Wedding Planning Worksheet Template

Planning for your wedding can sometimes be a very tiresome and mind boggling event. You can always easily lose track of the entire budget that you’re spending when planning for a wedding event. Because that is the time when you’re cash is flowing out and you have to keep track of every single detail. It is not very easy to remember everything without properly writing it down somewhere. In these circumstances, the remedy of getting through is organizing and wedding planning worksheets makes it very comfortable to manage all your cash flows. A wedding planning work sheet covers all your expenses in details starting from your total budget, already spent amount and other estimates about your expenditure. Apart from just keeping track of your budget, wedding planning worksheets also helps you allot your budget accordingly.

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Wedding planning work sheets might look like a little bit of homework, but in actual it makes it much more convenient to organize everything properly. There are different ways you can make a worksheet for your event. If it is not a very big wedding event and you’re not spending too much on extra stuff you can always try making your own worksheet according to your requirements. Sometimes there is just too much to keep in mind and make your own worksheet, in that case you can look for wedding planners online or in the market. They will help you chalk out a plan for your event and might even give you a ball park figure about how much you might need to spend on different things. When you go out and meet different vendors, always note down everything along the way, this will come handy when sorting out information about your wedding expenses and making you worksheet. Apart from all these, internet is stuffed with such wedding planning worksheet templates, you can download them for free or some of the websites might even charge you a little for these worksheets, but it will save you a great deal of making one yourself. The good thing about these templates is that you only need to fill them under different columns, anyone could do it easily and these are very user friendly. You can print them down or just save them in your computer for future use.

Planning your wedding event could never get any easier. This is probably the most comfortable way one can get through this overwhelming task of planning the wedding event. Never reply on scattered numbers and figures, once you lose track of your budget you might even ruin everything. Wedding is not just an event; it’s more of a life time experience and memories. If you’re looking forward to plan your wedding event, do not waste time just planning everything in your head, rather start preparing your worksheet if you want it go smoothly and peacefully in the most organized manner.

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Fitness Schedule Template

Whether you are a fitness freak or a trainer, you will need to write a fitness schedule. As a trainer for the person whom you are training and if you are exercising yourself, for yourself. Before you pick up a pen and paper and dash out exercises and timings randomly, take a moment to think things through.

The first thing you should ask yourself is why do you want to work out? Is it because your friend does, because someone commented that you are growing fat and lazy, because you feel that you need to work out, or because you enjoy it? Be honest with yourself and plan out a realistic schedule which you will stick to. There is no point in having a schedule which you will not follow.

Your Current fitness Level

Just as you can’t jump from class III to Class VI, you can’t jump from level 0 to level 5 while working out. Assess yourself and set targets for the next level up. Talk to a personal trainer if you like. Setting high and unachievable targets will only deter you from your routine.

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Your Current fitness Routine

Do you engage in some form of exercise regularly like walking or jogging? If you are new to workouts, it is best to begin slowly and gradually work your way up to more strenuous exercise. Otherwise you may end up hurting yourself or giving up work outs altogether.

Your Daily Routine Other Than Exercise

Besides exercise what are your other activities during the day? Take a moment to consider if these are strenuous and tiring. If you try to work out after having travelled all over the city during the day, chances are you may not do a very good job and may be discouraged from keeping it up.

What you need?

Once you have assessed yourself, talk to a personal trainer, and decide what exercises are best for you and how much time you should spend on each of them. The advantage of beginning slow and gradually increasing the tempo and time you spend on exercising cannot be overstressed.

How much Time you Have?

Having decided what you need, the next step is to note down exactly what times of the days you can devote to exercise vis-à-vis the required time. Then work out your exercise program with the help of your trainer. You will also have to accommodate him if he is not free in a particular time-slot which you would like to take.

Charting and Printing

Chart out your routine with dates, times and type of exercise. Print it out and hand over a copy to your trainer for his reference so that he knows what is expected of him. You can seek help from several planning templates online from office guru site.

Some Dos and Don’ts for working out


  • Always allow time for warming up and cooling down.
  • Start small – Start with 10 to 15 minutes a day and gradually increase it.
  • Diversify your exercises as much as possible to avoid boredom.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • Have a friend or some music to keep you company.


  • Never over do it. If you feel tired or strained, stop.
  • Never skip breakfast. Breakfast jump-starts your digestion process and provides energy required through the day.
  • Never skip warm-up and stretching.
  • Never lose sleep. Staying up late may seem like a good idea to get your work done. But it stresses you out and saps your energy during the day.
  • Don’t set unattainable goals. They will only discourage you.
  • Don’t compare with others.
  • Don’t do random work outs.

