Car Loan Calculator Template

We buy a lot in our daily lives as we need grocery and household items on regular basis. Most of these purchasing decisions are quick and immediate and we decide to buy an item as we see it in advertisement but I wish all the shopping decision were so easy. There is some other shopping which we can call high profile shopping and when you want to buy such an important item, you can’t decide it over a cup of coffee or just in a blink of an eye. You need to research and think thoroughly before you even choose an option. Buying a car is one of those most important decisions and you have to do it sometime in your life. This car could be for you, your spouse, one of your grown up kid or for one of your friend. Car loan calculator helps an individual to make this decision with more accuracy and effectiveness.

We all know that there are not much people in the world which just go to a showroom and buy a car available there without even asking for the price. Most of all has to think many times before we actually go into a showroom to check the model or price of our favorite model. We don’t have that amount of money all the time so it’s possible that when you need a car, you may have to apply for a car loan. There are thousands firms and banks out there who are offering car loans and they get their money back in few years with an additional amount of interest on the principal amount. It’s important to keep in mind that these banks and loan companies don’t always speak truth in their advertisements and there are always some hidden charges which they don’t even tell you. This car loan calculator comes in handy in that situation as you can calculate the principal amount, the interest rate and duration to see if there is something the bank isn’t telling you.

Without using a loan calculator, it’s not that easy to find out the accurate amount of principal you need and the interest rate that suits your employment situation. This calculator does the entire long and boring work within a few seconds which if you do manually; it would take a week or two to find out the real figures. This calculator also helps you when it provides you the most exact and accurate figures without a possibility of a single penny. When you use this calculator, you see a real time picture of your finances and the money you will be paying back with interest over the next few years. This way you can estimate if you need to buy a new car or an old one or if the car is too expensive for you or just the perfect choice. Using this calculator you can check if there is something that the bank or the loan company isn’t telling you i.e. hidden service charges. Now you don’t have to depend on a bank to tell you the interest rate according to your income but you can find it by yourself with the help of this calculator and this way you have a number of choices and when you enter in a bank or a loan company, you definitely know what you want and what interest rate suits you the best.

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Uses of a car loan calculator in daily life:

  • Before we even decide to buy a specific car, we use this calculator to find out about our financial situation over the next few years when we will be paying installments of loan we are getting soon.
  • With the help of this calculator, you get to know if you can afford a new car or should you buy a used one.
  • This calculator shows you your earnings, the price of car, the amount of loan you need and the interest rate that suits your financial situation. By knowing all the figures when you walk into a bank or a loan company, you feel confident and you know exactly what you want you need.
  • The banks and loan firms don’t show you the right picture all the time and they all keep some secret or hidden charges and this calculator helps you to find those secrets and you can reject the deal the minute you find out that the bank is cheating you.

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Metric Conversion Calculator Template

The metric system first started from France in 1799 after which the French revolution took place and soon this system was adopted by many countries although they were previously using some other measuring systems. There are many other systems too but the metric system is implemented in most of the counties and cultures because of its ease and less complications. This is the reason that the metric measurement system is called international measurement system. Other measurement systems are also applicable and some institutions are still using those systems but that only happens in special and some specific cases. Metric measurement systems are very easy to operate since they are the multiples of ten of each other. It’s so easy to convert the between various different sizes as you just have to move the decimal point. The basic metric systems are meter (related to length), kilograms (related to weight) and liters (related to volume). It’s very easy to convert them to centimeters, grams and on gram respectively if you want to measure something in smaller units. Metric conversion calculator helps us to move from one unit to another without any manual calculations or usage of mathematical equation and formulas.

The most important thing about this calculator which is also its key purpose, is that it allows one to measure something into smaller units like if you can’t measure the weight of something in kilograms because its quantity is low, you also have an option to measure it in grams or milligrams. Same thing happens when you have a small quantity of a liquid and you can’t measure it in liters, you can use this calculator and measure it into grams. This is why the world has adopted and started using this calculator immediately after it was introduced first time. With the help of this calculator, you don’t need to do any measurements or calculations manually on a sheet or paper but this calculator generates the hours taking results in a few milliseconds.

The first and most important benefit of using this calculator is that it is free of cost and doesn’t want you to solve the complicated results. You can download this application in your computer or cell phone and use it wherever you want. With the help of this calculator, you don’t need to do any extra calculations and dealing with complicated equations as it does all the work by itself. Another benefit of this calculator is that if you have measured something into bigger units like meters, you need to enter that amount into the calculator and select a smaller unit and the calculator generates the result in centimeters or millimeters.

