Bride Wedding Budget Calculator Template

According to most people especially females consider their wedding day as the biggest day of their lives and a general survey shows that girls start planning and imagining their wedding day since they are just 7 to 8 years old. If you want to make this day just like you dreamed of, it’s essential to plan it properly and set the limits for every item and important stuff. You don’t want to mess up the whole planning by spending a major part of your budget on the flowers and centre pieces because only a few of guests will notice if you have tulips or roses. People usually look for the bride’s dress and the food items in a wedding and they don’t even notice if there are centre pieces on the tables or not. A wedding budget calculator helps us to plan a wedding according to our need and capacity.

This calculator comes in handy when you have limited finances and you don’t want to spend too much on a single item while the important things are being neglected. You just need to enter the amount of cash you have in your in this calculator and the items you want in your wedding such as wedding dress, cake, centre pieces, flowers, give away presents and many others. This calculator takes the latest prices of every item from online websites as this is a web-base software and generates the estimated prices of each item and as you enter the quantity of everything, it also provides you a gross budget figure from which you can see if it’s under your control or you have to skip an item or two.

This is not a common trend in countries like America or England but there are some countries which borrow money from banks or loan firms for the wedding of their daughter or son. In this situation, it’s more important that you use this calculator because you have borrowed the money from a bank and eventually you have to pay it back. This calculator provides you detailed information about the items that are too costly and according to your budget; it won’t be a good idea to add them in the wedding. This way you save a little bit even if you have extra cash in your hand and this step helps you after the wedding when you start paying off the debt.

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General uses of a bride wedding budget calculator:

  • The most important and common use of this calculator is in the wedding seasons by individuals who want to see what their wedding would cost?
  • Parents of the bride or groom use this calculator in order to save some money for later expenses like buying a separate house or purchasing a car or SUV.
  • Professional wedding planners use this calculator to plan a wedding for their client and to let them know if they can afford the wedding they planned or not.
  • This calculator helps you to choose a category for your wedding such as A, B or C. these categories are based on the finances you have in your hand and the extra stuff you can easily afford. Such as there is no chance of arranging for give away gifts in category C but you can arrange for a live music performance if you can afford category A.
  • Even if it’s not a wedding but a general party or an event, you can use this calculator as well.

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Expense Tracking Template

Expense tracker is used to monitor expenses of projects for the smooth flow of all activities. This will help you to identify requirements of purchases, total costs required to have important items for the project and right time for the delivery of items. Expense tracker helps you to prepare report of whole project to get reliable measurements. This will help you to avoid different issues related to the future projects by avoiding any probable delays that can be caused due to lack of raw material during whole project life cycle. It will help you to get valuable information about the future value of resources. This will help you to request for discount on the basis of your agreement with the company.

Expense tracking software is widely used for budgeting and proper record keeping for money. Expense trackers have different features according to the individual needs, simplicity and complexity of tasks. Everyone has different expenses therefore no one size can fit to all. A good expense tracker should satisfy needs of different users with its unique and versatile features. It should have ability to generate different reports to tack expenses for specific categories. Expense tracker should support generation of backup files. You can connect your tracker with banking facilities including saving, checking and money market accounts.

Here is preview of this Expense Tracking Template create using MS Excel 2013,

Benefits of Expense Tracker

Best expense tracker will help you to prepare a detailed expense report so that you can get probable tax benefits. It will be good to design charts and graphs to have broad picture of your expenses.

It will help you to control your expense and reduce the amount of taxes in the tax season. It is an efficient way to control business budget and carry out all important activities in smooth fashion. If you want to evaluate usefulness and the effectiveness of expense tracker then it will be good to consider following features:


Expense tracker will prove best tool for expense administration but you should get the one that can track deductions also with variety of ways to enter different expenses. Expense tracker should be easy to use especially it can be easily installed in your mobiles. It will make your expense tracking process easy. Expense tracker should possess information to provide important details from receipts to have updated record.

Storage and Reporting

Your information should be stored at safe place with proper security arrangements because any important information in wrong hands can cause serious troubles in your life. You have to encrypt whole information and build redundancy in the storage systems. Expense tracker should analyze your information to prepare an authentic expense report. Expense tracker should have facility to establish internet connection to have updated contents and online portals.