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Course Schedule Template

Ok so you have enrolled and met your course advisor. You now have to decide which classes you want to take. Take a look at the list and you may feel confused. How would you decide which classes to take? Your decision is basically taken in 8 steps.

It is advisable to prepare a bit before you register for the classes you choose. Once you have decided which classes you want to enlist in, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your priority?
  • For what do you need to block time?
  • Do you want to take any class which is offered this semester only?
  • Do you need time for lab work or seminars?
  • How much travel time do you need?
  • What about your other commitments?

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The Schedule

Once you have your priority list, you are ready to build your schedule. It is better start this process at least a week before your enrollment.

  • Take your priority list first and block time for classes which are necessary.
  • Keep the list of courses offered handy to refer to if needed.
  • Note down everything on paper or in a word file.
  • Block out time for travel and other personal activities.
  • Don’t forget to mark out time for rest and relaxation.
  • Set aside time for home assignments and extra work.
  • Find out which courses are available and which ones have a wait list.
  • Then go down the list of courses you have chosen and fit them in as you go.
  • Resolve conflicts as they arise, by adding or dropping classes as you go.

Other Issues

Some other things to keep in mind are:

  • Have your schedule ready well in advance so that you can register as soon as enrolment begins.
  • Keep some time between classes for snack or coffee.
  • Do not depend too much on the wait list. Register for what is available even if it is second best.
  • Keep checking back on your wait list and chuck classes that you don’t want anymore.
  • Register and pay on time so that you are sure to get in.

Use Work Sheets

Make use of work sheets to make sure you reach everywhere on time.

Weekly Planner

Make a weekly planner ever Sunday or holiday to remind yourself of your commitments for the coming week. Print it out and carry it with you.

Semester Planner

Make a list of classes that you plan to take for the next semester or two and carry it with you when you go for your enrollment.

If you plan your course well, you will not waste time on planning while you are studying. You can concentrate on your work and have a stress free semester.

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TV Programs Schedule Template

Print media is an old story of communication world, and number of readers has also enormously decreased with the passage of time, as the technology started to take place of the classical writings and reading trends. With the advent of radio technology, the newspapers were given a set back and the next blow was given when the pictures along with the voice were telecasted for the first time in 19th century. Although it was not very common, but later in 20th century television or TV had taken most of the attention of the world, diverting them from newspapers and radio broadcasts. However, newspapers and radio broadcasts still have their importance till today.

TV has become an addiction to almost everyone in the world; and affects the lives of millions and billions of people all around the world. The media has become so fast that no news is surprise to anyone no matter in what nook of world they are; it just spreads within a blink of eye. The TV has become a proper industry and the broadcasting is considered a great business these days. TV is an entertainment, education, reporting and it won’t be wrong to say that, TV has now become the part of breakfasts and dinners of our everyday life. The TV industry has grown so big that, there are more things to broadcast on the TV than the hours in a day; which gave rise to a scheduling of such things, called as programs. Most of the programs are broadcasted once in a week, and this makes it a huge number; which becomes difficult for the viewers of TV to keep record of their favorite program(s). Also there is not just one channel, there are several channels broadcasting today, and hence the number of programs being telecasted also increases to an enormous number.

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Hence, a TV program schedule is made by each channel for its programs which are telecasted throughout the week for their viewers. TV programs schedule is designed in such a way that, the audience is never bored and the people must not lose their interest and should not be disappointed. So the TV program schedule is set in such a way that it is a mixture of entertainment, news, infotainment, and of course most importantly the sponsored ads, with which the channel is being run.

The more entertaining and fun is a TV schedule, more are the chances of getting audience’s interest and increasing number of viewers. No doubt about the fact that the quality of the programs being telecasted also matters to a great extent, but the scheduling is also important; because a schedule full of news is as useless as a schedule of continuous commercial ads, so it is a successful approach to present a mixture of all types of broadcasting, to keep the audience interested. Moreover, it is also considered feasible to put entertainment stuff in the evening times, as that is the time where the audience is in front of their TVs more likely. News on the other hand, is scheduled hourly or quarter hourly depending on the type of a channel. There are also entire channels for news or entertainment etc. which have their own schedules set up to deal with their kind of programs. No matter what type of channel it is or what type of programs are up in the broadcast list, the schedule should be mixture and surprising and not boring at all, because TV is an entertainment; and it MUST entertain the audience.