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General uses of a metric conversion calculator:

  • We use this calculator to measure something into smaller units.
  • This calculator is also used to convert bigger units into smaller and smaller units into bigger one.
  • Technical staff of every business or an organization uses this calculator to make the measurements in different units just to make sure the results are authenticated.
  • In construction, it’s very important to take care of even a single millimeter. So the civil engineers use this calculator to measure and to convert the pre-taken measurement into a different unit.
  • Laboratories that deal with very sensitive kind of tasks use this calculator to measure the weight, length or volume of a substance or a liquid.

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Buy vs Rent House Comparison Template

Usually people try to buy a house instead of renting one and they say it’s a lot less complicated if you do the same. But that’s not the same for every place in the world. Every city has its own housing prices and that means you can’t always buy a house wherever you move. Big cities like Chicago, Tokyo and London have very expensive rates when it comes to buy a house and it’s just easy to rent an apartment or flat in case you don’t have much cash.

Before going further it’s important to tell that renting is more preferable if:

  • The rent is lower than your expectation and it’s easy to manage in your salary
  • If you don’t have a permanent job or planning to move to another city
  • You are living in a city that has very high real estate prices
  • You want to invest your money and hoping to get more than average return
  • There is no small house available and you can’t afford a bigger place

There are many websites that provide the facility of online buy vs. rent house comparison but most of them are very complicated and very hard to understand the results. So it’s better to do this comparison by yourself and that way you will be more concrete about your choice.

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You can do this comparison by simply comparing both renting and buying features. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both buying and renting a house and after reviewing the following:

Advantages of renting a house:

  • you only pay a little amount of cash in form of rent that will be more compatible with your salary
  • you don’t have to pay any property tax on the apartment or house you are living in
  • you don’t have to pay any maintenance charges
  • you don’t have to worry about the present or future real estate conditions
  • you can invest the down payment you saved to buy a house
  • there are greater possibilities of getting free utilities

Disadvantages of renting a house:

  • rules and restrictions by the owner of the house
  • you end up with nothing after leaving the house
  • cost of living is unpredictable and depends on the owner
  • even if you sign a lease, it will be still insecure

Advantages of buying a house:

  • the first and the most important, it’s all yours
  • by owning a house you invest in the best place
  • your kids will have a permanent place to live in case of any incident in their lives
  • you can get more loans from banks by owning a house
  • in case you move to some other place, you can give the house on rent and it will be a permanent source of income
  • there is no landlord that means no rules and regulations
  • there is no need to worry about increasing the rent

Disadvantages of buying a house:

  • you have to pay a big amount in form of down payment
  • you will have to pay more in form of utility bills as compared to a rented house
  • you have to have a personal insurance in case you want to buy a house and that means more cash is going out of your hand
  • You have to pay for all the maintenance needed in the house.

By reviewing all the above information and knowing your circumstances, it’s very easy for you to decide what you want and what choice will be the best according to your situation.

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Business Closing Sheet Template

The companies around the world are rethinking the way they progress, and for some businesses it is better to discontinue if the things are not going well or another business demand’s more attention. Another reason for this discontinuation is that the business could be sold on a good profit margin. In such cases selling your business is the best strategy. Look for a buyer that can give optimum profit on this sale and once you and your business purchaser bargain the deal; it’s time to set the business sale closing. The following guidelines will structure how to advance in the business closing procedures and to calculate the business closing costs.

The closing cost can be understood as the variety of charges that the seller or buyer has to pay for a final sale. The type and amount of such fees are diversified and depends upon several factors. The closing cost could be a glitch if you do not handle it properly. The selling business demands a comprehensive understanding of this cost to make the buyer and seller aware at what profit or loss he or she is finalizing the deal. Set a schedule for your closing and all parties should be present at the closing of this business sale. All the terms and conditions are previously agreed by both the seller and the purchaser for this business sale. The total of the charges that are implied in the closing procedure directs the closing costs determination.

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Download Business Closing Sheet Template

To finalize the purchase price, the negotiations are done on utility and other charges .However proper inventory value; final accounts receivable and financial statement values are comprehensively calculated, collected and paid before the closing procedures. These things will add or deduct the closing cost. Consider all the amounts that are used to generate government and tax forms such as: Secretary of State or Corporations commission required documents; documents for vehicle transfer included in the sale; documents for property transfer etc.Check the insurance are and clear all dues before a business closing. Furniture and equipment sale prices should be listed and it should be detected that which element is, under lease. Also comprehend the value of those assets which are debarred from the sale. Take action to transfer all resources and liabilities included in the business sale and estimate the cost of such transfer.