Good expense tracker will absolutely help you to deduct all expense at faster rate without any trouble. Good tax expense tracking service offers a shortcut for the better organization of data and let you to say good bye to receipts and mileage logs.

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Auto Mileage Log Template

Auto mileage log is maintained by business professionals and athletes to keep track of traveled distances. An accurate auto mileage log proves really helpful to record day to day travel distances. Commercial truck drivers and car owners are required to keep detail mileage log for the regular business related trips. Different people like runners, swimmers and cyclists prepare mileage logs to track the performance during training sessions. It is important to update auto mileage log regularly because it will help you in the audit process. Auto mileage log will help you to get tax deductions on your income tax return. Auto mileage log should contain date of travel, starting and ending of odometer reading, total miles drive and the purpose of the travel.

Uses of Auto Mileage Log

Mileage logs are used to keep track of distances traveled for the work purpose. If you are using car of the company then you have to keep the record of mileage log. Some companies pay certain amount per mile so you have to prepare auto mileage log to get compensation.

Here is preview of this Free Auto Mileage Log Template created using MS Excel,

Keep Proper Track of Your Travel

You have to keep track of following travels:

  • Travel to and from offices of customers for meetings and other official purposes related to your company.
  • Delivery of goods and services.
  • Use of vehicle and voluntary work.

It is really important to record miles or kilometers you have travelled for the office and personal purpose. If you are a self-employed person then you can get tax relief on total cost of travel. If you are working for an employer then record of total mileage will help you in the audit process.

Prove Beneficial for Tax Purposes

A self-employed person can easily claim tax deductions for the costs incurred on the travel and the best way to separate your business and personal mileage is to design a mileage log that can also prove useful for the tax purposes. Your employer can claim tax relief also on your travel costs.

Claim Your Money Back

Auto mileage log will help you to claim your money back for work related travel. It is important to prepare a separate log for your job travels and include total mileage and consumption of fuel to charge accordingly.

Essential Elements of Mileage Log

It is important to use easy and accessible method to record total mileage and it will be good to use notebook to record all details in diary. You can use your smart phone also because smart phone offers premium applications to record mileage on the cell phone. Following data should be recorded in the auto mileage log:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Description for your travel
  • Purpose of travel
  • Locations (To and From)
  • Odometer Reading (Start and End)
  • Mileage

Design your auto mileage log and record different contents as per your requirements. Immediately record your mileage to avoid any problem in future but if you forget to record your mileage then do not worry as you can use interactive mileage calculators available in some vehicles.

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General Ledger Template

If you have an account in any bank, you may be familiar with the term “ledger”. But if you are not familiar with this term, by reading this article you will be able to get enough knowledge about this term. What is a ledger and how it can be used are such questions that will be answered in remaining section of this article. So let’s start from what is a ledger?

Ledger is a principle book that is used to record transactions. Ledgers are widely used in businesses and book keeping. Actually, ledger is a large volume of scripture/service book that is kept in one place by making it accessible. When you are about to use ledgers in your business, you are required to determine how many ledgers are required for your business. Here some tips are going to be shared with you that will help you to understand how you can use a ledger?

Here is preview this General Ledger Template created using MS Excel,

Your ledger must contain every account of your business. You should record here seven important categories of your business, these are:

  • Owner’s equity
  • Liabilities
  • Assets
  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Gains of your business
  • Losses of your business

You are required to enter each transaction in the ledger on daily basis. To enter each and every transaction it is necessary to enter debt and credit. Debit entry will take place on right side and credits will be recorded on left side. This is the rule of recording transactions in a ledger.

One more thing to remember is that with every recorded transaction, date must be entered for each entry you make. If you are going to record number of transactions for the same date, you still need to have a date for each transaction. Relevant descriptions should also be a part of each entry.

Now, post your data to subsidiary ledger. This is as same as making entries except when you post, you only put in a debt or credit. They do not balance as they do in the general ledger.

Posting of every transaction will be made on its own page or in its own ledger. Ancillary ledgers have extra column that is balance. Every month, you are required to update balances to have a clear picture of each account.

What is a ledger looks like and what are important columns of this document can be well understood by viewing Ledger Template.