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Maintenance Schedule Template

As far as building maintenance goes, a good way to keep track of when and what work is required to be done is to prepare a schedule of tasks with tentative dates and other details included. Looking at this schedule or even pinning it up in your office will serve as a reminder of what needs to be done and you can prepare days or weeks in advance. You can also keep everyone involved, up-to-date.

Advantages of Maintenance Schedule:

The advantages of preparing a maintenance schedule are:

  • You can plan your agenda knowing that the maintenance task is coming up.
  • You can be prepared with all the required material and resources.
  • You can remind your contractors of the upcoming task and make sure they are available and prepared.
  • You can budget for the task well in advance.
  • Work goes smoothly with minimum glitches.
  • You can avoid emergencies by doing the job well in time.

Writing a maintenance schedule for a commercial building involves the following steps:

  • Inspection
  • Listing
  • Budgeting
  • Sorting into Long term Short term
  • Research
  • Information

Here is preview of a ready made Sample Maintenance Schedule Template that can help anyone in creating their own comprehensive Building Maintenance Schedules,

Building Inspection:

Conduct a thorough inspection of your building; if necessary call a professional inspector to do it. The inspector will identify all the faults in the constructions and places where repair or maintenance work is required. He will also submit a formal report on the result of his inspection.

Listing :

Based on the building inspector’s findings, make a list of all the work that is required to be done. Your list should include:

  • List of things to be done
  • People you need to contact for these jobs
  • The time estimate for each job
  • The actual times when the job will be done i.e. morning aftetnoon or evening with dates.
  • The budget estimate for each job.

Budgeting :

Prepare a tentative cost estimate based on your research for each job that you need done. Add 10% for things you may have overlooked or for any last minute changes. Note down the budget for each job on your list. Sum up the amount and add another 5% to the over all budget as a buffer.

You should ideally budget for this amount.


Sort your list based on priority keeping the most urgent tasks at the top and moving down to the least important ones. While sorting cross check that you have noted the details about the persons you need to contact for getting each job done.


Contact the people whose names you have noted for each job and get them to have a look at the building. Get a cost estimate and time frame from each. Then ask a few others or you can also research online. Many building administrators call for tenders and the work is allocated to the lowest bidder.

Once you finalize whom you will be retaining, prepare a final list with complete details including the cost and time estimates and a date and time schedule detailing when each job will be done and how much time it will take.

You may need to revise your budgets too.


Once your schedule is ready, circulate a copy to all the residents informing them of the upcoming work and the times when they may be inconvenienced such as when you will be cutting off the water supply or power so that they are forewarned.

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Production Schedule Template

Production schedule is not limited to a specific type of business because almost all types of businesses require production schedule. It is commonly considered that only film industry requires production schedule to manage different films but industrialized and other firms equally require this schedule to determine the available products and required numbers. Hospitals also use production schedule in the housekeeping department to properly schedule labor. Production schedule is also useful for publishers because they use it for the timely release of new publications. This schedule plays really important role in the management of specific documents and activities. It will help you to meet with the different needs of organizations without wasting your time and resources. People have different approach toward production schedules and usually follow some basic steps to accommodate every scenario.

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Tips to Design Production Schedule

Production schedule is necessary for the proper management of different activities and for your help I am sharing here some tips to design effective production schedule:

  • In first step, you have to identify different tasks that are necessary to complete during production. You can make list of production, pre-production and post-production activities. You can break different goals into individual goals with the estimation of time required for each stage.
  • You have to estimate available time required for the completion of each task. Confirm different locations according to your shooting and include all stages of production schedule. Estimation and duration of tasks will help you to estimate the number of staff required to complete your work.
  • Prepare a chart with different headings on the top like days, weeks and months. It will help you to chronologically list everything like different activities in the schedule. Write total duration of each task with starting and ending period.
  • If you are designing production schedule for film industry then do not forget to consult schedules of all actors to know about their availability because some actors are available for short period of time only. It will help you to avoid all conflicts regarding dates.
  • You can write about different stages of production, shooting and editing to manage your whole work uniformly. Write dates and time for each stage to avoid any misunderstanding. It will be good to write some important notes about the production to remember important points.
  • Organize a meeting with the important staff members such as directors, assistant directors, and other important persons before finalizing your production schedule. It will be good to make all necessary changes before taking printout.
  • You can include the details of different tasks and responsible persons associated to each task for your own convenience. It is good to consult production crew before finalizing anything because it will help you to know about all important activities.
  • After preparing your production schedule, distribute copies of schedule to each staff member to make sure his/her availability on right time. You have to keep your schedule flexible to make some adjustments in the schedule to overcome the absence of any staff member.

