Menu Planning Template

Have you every thought about being entertained at home? What comes in your mind when you intend to have entertainment at your home? Did you find this a challenging job to plan a menu of your better entertainment?

Let’s talk about a few tips that can make your lunch or dinner party an entertaining. There most observing tips in the following which may help you better to get all you want.

Let’s begin with serving good food. It is a general observation that guests are given preference in any sort of party whether it is a lunch, dinner or a tea party. It is better to present them some simple foods than to try to some expensive food. Secondly, it is also important to have knowledge about the items of food those you know how prepare or serve. Never do any experiment on this important occasion. This might be a worrisome for you.

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Furthermore, make your recipe as simple as possible. Tying out new dishes on the occasion can be a tasteless flavor for some of your especial guests. If you try out simple dishes then traditional chicken bread and side salad is great. It goes with much importance try to prepare the food the day before the guests arrive. Always prepare those food items which can be put in fridge. Classic Chili or Beef burgundy are great can be great examples of this.

Think about the quests those who have allergic problems. You can be better safe than cutting a sorry figure. Make sure that your menu is being enjoyed by each and everyone. If you are arranging parties for buffets and cocktail then make sure that your food can be easily eaten with a fork. You are not supposed to present anything to your guests that require a steak knife or any other utensil.

What is more, you can make your party an attention grabbing if you take care of overall decoration. While you try or plan your menu you should know this how it will be on the table. If you are a professional one then you should know which food items reflect in the light. For example, if you include cauliflower or turkey in your menu on the table then it is no more supportive to light. On the contrary, green beans with browned butter, cornbread and red rice can be the best choice of yours. Last but not the least, often overlooked tip is how to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. This is utmost importance that you should have enough space in your fridge to have these delicate items.

Overall, the guests are your guests, of course. You need make a better mind regarding serving the food items. Food items may be of your choice but one must keep in mind the choice of one’s guest. Your little careless can make the party awkward. If you want to impress your guests then always try simple food items along with better quality and quantity.

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Moving Average Forecast Template

As you might guess we are looking at some of the most Fundamental approaches to forecasting.  But hopefully these are at least a feasible introduction to some of the computing issues related to executing forecasts in spreadsheets. A moving average is a procedure to get an overall idea of the trends in a data set. It is a subset of an average numbers. The moving average forecast is eminently useful for Forecasting Long-term TrendsYou can calculate a moving average for any period of time easily.

Assumption of Constant Model:

Practically the moving average will assist a good estimation time series of the average, if the average is slowly changing or constant. In the situation of constant mean, the largest value of “m” will give the better estimation of the underlying average. A period of longer observation will mean out the effects of variability.

Example of Moving Average Forecasting:

An average impersonate the “middle” value of a set of numbers. The moving average is precisely the same, but the average is calculated for several subsets in several times of data.

For example, if you want a moving average for two years  for a data sets from 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 you will find the averages for the subsets of 2001/2002, 2002/2003 and 2003/2004. Moving averages are commonly plotted and are best conjecture.

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Calculating a moving average for 5 years data:

Following are the data which is use to calculate moving average for 5 years.

        Year $ Sale(M)
        2001    2
        2002    4
        2003    6
        2004    8
     2005       10


The average sales for the five years from 2001 to 2005 is calculated by finding the average from the five years by adding the sales of five years and divided by 5.

2+4+6+8+10/5= 6M

Z-scores Improve Forecasting with Moving Average:

Forecasting is an important part of business management. The management can plan well, if the forecasting is good. There are many ways to make forecasts, some are used for specific situations and some can be used in any case. Black Belts is used for short term forecasting that can provide benefits such as looking for special causes of variation and analyzing production trends. Whereas, for making long-term forecasting, a method that is use for a Z-scores and normal curve may be the better to apply. Both methods are easy to use.

Forecasting in Excel:

To take existing data, like sales, and extrapolate forward extrapolate is a common technique of forecasting. Excel contains a very simple and easy function for doing this i.e. trend. Trend is known as _y’s,known_ x’s,constant, _x’s,new projects presume that there is a connection between two sets of variables x i.e. independent variable and y i.e. dependent variable. By using a formula y = βx + c, you can prepare a forecasting moving average trend. The equation is a straight line i.e. β is the line gradient and c is the y intercept.

Net Worth Statement Template

Knowing about your current financial worth is primary step towards financial planning process. Net worth statement is considered crucial in process of financial planning. Net worth statement is an accounting of all assets minus all of company’s liabilities. Financial statement is very advantageous tool that helps you determine your current financial state. It also helps you tracking in which direction you are moving.