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Restaurant Reservation Log Template

For a restaurant the most important thing is to bring customers to their door steps. For this a restaurant should have a very impressive seating arrangement and reservation system. No doubt that the first impression lasts long. Reservation is actually keeping something reserved for a particular person or a party. Reservation system is very important now a days as some parties reserve tables for their special occasions like anniversary, birthday etc as the parties want to avoid any kind of mess or to wait and pay a good amount for it. Most of the restaurants use reservation log but some restaurants follow the policy of first come first serve. Sometimes this system is useful for the manager but sometimes they suffer loss as well. Because sometimes instead of coming after reservation, parties change their plans and the manager suffers loss. So in order to avoid such cancellations some of the managers try to make reservations more than the available space but if no cancellations are made then the manager suffers and he has to reserve a table in the comparable hotel and pay for table and the tax of that hotel.

Here is preview of this Free Restaurant Reservation Log Template created using MS Excel,

Managing hourly reservations for the manager is not an easy job. It requires a lot of management capabilities and time and space distribution. Now-a-days, to manage this hourly reservation management, different restaurants are using different software; these software help hotels to organize their bookings and manage time. This reservation system benefits customer a lot but the customer is bound because of time limitation. Reservations can be made by different means like some people reserve tables by directly visiting the hotels themselves, some reserve by contacting through cell phones and some through the hotel websites. Time is a very precious thing; people reserve some space and service for themselves in order to save their time. Some businessmen reserve conference halls and want the manager to maintain discipline and require good service so it is very difficult task for the manager to accomplish their needs. Manager manages arrival and departure of people on hourly basis; which requires professional management skills.

Another advantage of hourly reservation is that it saves you from waiting too long. You get the best services as it is all pre planned and you feel relaxed as all your arrangements are made earlier and according to your will. Secondly, because of hourly reservation, you don’t have to pay in full; instead you are charged for the time you have used the services of the hotel, so it is also economic in a sense. Now-a-days reservations are mostly made through different websites and it is very fast and easy way; within no time you reserve a place of your own choice while just sitting in your homes but there are some disadvantages of this system as well for example if you fail to reach the reserved place on time you cannot claim the reservation or it may happen that your program changes due to any reason, the payment you made in advance goes all to waste. So this system proves to be useful if managed properly and organized according to wish of the customer but if not properly organized the customer and the manager both suffer the loss.

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Monthly Office Calendar Template

Calendar has an important role in your life because it is an organized system that will help you to systematize days for communal, spiritual, commercial or directorial purposes. Calendar contains period of time in the form of days, weeks, months and years. Calendar is a physical device that is important to use to organize different activities of your daily life. You can plan different events of your daily life to get reminder on right time. Monthly calendar is really important for offices and these are frequently used to organize the activities of employees. Basically calendar helps you to identify days of future events that have to be happened. Different electronic and manual calendars are available here so you can pick anyone for your offices according to your requirements. It will prove really beneficial for the performance evaluation of your employees.

Importance of Monthly Calendar

Primary use of calendar is the identification of days and date in regular life but you can use calendar in more effective way for official purposes. You can plan your events and get alerts on right day and time to avoid any potential loss in your business. Different choices of monthly calendars are available to use in offices and following are some famous options:

Benefits of Calendar Software

Different computer software programs are widely used now days in professional and personal life therefore it is an easy way to use calendar software. You can manage your schedules in effective way with the use of calendar software as it enables you to set alerts for important meetings, conferences and appointments. You can save important contact numbers, client list, email addresses and other relevant details in the calendar software to increase the efficiency of your work.

Here is preview of a free useful Monthly Office Calendar Template created using MS Excel,

Hand-Held Calendar Devices

Hand-held calendar devices are considered best to manage office schedules because these will prove really valuable to manage your busy lives. Monthly calendars in offices will make it convenient for the employees to manage their whole work without forgetting anything. You can use synchronization options to settle these devices with your computer programs.

Monthly Planners

Some people do not like the use of devices and computer so monthly planners offer great solution for these employees. These will prove helpful alternate for calendar management as you can keep track of completed projects and can prioritize dates according to the requirements of their completion. It will enable you to recall old data at the time of need and you can take its printout to use as reference.

Creativity with Monthly Calendars in Offices

Monthly calendars prove really useful for the offices as you can assemble calendar of each month to get collective report for the performance of employees. You can get important information about recent and old developments in your office. It will prove useful in the performance appraisal as employees will record their all successful, pending and failed activities on calendar. You can get actual picture about their efficiency and performance on the work.