The paper work or documentation fee will cost you a good sum, like consulting agreement Preparation of warranties, succession agreements for employee benefit and much more. Creation of a closing sheet, which lists the purchase price and all costs and price adjustments to be paid, will help you to work out the actual closing cost of your selling business. Your attorney is usually authorized to prepare this sheet and you have to consider the attorney fees as a major closing cost of your business sale.

Biweekly Mortgage Sheet Template

If you are smart enough to organize your mortgage payment through strategies, you are able to save hundreds of dollars on your morgages. The best option for paying a mortgage is a bi-weekly plan which would be convenient for you and the prospective receiver. This will also helps the home owner in reducing the amount of loan balance and proportionally the interest given on the amount is automatically reduced. A biweekly mortgage is understood as the schedule in which is the borrower is paying, half the monthly payment every two weeks. The payment amount on a biweekly is thus the same as that on a monthly or bi monthly period. There are 26 biweekly periods in a year while bimonthly periods are 24 the biweekly payment generates the opportunity of one extra monthly payment in a year.

This results in a convenience of shortening of payment terms. For instance a 30-year loan converted to a biweekly could be paying off in 25 years, 10 months. This reduction in period is due to the extra payment that is possible via biweekly payment every year. A good thing is that Payments are accredited monthly. Benefits of any extra payment program are also useful to comply with the interest rates.

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Download Biweekly Mortgage Sheet Template

The bimonthly mortgage sheet can save facilitation in calculating the interest and mortgages .It has two sections, the first section comprises of the standard fixed rate mortgage with interest percentage and the payment term is drafted in months .the total loan amount is also stated. This sheet automatically generates the grand total of monthly payment with the total interest over the mortgage. The second section exhibits the extra payment option .you just calculate the half of each monthly payment .This will automatically gives you one additional payment every year, the other figures are stated the same as of the standard monthly value. The interest rate, monthly and biweekly terms loan amount with monthly and biweekly payments and the total interest are perfectly tabled in the bimonthly mortgage sheet columns, which would be a useful feature for both the borrower and the lender.

For an idea to have a bimonthly mortgage sheet developed at your personal computer, you just have added one-twelfth in the cell of your monthly sheet. This will give you the thirteenth payment. The yearly percentage rate is divided with 26 to get exact interest rate for the bimonthly payment period Before preparing a bimonthly plan take care that some lenders agree to prepare the biweekly payment schedule however the others offer this service themselves and provide you a pre-formatted payment agenda but you are always recommended to calculate the figure it personally to avoid any future conflict. In general, it is it is better to pre-pay a mortgage if you have a heavy interest rate.

Monthly Time Sheet Template

Time sheet is an important document that is used for the recording of work done by particular employee with actual completion time for the job. Time sheet includes days of working weeks, working hours, beginning and ending of lunch time and total time taken by employee for break. Time sheet is usually calculated at the end of the pay period. It is a common task that has been done by different people. It is equally important to write monthly time sheet and this information is equally important for the management department specifically in the project programs. It will help you to estimate total cost of project, trading and management. Monthly time sheets are an easy way to track his/her work.

Uses of Monthly Time Sheet

Time sheet is basically designed for an employer to determine payroll and to use for some other purposes. Time sheet is used for different purposes such as it is used to record starting and ending time of tasks and the total duration required or used for the completion of each task. You can record detail breakdown of tasks during the accomplishment of project or program. This information is important and can be used for payroll, client billing and cost management, estimation and tracking for a project. Time sheet is frequently used while project management because it will help you to measure the performance of employees and you can easily pinpoints all problematic tasks.

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Tips to Design Monthly Time Sheet

Time sheet is used for multiple purposes therefore it is important for you to pay attention on its designing and following tips will help you to design a perfect monthly time sheet according to your own requirements:

  • Time sheet can be designed in any spreadsheet program where you can keep track of total hours worked, cost incurred on project, performance of employees and different other details as per your own needs.
  • Start your time sheet with date and time at which the work has been started but do not forget to record all breaks the employees have taken during the course of their work. Write down ending time at the end of day to get accurate figure for total working and resting hours.
  • It is important to keep complete record of working hours so that you can easily track billable and resting hours. Calculate number of total hours worked at the end of the day to calculate the amount of total payment. If the project is started at 8:00 a.m., and you have worked on the project until 1:00 then the total worked hours are 5 hours. Do not forget to subtract break hours from this time such as if you have taken break of 30 minutes then working hours are 4 ½ hours.
  • Keep your project hours separate from the daily working hours and it can be easy with the use of monthly time sheet as you can record everything separately without any conflict. Do not forget to record minutes and round all minutes at the end of month while preparing your final monthly time sheet.