Net worth statement should be calculated once a year and compared it against previous years. For completion of your net worth statement, you are required to put down all in paper your current assets and liabilities. Current assets’ list will be including:

  • Home
  • Bank Accounts
  • Saving Accounts
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Cars

Similarly, liabilities will be included the mortgage on your home, real estate loans and any other debts if you have. Net worth business is generally based on the value of all assets and liabilities at the carrying value. Here is preview a comprehensive Personal Net Worthy Statement Template that can help you prepare it with perfection.

Net worth is a significant determinant of company’s value. According to expert advisors, net worth of your business should be calculated once a year and should be compared with previous year. Doing this will assist you to remember that it is suggesting you to do this at the same time when you file your annual tax return. Active investors and traders calculate their net worth every quarter or if possible every month. Doing this help them to do an additional calculation when deciding whether or not to make a major financial decision.

When you are going to total up your assets, you should confine yourself to items that have a value of $500 or more than that. This will help you to estimate items that are not likely to have an actual resale value and adding these items to your assets can lead to a serious over estimation of your net worth.

Use of net worth statement for personal finance has become very popular as it is a great tool through which one can easily estimate or see how he is going financially. Creating a net worth statement correctly is considered as fun for some people while some may find it very difficult. Different pre-designed net worth statements are available over web. Net worth Statement Template can best serve you in this regard and will provide you a pattern of net worth statement.

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Mortgage Refinancing Statement Template

Allow me to share with you this Mortgage Refinancing Statement Template in MS Excel format.

When you should consider mortgage refinancing? This is such a question that should be very clear to you to take right decision about mortgage financing. What do you think about mortgage refinancing? There might be a time when you will have mortgage refinancing opportunity. It is suitable when interest rates are lowered. It means that you will have to pay less on your monthly mortgage payment. Refinancing of your mortgage means that getting a new mortgage with different terms and conditions while the first mortgage is paid off.

Different companies are there that are offering convenient mortgage schemes, you can choose right one for you among these. You may have seen mortgage flyers through which such companies throw their financial proposals for their customers. Mortgage refinancing companies may be using flyers to advertising their offers. If they are doing so, they will definitely provide their customers with all basic and important information regarding their offers. To see what offers of these companies are or what can contents of this flyer can be well understood by Mortgage Flyer Template.

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Some steps are going to be shared with you to enable you to take right decision about mortgage refinancing:

  • First of all you should have to decide that if it is making sense to refinance your mortgage for a better rate. If you want to stabilize your monthly payments with a lower fixed rate, this will be a good and solid reason for you to refinance your mortgage.
  • Reading your loan contract in order to find out if it contains a pre-payment penalty will be very advantageous for you. If you will save by mortgage refinancing more than penalty then in this condition refinance your mortgage will never make sense.
  • If you have determined to refinance your mortgage then get in touch with lending firms with which you choose to refinance. This lender could be any of both who is presently holds your mortgage or some other lending institution offering lower rate. Lender will decide whether you qualify for the loan or not based on your credits and debts.
  • If you have pre-qualified for refinancing of your mortgage then there will be a need for you to get pre-approved by the lender who is offering lower interest rate.
  • After qualifying and approval of refinancing, you have to provide insurance proof, evaluation and other deed related to property that will be required for closing.

There can be numerous ways help you getting healthier mortgage refinance as compared to your current mortgage. Finest part of refinancing your mortgage is that it gives you some amount of additional cash. If terms and conditions are very right and appropriate, it will be very beneficial for you to refinance your mortgage.

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Mortgage Payment Calculator

Mortgage is a term referring to a type of loan, offered by banks and other financial institutions to help tackle your financial requirements regarding the construction or acquiring of a home. In such loan, the property itself is the guarantee and the institution has all rights reserved to take over in case you fail to pay back the loan.

Mortgage handling is not an easy job for a common person; especially to keep an eye on the monthly installments, calculation of the installments, consideration of taxes and restrictions, interest rates and many other things. For that purpose, we have mortgage calculators available; which do all of the jobs and answers all the queries related to mortgage handling of a common man. Mortgage calculators are easy available to every person, who has access to the computer and the world of internet, these days.