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Bill Payment Organizer Template

Making a month-to-month spending budget to spend your expenses is essential to checking your individual funds, but creating a method for arranging you expenses is essential in ensuring expenses receives a commission on time which you steer clear of having to pay late charges. There are numerous methods to arrange your month-to-month expenses, and there are numerous methods to prioritize these expenses for payment.

Maintain Them with Each Other

When your expenses get there in the mail don’t just toss them on a desk and after that fish about the desk to discover your expenses in the finish of every week. Create an arranged method for maintaining monitor of your expenses along with a way to maintain them with each other. If you can’t discover a bill, the possibilities are great that you will neglect to spend that bill.

3 Months of Expenses

Maintain your expenses with each other in something which allows you to maintain a minimum of 3 months of expenses arranged. You will be arranging the expenses to spend for the present thirty day period, the expenses to spend for subsequent thirty day period, and also the expenses however to spend from the prior thirty day period.

Hung on the Wall

An extensible file folder with numerous pockets can do the job just good, or there are additionally bill coordinators that may be hung on the wall and have sections exactly where you can maintain your expenses. Make certain the overdue expenses are in probably the most notable place in your bill having to pay organizer, and ensure that you verify that segment prior to you spend any bill.


How you prioritize your expenses is up to you, but prior to you begin placing the bigger expenses to the tip of the thirty day period it is essential to know how having to pay a bill late can impact you. Most collectors, whether or not it is a credit score card business or even the telephone business, will cost a late charge for payments produced previously.

Bigger Late Charges

If you understand you will have to spend some thing late, try to spend the expenses with the smallest late charges final and also the bigger late charges initial. In a perfect scenario you would merely prioritize your expenses every month primarily based on their because of dates, but occasionally your month-to-month income doesn’t permit for well-timed payment of each bill.

10 Or 15 Times Late

The primary factor to maintain in thoughts is that as lengthy as your collectors obtain their payments inside thirty times of the because of day then your credit score shouldn’t be impacted by the late payment. Some collectors do report payments that are 10 or 15 times late, and you can discover this out by contacting your collectors and inquire them their guidelines for confirming late payments to the credit score bureau.  Whilst you don’t need to create a behavior of having to pay expenses late, it could occasionally be a requirement which is why it could be so essential to correctly prioritize your expenses to make certain they receives a commission prior to they are able to trigger issues with your credit score.

Here is preview of this Free Bill Payment Organizer Template created using MS Excel,

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Wedding Day Schedule Template

How many of you think that there will be something more important other than your wedding day? If I am not wrong, each one of you thinks in the same way that the wedding is the most amazing thing that can happen in someone’s life. That’s why wedding day is so important for bride, groom and their families. Females, who are more attached to the wedding and its events, use to plan their wedding day even when they are so young. This is why this day is more important to the bride as compared to a groom. Every bride wants to make this day as per her expectations and in the same dreamy way that she imagined it a few years ago. The one thing that scares the bride more than anything is that there is going to happen something wrong at their wedding day. No matter how much you relax them or make them feel satisfied, they always get cold feet of their own bad imaginations.

All the above mentioned stuff and factors make it more essential that you plan your wedding day a few days before. You can make a checklist for the events that are a part of the wedding and the stuff or items you will need for each event. For example in the bridal shower, you only invite females and arrange for simple take away gifts which are less show-off and more elegant or for the rehearsal dinner, you invite only the most important guests which rehearse for the actual day. But the most important thing is the reception day which is actually the one day that only matters. This is why it’s important that you make a proper schedule for the wedding day in which you plan for each event and item that matters.

Here is preview of this Free Wedding Day Schedule Template created using MS Excel,

Wedding Day Schedule Tips:

  • The most important thing in the wedding is the timing. People don’t feel or notice if the timing is perfect, they do when it’s not. So the first thing to make a schedule for your wedding day is to allocate time for each event. Event like; bride and bridesmaids’ makeup and dressing, final dress fitting and photography need time to complete and making it quick will only result in a mess.
  • It would be so much better if you rehearse the actual events of the wedding day with your friends. One can act like the priest and one may become the father of the bride to walk her down the aisle. Rehearsing the real events will make it easier for you to perform them on the actual day.
  • The location of the wedding ceremony should be close so that when the bride’s makeup and dressing is done, she can reach the church in few minutes.
  • There should be enough time between the ceremony and reception. There is no need to rush things or make a mess in order to do any task quicker.
  • The photographer should be provided with enough time so that he or she can capture all the moments in the camera.
  • You should spend some extra time with the guests and don’t hurry to take off. We know that it’s your wedding day and you just got married but it’s not a good thing to neglect the friends and relatives just to be alone with each other.

