth of your business by having a different of both liability and asset sides.

It is necessary to update your balance sheet account on regular basis to get clear and up-to-date picture of your business. It will help you to take better steps for the prosperity of your own business. You can plan in better way for the expansion of your business.

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Income Statement Template

An Income Statement also known as statement of loss and expense is one of the major financial statements necessary to prepare for business organizations. This statement encompasses revenue, expenses and net results derived at the end of a given period like at the end of month or fiscal quarter. It will help you to take important decisions for the benefits of organization. It serves as a business evaluation tool required by accountant to prepare a financial report for a specific period of time. This will help you to get gross business sales, costs of business and finally the net income. You can design an income statement after a certain period of time and this time frame will be based on the volume of your business. It is a significant document therefore it is necessary to design it with care without any potential error.

Here is preview of this free Income Statement Template created using MS Excel 2007,

Easy Tips to Design Income Statement

An accurate income statement requires proper stetting of revenue items apart from expenses. You have to prepare this section with the help of transaction data to uncover everything related to sales, investment gains and vendor rebates. Usually these items are classified under “Total Revenue” section because these items bring money in the corporate treasury.

  • Add your sales for the specific period for which you want to create an income statement. Write sales or revenue on the first line of the income statement. If you are running business on the cash bases then you have to get the sales records from the cash registers.
  • Cash-based method is a preferred method to record your sales and requires timely record keeping right after sale. If you are using accrual method then you have to record sales even without receiving any money from your customers. You have to make an entry in accounts receivable.
  • You have to calculate the cost of goods sold of the company to represent cost of raw materials and production of the finished goods. Cost of goods sold is largest cost component of the income statement of many companies. The formula of cost of goods sold will be:

Cost of Goods Sold = Opening Merchandise Inventory + Purchases of Merchandise – Ending inventory.

  • It is crucial to keep proper record of inventory to record cost of goods sold.
  • Subtract cost of goods sold from sales and you will get gross profit of your organization. For instance, if the sales were $200,000 for the month and the cost of goods sold was $80,000 then the gross profit of the company will be $120,000.
  • You have to collect all operating expenses for the specific period. Operating expenses include rent, utility bills, depreciation and telephone expenses. These expenses are related to the regular operations of the business. Some companies prefer to take these expenses under a specific category called “General and Administrative Expenses”. In order to get a quick visual look you have to draw a line under these expenses.
  • You have to subtract operative expenses from the gross profit of the company to get operating profit of the organization. For instance, if the operating expenses are $25,000 then according to previous example the operating profit will be $95,000.
  • Apply the tax rate on the operating profit such as if the tax rate of the company is 21 percent then multiply the tax rate with operating profit. For instance, $95,000 x 21/100 is equal to 19,950.
  • Now subtract the tax amount from operating profit to get the net income for the period and according to current example the net income is $75,750.

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