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Chinese Conception Calendar Template

Parents, particularly mother, is always curious about the gender if their babies. If not for any other reason than for the purpose to prepare the room and wardrobe of the baby according to the gender. In eastern countries like India, informing the gender of  the baby prior to birth is not legal. Although, there is no harm in just predicting the sex of the infant to be born. Chinese Conception Calendar is one of the most legendary things in this regard which was found deeply buried around 700 odd long years before in a regal tomb located around Beijing. AT today’s date the one and only Chinese conception calendar are safely kept in Beijing in the Institute of Science. There are also some individuals who believe that original chart which was found buried in a tomb around Peking is safe in the Museum of Science, Peking. In anyways it is difficult to consider that which one is the original chart . But the thing which is confirmed is that the Chinese calendar as per lunar pregnancy is a real thing to predict the sex of the baby before birth and that also with 90% truth.

There are individuals out there who are disbelieving about the matter and argue against the prediction theory. But this calendar says that there is a method to predict the gender with the help of some calculation. However the right understanding of this calendar has not been determined till now so one can use it as fun but believing on its prediction is risk and that is why it is not provided to pregnant women. The calendar has something to do with Chinese astrology, therefore understanding the basics is very important to explicate the chart.

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Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology
It is a known fact that zodiac signs in Chinese astrology are based on twelve animals that are rat, dragon, ox, snake, tiger, monkey, rabbit, horse, rooster goat, boar and dog. These signs symbolize particular years which are determined on the basis of a rotating cycle of 12 years. Chinese astrology works on lunar years and thus moon signs. However in western regions, the solar year  is common to follow but in Chinese it is not considered to be as correct as lunar year and lunar age. On the bases of these animal zodiac signs, one can relate it to his or her character analysis in a detailed way.

Forecasting the Gender of Baby:

In order to explicate the Chinese Conception Calendar, it is necessary to calculate the accurate lunar age of the pregnant women according to the following instructions.

If the date of birth is falling between 1st of January and 20th of February then the current age will be used in the calculation. If it is falling between 21st of February and 21st of December than a year will be added in the current age.

The next step is to determine the month in which the baby is conceived and that also will be according to month based on the lunar year.

After this practice one can obtain the chart from any of the reliable website and calculate according to the given instruction with chart to obtain the most probable prediction.

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Financial Statement Template

A financial statement is a business document that is prepared by the accountants and it indicates the key assets which the business owner owes. It is an important document that is created by a firm indicating the complete financial status of the organization transparently without any ambiguity. It is important because all the key investors which are interested to have shares or partnership with the organization or the company would like to know about the financial status of the company with whom they are putting in their money. This financial statement gives them a clear future picture for their investment.

The financial statements are not that much simple because they present the whole record and growth factors of the company in one shot so the understanding of the financial statement and its interpretation is little bit complex. The financial statements contain major elements and to understand the financial statements those key elements and their relationship with respect to the company should be clearly understood.

Here is preview of a Financial Statement Template created using MS Excel 2013,

The key elements that are included in the financial statement are detailed as;

  • Expenses:

These terms related the amount of the money that is annually spent by that organization on it various expenditures. This is the money which goes out of the company in the form of its employee’s salaries, purchase of services, products and other in house managerial expenses. All these are summed up over here as the expense money.

  • Revenues:

This is the income that comes into that organization as a result of its annual business deals and activities. This may also be regarded as the annual sale income of a company if it is an import export related firm.

  • Profits:

The annual profits that are made by that firm are given by calculating the difference between the expense and the revenues. This is going to give the status of the profits or the loss of the company at the present stage. It is important to note that the status of all the expenses, revenues and profits should be given by mentioning the due date till which the record has been updated because if the information given in the statement is not updated then it is useless for the investor.

  • The equity money:

It is the amount which belongs to the owner of that business. This actually tells that how much financially that business holder is strong enough to bear up some losses if encountered in the business.

  • The assets owned by the firm:

This relates all the information about the present assets and their status which are owned by the firm. This is going to help the investor to key evaluate the investment possibilities and their outcomes. These assets may be in terms of any sort of property which is under the business use and any sort of inventory present in the stock.

  • Liabilities:

It is defined as the sources which the company owes to other organizations like in the form of some debts, loans or some shares.