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Job Sheet Template

Job sheet is an important part of any successful business therefore it is necessary to create. It is also known as job cost sheet and categorized as an accounting document because it will help you to calculate the costs of a particular project and orders. Job sheet will help you to have an estimate of your customers and upcoming expenses therefore you can also consider as a scorecard. It will help you to estimate either your business is making profit or going into loss. It can be critical to calculate the job cost therefore companies use different software to get accurate results. There are different elements that are necessary to access the job cost sheet. The accuracy of the final values can be calculated on the basis of all these factors and elements. Labor is most prominent factor and it is important to determine the labor to calculate working hours of all workers by name.

Here is preview of this Job Sheet Template crated using MS Excel 2007,

Importance of Job Sheet

Job sheet is necessary to design in order to manage the accuracy of your work. Following are some points that will help you to understand the importance of job sheet:

  • Job sheet will help you to stay on the top of your jobs and let you to coordinate what is happening at the job site with central office. It is necessary to design in the manufacturing environment to manage too many orders and supplies.
  • Properly designed job sheet will help you to see the problems in advance before happening. It will help you to evaluate historical data to estimate your jobs in better way.
  • Any kind of manufacturing work involves incurred costs and these costs should be part of the estimate and agreed upon before starting work. You have to provide an accurate assessment cost to the customers. It is necessary because any outset can impasse the vendor to left paying unexpected expenses.
  • Job cost sheet should feature material, labor and different expenses that can be further subdivided into direct expenses. Make sure to include all these elements in your job cost sheet.
  • Direct material is another important part that should be included in the job sheet to complete a job. Direct materials can be different for different nature of jobs such as in the construction work the direct material includes lumber, nails and wood sealant. In bakery work, the direct material will be sugar, flour, eggs and butter.
  • Job cost sheet will help you to calculate direct labor such as person-hours required to complete a job. This will usually include general labor, general contractor labor and other works such as plumbing. Direct labor is money that will be spent on the laborers.
  • Direct expenses are required for the completion of job such as if you are responsible to exhume the swimming pool then you will require renting or operating a backhoe to dig the hole. For the revamping of landscape, you can rent a stump remover.
  • Indirect expenses usually include different items such as taxes, building permits and any municipal fees associated with a project.
  • This sheet will help you to create a complete cost sheet for the field use and this will prove really helpful to manage your project in better way.

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Cleaning Sheet Template

A cleaning sign off sheet is frequently prepared in large organizations like hospitals or big factories where large equipments are installed and it’s necessary to clean those machines on regular basis. It’s also applicable when it comes to offices which have more than one department and it’s very important to clean each floor with maximum supervision. The actual aim of a cleaning sign off sheet is to arrange all the cleaning duties and spread the tasks to individual cleaning workers.

Usually in hospitals, a cleaning sign off sheet contains information like name of hospital and separate department names. After that, there is a brief explanation of the cleaning rules implemented by the department in addition to the main intentions of cleaning tasks.

Here is preview of this Free Cleaning Sheet Template created using MS Excel,

A cleaning sign off sheet contains the following details:

  1. Name of the organization
  2. Name of the department (if any)
  3. Date
  4. Names of all matrons along with their duties
  5. Comments area
  6. Signature area for the supervisor

On this sheet there is a table that shows all the tasks related to cleaning a specific department or floor. Then there are written the names of all the cleaning employees along with their duties and each worker have to sign after completing his or her tasks. In this way it’s very easy to locate the person on initial level because no one is allowed to sign off their duty until a supervisor checks out the whole department and makes sure that every task is completed the way it’s supposed to be. With the help of this sheet, it’s very easy to find the person who is responsible for an error in providing the asked cleaning services.

A cleaning sign off sheet actually makes it possible to provide the maximum hygiene of a place and it ensures the cleaning of all equipments as well. This sheet can also be used to enlist a specific machinery that needs more concentrated cleaning either due to its fragile parts or because its more frequent use.

Generally the persons, who had installed the machines, provide a detailed list of how frequent the machine will need cleaning services and which parts are more sensitive and need cleaning on daily basis. It’s possible to create separate cleaning sheets for separate equipments which will contain information about their parts and cleaning procedure to make then keep working. After every cleaning service, it’s better to call an engineer and let him check all the parts if the instrument is too expensive. There is a signature area on every cleaning sheet where that engineer will sign in order to give permission to use that machine.