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Mortgage calculator in reality is system software, or a program developed to calculate the mortgage related information; with a few basic facts provided to the mortgage calculator, it can calculate the other required information in the matter of few seconds. A mortgage calculator can be easily downloaded for free or either can be bought from internet at a very cheap price. A common mortgage calculator works on the following set of procedure described briefly as below:

  • The first field requires the amount of loan you have acquired. It is the actual amount you have applied for, as a loan from bank. This is mostly the first required information in most calculators. For example, if you applied for $30,000, this will be your amount of loan.
  • Afterwards there is a field which inquires about the interest rate applicable on your mortgage loan. It is different for different banks. For example, if your bank takes 1.5% interest on the applied amount then you will enter 1.5 in this field.
  • The third basic information is the duration in which you have to pay the loan back. It depends on the feasibility and the banks’ offered time period. Most calculators give the option to enter the number of months; in that case you will have to convert your years into months. Some others give the option to enter the number of years.
  • After that the calculator will calculate your monthly installments and other related information.
  • In some advanced calculators, the option to consider property tax and other taxes is also offered. These taxes vary from country to country and region to region even within a country. So you should have to know about the applicable taxes before you can use this feature. And after that, the calculator will calculate the installments etc.

These calculators are also available on the internet, where you can put up your data right in, at the webpage and don’t need to be downloaded on your computer. The calculators are an effort by the software engineers and the bankers; the engineers converted the mathematical calculations and formulae of the bankers into an easy-to-use interface for a common man. Some of these calculators also indicate graphs for the payment options and other necessary data. The invent of such calculators lead to a lot of problem solving options other than to have to visit the bank more often and inquire the bank officer and wasting a lot of time.

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Monthly Sales Seasonality Template

Aside from the scale of business, the nature of business lends itself to seasonality. Seasonality is a major element that can directly affect sales of the business or company. No matter what a company or business is selling, there are going to be busier periods during the particular period of time than others, so efficient planning for those moments is vital to promote profitability throughout an accounting year or particular period of time. Planning ahead of time is an excellent way to manage these seasonal fluctuations in sales of the company to maintain positive cash flows throughout the year. That is the reason, professional recommend business managements to develop detailed monthly sales seasonality and inventory plans before the season begins to get desired results. They can use those plans to guide sales force or sales persons to maintain sales volume efficiently. Proper planning for monthly sales seasonality can help a business or company a lot in maintaining profitability during slowdowns and areas of increasing customer demand. Christmas season is a best example of sales seasonality when a company or business needs proper planning and structures for maintaining profitability.

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Download Monthly Sales Seasonality Template

No any business or company can prepare for every possible unforeseen event during the sales but considering these below listed tips for monthly sales seasonality can help a business a lot in developing and sustaining a season proof sales volume, tips for monthly sales seasonality are as follows:

  • Base your projections about monthly sales seasonality on sales data from at least two or three previous months. If your company or business has not been in the market that long, then you should check with peers and industry sources to understand latest market trends and possibilities.
  • Allocate marketing budgets accordingly and forecast marketing costs for the busy periods to maximize return on investment and drive mature customers and clients toward the company.
  • Make some special allowances and adjustments for unusual events such as weather, out of stocks, one time promotions and events with high sales etc.
  • You as a sales manager or employer, must look ahead at least six months to plan monthly sales seasonality appropriately.
  • Use discounts coupons, sales and promotions to bring customers in during off peak months to maintain regular sales volume.
  • Building alternative income streams to counteract the off-season is a valid survival strategy for any type of business or company, even if it takes your focus off your core business to a certain extent in sales.
  • Do not start advertising and marketing of your business or products only in the busy period. If you can reach your clientele before the peak, do it because you can drive maximum traffic through this way. Businesses and companies should also shift promotions and marketing strategies to suit the various seasons.
  • It will also be an ideal option for you to bring in more inventory at any given time than you need to set your displays, support your planned sales until the next vendor delivery and provide a safety stock in the event of an unexpected sales spike or a late delivery etc.

Amortization Schedule Calculator Template

Amortization is a process of paying a debt from loan or mortgage over a pre-defined period of time into smaller installments. The amount you get from a loan or house mortgage has to be paid back with additional amount of interest on the loan. People don’t have enough money to buy a house or a vehicle all the time so they get financial help from a bank or Loan company who gives them the money they need and get it back over a few years with interest. There are some factors in this process that need to be explained such as “principal” and this is explained as the actual amount of money you borrowed from the bank. Interest rate is defined as the additional money you pay to your loan company and term is defined as the period of time over which you have to pay the full amount back to the person or company you lend the money from.