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Store Sales Tracking Template

Sales are the major source of revenue for any kind of business may it deal with tangible products or intangible products i.e. services. No matter how efficient one’s production and manufacturing strategies are, it has to generate sales to earn profit for its company. Sales is the primary source of generating revenue and indirect sources are marketing, manufacturing, production and other support activities. Businesses are nowadays much diversified and deal in various subheads so managing their sales and centralize them is a difficult task. Although many software is available for this purpose still an efficient human resource is mandatory to deal with this matter. Efficient sales personnel and sales managers deal with such kind of tracking store to store sales. Managers plot many schemes to effectively incorporate standards of the organization as well as enhance sales at the same time. If sales are managed properly, many revisions can also be made in the schemes. But if managed poorly they will result in damaged reputation for the company as well as reduced profitability.

Many a times businesses employ various professional techniques to track sales in various outlets. All the store owners have to send the record of sales to the head office of the company so that they can be accumulated at one place. But if head office wants to have this done by itself then more specialized labor force will need to be hired. Also more efficient software will need to be bought to have this work done. There are many complexities associate with this task of tracking store to store sales. Many times fraudulent activities by the store owners hinders the proper tracking. They employ various unusual practices to report sales that never occurred. Such fraudulent activities are very hard to be checked as they are made a part of the sales record like any other kind of sales entry. So to curb such kind of activities, managers have to be very vigilant while tracking store to store sales. Strict regulations and policies can be adopted to have this work done flawlessly.

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Download Store Sales Tracking Template

Tracking of store to store sales can be done through various techniques. Online software is available free of cost to ensure the proper disposal of such task. Also software can be bought from software houses according to one’s requirements. Software developers can keep the needs of companies in sight to come up with a proper software for tracking of store to store sales. It can get expensive especially if company has international operations and a diversified range of products. But these costs can be spread over huge customer base or huge network of branches. Ultimately this results in increased profitability as everything is under company’s control. By looking at the volume of sales at various locations, companies can also analyze various problems that might be existing in the marketing activities or the product design. This hence can improve the understanding of managers and help them devise diversified strategies to cater to the needs of customers from various backgrounds.

Calorie Intake Calculator Template

It’s not possible for someone to know everything and every little detail about something so that means he always finds out something new and learns it for the first time in his life. What is your reaction when you are sitting with your friends and suddenly someone starts a discussion on calories and you are like what the heck is a calorie? Calorie is a unit to measure the energy presented in a food item or natural product like fruits or vegetables. Our body needs a number of necessary vitamins and minerals on daily basis and calorie is one of them. An average person needs about 200-300 calories per day for staying healthy and when we exceed this limit, this essential need of our body alternately damages our lungs, heart and stomach by producing fat and variation in blood pressure. This means that one has to keep a calculation about the amount of calories he is taking. Before you eat a food, you need to know the amount of calories and energy it is containing so that you don’t exceed the necessary limit.

Without a calorie calculator we can’t have an idea of what we are eating and what it would do to our body and also if our body is capable of taking this kind of food or not. Patients who have a problem of heart, blood pressure and extra body fats are highly recommended by the doctors and physicians to calculate the calories of a food item before they eat it. This way a calorie intake calculator is like the essential part of their lives. If someone is no dieting means reducing his or her weight, he won’t risk his diet by eating a random food item or a diet conscious person only takes a few bites in the entire day. This way he can put his life in danger because as he leaves the food, he is not giving the essential proteins and vitamins to his body either but when he uses a calorie calculator he can eat how much he wants because now he knows that the food he is going to eat doesn’t contains too much calories.

This calculator makes it an easy process for us to measure the calories we are to take on daily basis and the actual calories the food items contain. This way it makes it possible to eat but still decrease out weight by eating less calorie foods more. As this is an essential part of eating process, it doesn’t cost anything. We can do it by our self at home. This calculator is so easy to use that we don’t need to go to a physician every time we decided to eat a new food and we can get the results within moments by simple calculations. This calculator makes it easy for us to estimate the weight we want to reduce and maintaining a diet plane which has fewer calories. With the help of this calculator you don’t need an extra work out to burn the calories because now you are taking only the necessary amount and there is nothing more than your body’s need that you need to waste.

Here is preview of  this Calorie Intake Caluculator Template,

Usage or a calorie intake calculator in our daily life:

  • Patients, who have a heart disease or blood pressure problem, use this calculator to measure the calories of their food to eat in just the right way.
  • Individuals, who want to reduce their weight, use this calculator to eat but still decrease their weight.
  • A health conscious person, who doesn’t want to get fat but love to eat, uses this calculator to measure the energy or calories of the food he is taking.
  • Doctors in medical facilities like hospitals or private clinics, use this calculator to prepare a food chart for their patients according to their body’s needs.

Gyms and personal instructors use this calculator to keep updating their clients about their weight and the extra pounds they have to reduce.

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