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Price List Template

Preparing the price list is one of the important tasks in creating demand of your product in the market as well as among masses. It is the most critical point in every business. The retailer has to keep the price list precise and comparative to make it attractive for the customers. It looked as simple phenomena but need a deep insight while making price list. Everyone is searching for the lowest or most economical price for their needed product with a good quality of it. If the similar product of another company is available in high price, no one will go for it and leave the low price item for the same product. Supplier or distributors also need to take care of the market prices and offer their price list according to that so they can balance their sale. Seller should know that a buyer always search for the best deal. Seller usually finds out what the opposite party is going to offer in market so seller offers his product on comparatively low price so the buyer or consumer will easily choose his product on the opposite company’s product.

Here is preview of this Price List Template,

It is also considered as a market strategy to set your product price lower than the opposite party’s product. Most of the time a buyer waits to launch his product till the opposite party launches his product, so he can certainly decrease his product price to nearest possible price and capture the market without any serious difficulty. Another way to advertise your product is to make your product’s price sustainable as compared to other brands that increased their product price to double with the high demand of that product. In some cases, retailer has already decided the price list and negotiates it with vendors or with the market on their terms and they allow no similar product with their product in the market so in this case, buyer has to buy the specific product for whatever price is offered to them. But it is very rare to create such a market place or make such exclusive product that compete every other similar product of its kind.

When you increase your profit and try to earn double from a product without increasing its demand, it will earn you nothing. Make sure that while making your profit high you do not increase actual product’s amount so much that can easily be compared with similar product of another company and buyer can ignore your product for the reason that your product become so expensive. You must use pricing scheme to set up your pricing list that includes all your expected expenditure and save you from any kind of losing.

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Sales Forecast Report Template

Before going to discuss the guidelines for establishing product sales goals, it is important to discuss a little about the term sales. Sales are an ameliorated part of any business whether your business is services based or products based however as compared to services, sales is often used in products related business. Selling is a process in which through proper marketing and promotion of products companies exchange their manufactured products against money in order to increase their profit. For a proper sales process, it is important for the sales department and the marketing department of a company or business to increase their revenue. Each company has their own methods and processes for product sales that they prefer on the basis of their convenience, resources and target market or segment.

Here is preview of a Sales Forecast Report Template created using MS Excel,

It is the duty of the sales department to establish product sales goals through a proper system or process. The contents of such systems usually include planning, implementation, assessment and control of a sales program. Here are a couple of important elements that a business must consider in their product sales goal establishment.

  • Be Realistic and stay within your limits

In establishing product sales goals, the management should act realistically and should set goals that are possible to achieve in a certain period of time. Moreover, before setting sales goals, management should check out their resources, budget, marketing strengths and technological advancement because in this way they would become able to set accurate and achievable goals within their resources and financial limits.

  • Review the sales goals and processes of previous year

Before going to establish product sales goals, management should review the sales performance of last one or two years. This will help them in understanding the weaknesses and strengths of their company, the period of time in which their sales were high and low, required budget, workforce and time and their strong market competitors.

  • Move with a proper plan

Move with a proper plan for establishing product sales goals because this way the management would be able to get an overview of possible risks, threats as well as the weak points of their company. A proper and perfect plan will help the management to control risks and to overcome other problems. It is also important to design two plans because when you feel your first plan is not responding in a proper way so that you can implement the second one.

  • Keep your pricing according to the market condition

The market is a place that is highly fluctuating so it is important for establishing product sales goals to check market condition, demand and supply as well as pricing. This will help you in pricing as well as will give you a hint for a perfect time and duration.

  • Track your established sales goals program

Keep a close eye over the performance of your planned sales goals program. This will enable you to track whether your goals are achieved or not. If you find any kind of problem you would have a chance to control it in the beginning in order to save your time and resources.

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