The calculation of the principal amount, the interest rate and the amount of each installment is called amortization scheduling. By this process you get to know about the additional money you have to pay back in form of interest and the span of years over the actual amount has to be paid in full. This also provides an amount for the installments both monthly and yearly. The amortization schedule calculator is a process which helps us to find the interest rate, additional amount you have to pay, amount of each installment and the actual duration of time when the loan amount will be paid in full. This is a lot easier than the previous manual calculations because with the help of this calculator, there is no room for an error or mistake and you can plan the entire upcoming years in which you will be paying the installments.

As the computer and common calculator have made it quite easy to calculate huge amounts within seconds and without a single error or mistake, the amortization calculators have made it easy for the banks, loan companies and borrowers to find just the right plan according to their situation. Before even making a single installment or getting the actual money, you can get to know the duration of time over which you will be making the installments for your mortgage and the rate of interest that the bank has applied. This calculator is also very important as you can’t imagine of getting a loan without knowing the interest rate, the additional amount you have to pay with the principal and the amount of years for making the installments.

The main benefit of an amortization schedule calculator is that you can actually see that what your amortization process would look like over the next few years. This way when you see a picture of the next year or the year after that, it makes you stop and think if this is the right deal for you. Having facts and figures right in front of your eyes helps you to make a decision more effectively. This calculator helps you to find that where would you be standing after a few years when a certain amount of installments would be paid? In case the bank or loan company changes the interest rate, you can easily calculate the new amount within a few seconds with the help of this calculator. If the loan agency is hiding something from you or if there are some hidden charges that you are not aware of, you can realize that through this calculator.

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Use of amortization schedule calculator in daily life:

  • Banks use it to find the amount of installments and interest rate of principal amount when someone applies for a loan or home mortgage.
  • Loan companies use it to find the interest rate for a principal amount when some individual or a business asks to loan money.
  • Individuals and businesses use this calculator when they want to apply for a loan.
  • People generally use it to check if this loan company fulfills their needs.
  • One uses it to see the real time picture of his financial situation after a certain number of years once he has applied for a loan or mortgage.
  • In case of a misunderstanding or possibility of an error, both creditor and debtor use this calculator to find if there is a mistake in some calculation.
  • If the lender thinks there are some hidden charges in the loan scheme that the bank or that loan company is not showing, he uses this calculator to check if all the figures are accurate.

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Mortgage Comparison Template

Mortgage means getting a loan to buy some kind of property which usually comes with predefined payment periods and interest rates. Not every person in the world has resources to buy a house or office whenever he wants either because of his low salary or disability of arranging the down payment. In that case he contacts to a bank to get some money as loan and promises to return the full money in form of weekly or monthly installments. There are many banks and other corporate firms that offer mortgages with different interest rates and various installment periods. You are asked to sign a contract with the bank or the firm to avoid any misunderstandings or errors in the future.

There are many websites that offer online mortgage comparison and that allows you to come up with the best choice according to your circumstances. On the other hand, you can do this comparison by yourself and end up with more concrete decision. You just have to do some research and ask different banks about their policies of mortgages they are offering and the terms and conditions.

The most important feature of any mortgage is the interest rate and this is the only thing that mostly people consider before getting a mortgage. If you have a job with less salary, you have to get a mortgage with lowest interest rate and with monthly installments. On the other hand, if you have your own business you may consider getting a weekly payment based mortgage.

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You can do this comparison by reviewing the following features of mortgages like:

  • What is the interest rate on the mortgage
  • What is the down payment for the mortgage
  • Is there any double-up payment feature
  • Do you have ability to increase your mortgage payment
  • In case you move, do you have ability to take your mortgage with you

Mortgage offered by any bank or firm should have the above features. Although these features vary with the different firms but the main idea remains the same. For example every bank has a different interest rate and installment periods. Selection of the mortgage highly depends upon you need and source of your income. You can’t make weekly installments if you have a job and usually get your salary once in a month and that will be more difficult for you to arrange for the weekly payments.

Some firms or banks require you to give a down payment before getting a mortgage. In that case you have to arrange for some money that’s usually 20% of the total loan amount but different banks require different amounts of down payments. Although you are not forced to get a loan with down payment but terms and conditions of this type of mortgages are simpler than the other types.

Although some mortgages comes with very fascinating terms and conditions but it’s important to sign a contract even if you have very good relations with the bank superiors. This little effort will eliminate the future errors and possible conflicts.

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Checkbook Register Template

Self management, maintenance and disciple are very important aspects of life. One can save lots of time, energy and money by doing these things with him or her personality and belongings as well. Same is the case with bank accounts and checkbooks. It truly becomes a hassle when all the transaction amounts are mixed up and you have to sit and spend hours in streamlining the calculation at the end of each month. In order to avoid this time consuming work, the most suitable solution is either to use the checkbook register which comes with checks or make one on excel on your own and keep it maintained.