Similarly there are cleaning sign off sheets used in schools, colleges, and other educational buildings. In some countries there are also some schools that use a student cleaning sign off sheet. It is used to make sure that the students are keeping their rooms clean at home and it’s necessary to take your parent’s signature at the bottom of the sheet every day. Some schools also assign duties to their students to keep the class room clean and there the on duty student has to sign the cleaning sheet by his teacher to make sure that he has provided all the services.

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Free Invoice Template

It’s a clear fact that an invoice played a significant role in any kind of dealing. When a dealer wants to get his money from the client he has to make an effective invoice to get what he deserves. If the present vague invoice with holdings only a single amount at the end without any detail of the all items, it will surely aggravate your client. It should be understandable, comprehensive and the total amount should be displayed clearly authorized due date. There is no way that can make your client believe that a large amount of his bill is worth every penny. Every client thinks before paying and critically analyze whole invoice and for that moment you must have a logical explanation for it. Surely you will experience a drastic change in your client’s mood from a friendly behavior to in a strange shift.

Here is preview of this Free Invoice Template,

Invoice should not contain any detailed suggestions for any issue; extra concerning in your invoice will not make your place in client’s heart but to enforce him to find a new designer within no time. You must try to switch your payments through electronic payment methods. It will be easy for you and your client pay through credit card instead of cheque. To get paid electronically consequently saved you from the filthy business of waiting mail. This will save your time as well as your energy. When you received a payment, you will get notification via email or text instantly. And most importantly you can deal internationally and without any tensions of payment because the electronic method of payment will also allow managing your international transactions and transfer of payments easy.

If it seems very hard to make an effective invoice every time then you must create an invoice template  or kind of a receipt according to your requirements and put items with their amount in the mentioned sections so that would b a little helpful for you. Each item should include its due amount, its order number, name with address along with your business name and Identity number. You must mention your number for any queries by the client and also clearly mention the date and statement instructing client to contact you if he has any problem with a product or service and outline for late charges. You should send invoice to your customer timely so your payment will be expectantly on time. Try to avoid sending invoice weekly, instead send invoice within a day or two after the delivery of your product or at the completion of your project.

Most importantly talk directly to your client and ask him to whom you should send the bill, if you send bill to wrong person it will make your payments delay as much as a month to two. If your client suggests sending bill to another person you not in contact then you should introduce yourself to that person, clarify your matter and dealing facts with figures and then hand him the invoice. And take his signature or any kind of record for further dealings.

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Help Desk Flow Data Sheet Template

Help desk flow data sheet proves really useful in the designing and documentation of complex processes and programs. It makes your work easy by visualizing everything and increasing your understanding level. Data flow diagram is most important part of the organization to keep everything in organized manger. This is a better way to perform all important tasks as you can easily control data and communication flow through a proper process. Command line is always important even if you are playing a game and in case of smooth flow of business activities you have to deign help desk flow data sheet. It will minimize the discomfort and losses of your business by driving you in the right direction to increase your productivity.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Help Desk Flow Data Sheet Template that can be used to get started with this very task,

Benefits of Help Desk Flow Data Sheet

Help desk flow data sheet will help you a lot to organize different activities of the organization and following are some potential benefits that you can enjoy with the use of help desk flow data sheet:


It is most important to design help desk flow data sheet to keep every program organized. Usually this sheet is used to accomplish intended purpose because it will help you to exactly plan everything. It is an easy way to solve all complex problems by keeping everything on right track.

Decision Building

Help desk flow data sheet will prove really helpful in decision building because proper flow of data is required for the successful completion of each and every task related to the growth of organization. Help desk flow data sheet will help you to figure out different options to handle important data.

Presentation of Data

Proper presentation of data is important for the organization because help desk flow data sheet will contain all important details. These kinds of details will help you to understand requirements of customers and you can manage the data flow in proper way.


Help desk flow data sheet will help you to handle your project in better way because it proves a better tool for the successful completion of project. A proper diagram will help you to maintain proper flow of program that will guide you to the right track. It will help you to modify your all project needs and you can accommodate all problems in better way.

Error Detection

A project or program can have lots of errors and in order to detect all errors properly it is important to have help desk flow data sheet. This will help you to debug problems as the data flow diagram will determine right direction for success of your project. You have to figure out correct direction in the start and sometimes it becomes difficult to pinpoint actual problems and in this situation help desk flow data sheet proves really valuable.

Help desk flow data sheet is actually used for the successful completion of the projects because this sheet is designed after considering each and every point that is important in the success or failure of project.

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