Checkbook register is the extra small notebook which comes with the checkbooks. This notebook is a checkbook register which slips into the checkbook. The main purpose of this register is to assist you in keeping the track of all the incoming and outgoing amount of money.  Write all kinds of transactions including deposits, debit card utilization, ATM with drawls,  fees and everything else along with check amount.

Here is preview of this Free Checkbook Register Template created using MS Excel,

In order to manage and keep the maintenance of your checkbook register, it is necessary to take small and very easy steps regularly and it will save you from a very tiring, monotonous and lengthy task of calculation at the end of each month.

The first step is to determine the current balance which you can do by checking your account online or by inquiring on helpline provided by your bank. You can also do it by going to the nearby ATM and checking the current balance of your desired account.

Keep this amount under the heading of “balance forward”. The next thing to do is to start keeping the record of all the checks that you make with the check number, date, payee name and most importantly the amount. Practice this with all the withdrawals and payments you do from the particular account. Do the same in case of money used via ATM card and debit card along with the fees if there is any for using the cards.

It is also useful to recalculate the account balance regularly in the checkbook register. This can be done by subtracting all the expenses, payments made, withdrawals and transfers from the total amount. Also don’t forget to add the amounts of deposits and incoming transfers to the total. Record new balance with each transaction in right column. On receiving your statement reconcile your checkbook by comparing the check register with the statement. This you will easily identify the mistakes if there are any. In case of any error, keep your bank in the loop and rectify them. Keep a visit and a telephone call in your monthly schedule to keep the things straight between you and the bank.

Always double check your calculation that you have added the right amount and subtracted everything accurately. After this you can consider yourself balancing done. Once all the amounts are balanced, you can make lines beneath the final balanced amount in the checkbook register you have maintained. By doing this, you will know and have the exact idea of the last calculated accurate amount when you will go to balance next time.

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Wedding Guest List Template

It’s not an easy job to decide who is going to be by your side on the most important day of your life, your wedding day. The most important ingredient of a wedding day is the wedding guests list which decides who is going to be there and how many guest you will have to welcome. It’s up to you if you are planning to welcome the guests at the airport or will welcome them at the destination point with a gift in your hands. It’s important that you make the list before you create or send the invitation to all the guests. As you already know that 20% to 25% of your invited guests will not able to make it and will apologize and send you a gift and card instead so as you start sending the invitations, you get to know the actual number of the guests that will attend the wedding. This is a very good thing which allows to plan to invite a few more than your capacity.

The most important thing to consider before the guest list it to come up with a reasonable number of guests that you and your partner are agree to invite. It all depends upon the type of the wedding you want i.e. small and private or big and more social. The number of guests and your wedding events mainly depend upon the money you have in your hand for the wedding. This guest list helps you to stay on the budget by inviting the number of guests that you can afford and handle within your financial range. It’s also important that you sit with your partner and decide what you are going to offer to the guests i.e. food, wine, gifts etc. You may have money to invite 300 guests but it would be possible that you won’t be able to afford them good food or great wine. This is why it’s important that you invite lesser guests but provide them with luxurious hospitality and accommodation.

Here is preview of this Free Wedding Guest List Template created using MS Excel,


  • First of all, you have to come up with the total number of guests that you and your partner have decided to invite. Then divide that number into two halves so that both you and your in-laws have the same number of guests in the wedding. This step is very useful in order to eliminate the dispute or friction between the both families which is quite possible in such an event when everybody wants to share his or her own ideas.
  •  Create a hierarchy when creating the guests list as the close family members and relatives come first and after that, consider your close friends, and finally the acquaintances. This way if you have limited seats, you can choose easily.
  • It would be much better if you and your partner decide that you only invite those who are still in touch with you and there is no need to invite long lost friends who were your class mates in the high school.
  • Some people think of children as an extra in the ceremony which only cry and make noises during the ceremony, where on the other hand, some people think that wedding is a family event and the whole family should be invited. This is up to you if you want kids in your wedding or not, but make sure that you and your partner are on same page.
  • There is no hidden deal about it and mostly people know about it that about 20% to 25% of your invited guests will not attend the wedding. There are many reasons that some of your guests will call you and apologize not to be able to come to the wedding. That’s why it’s important that you keep in mind that you can always invite a few more than your capacity.
  • Always mention it in the invitation letter if your guests are allowed to bring a date and if you don’t put anything like that, it’s understood that the guest is invited alone.

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