Calorie Burned Calculator Template

We hear people talking about the calories of a food and generally when two or women get together, they discuss how much calories each have burned and what they are eating to get lesser calories. What is a calorie and how does it affect a human’s life? A calorie is a unit of energy when we talk about human body and when we say that this food contains 50 calories; it refers to the amount of energy that our body will get from that food if we eat it. People always talk about the calories like they are pretty harmful for a human body but that’s not true at all. Our body needs a certain amount of calories to perform its daily processes and if we stop eating a calorie food, it means we are putting our body in danger. Excess of anything is bad either it’s a habit or usage of something and so is the calories. If we exceed the maximum need limit of our body while eating food full of calories, it may harm our body in form of extra fat and unusual blood pressure. That means we have to calculate the calories we eat to stay healthy and the calorie burned calculator is the best for this calculation.

If you have eaten too much or you just love the junk food, you have to do some exercise to get the extra calories out of your system. When we walk, jog or do pushups, our body releases sweat and burn the extra calories. At this point we need a calorie burned calculator to see if we have burned just the extra calories or more than the amount that was needed. Eating food and doing exercise to burn the calories, won’t keep you healthy because you are not providing the right amount of energy to your body. By the help of a calorie calculator, you just burn the right amount of extra energy.

The most important benefit of using a calorie burned calculator is that you have an exact knowledge of how much have you eaten and what amount of extra energy you have to burn. This way you don’t exercise too much which can result into dehydration and other hazards like lung problem or stomach cancer. As you have to work hard to burn the extra energy, next time you eat something you think for a while if it’s fits your body or has too much calories that you will be burning after taking it. This is a proved fact that less eating keep you healthy so when you keep in mind that in case of extra calories you have to work out, unconsciously you will eat less and that keep you safe from many diseases caused by over eating. Controlling you food and eating habits make you a better decision maker in general life.

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Usage of calorie burned calculator in daily life:

  • Individuals use this calculator to see how many calories have they lose.
  • Doctors use this calculator in medical facilities to make sure that the patient is burning just the extra calories not the necessary ones.
  • Gyms and private health instructors use this calculator to find a right exercise for their client so that he loses only the extra calories.
  • Preschools and schools use this calorie calculator to measure the amount the students have burned during the work out or game.

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Biweekly Timetable Template

Have you ever being caught forgotten something? Like absent on a very important seminar, missing out last date for payment of utility bills or failed to make it to personal commitments? Well we all are human beings and all these mistakes are among daily chores of our life but this however does not make room for ignorance or negligence in professional lives. A professional is always expected to be mature and disciplined on the same time.  Here, biweekly timetable aids limed human memory, remembering all tasks for the week so each activity can be efficiently executed and completed on time.

So, what are these Biweekly timetables? As the name suggests, they are timetables a person uses to effectively utilize his time without overlooking anything of his importance. Such timetables are usually planned for a week and are revised and updated twice a week. These biweekly timetable may contain reminders, notifications, important notes etc. that a person wishes not to forget. All these activities are planned on this biweekly timetable along with details of starting and ending time in them. A person is expected to revise his schedule for next three days in order not to miss out something and avoid making un-full fillable commitments.

These biweekly timetables are available in different forms. The advancements of electronics and computer technology have directly placed these timetables in our computers, laptops and mobile phones in the form of very easy to use and interactive applications. On the parallel, traditional dairies and writing pads are also employed for the same purpose. In case of unavailability of all of these, a person can very easily design his very own biweekly timetable. All that is required is a pen and paper. The paper may then be divided into seven equal parts, each labeled with a day of week and that’s it biweekly timetable is ready to use.

Biweekly timetables have numerous advantages. It increases memory when a person keeps on repeating and remembering things furthermore it helps a person to be disciplined. Being effectively managed, a person is able to set his further commitments with anyone and also be on time for those he made earlier.

Being kept by all, directors, managers, secretaries, officer’s etc. biweekly timetables today are very important necessity of a professional. Managers maintains them to be in touch with different transactions of their customers, directors maintain them for them for their official trips and business events they have to attend while secretaries maintain them to arrange different meetings for their bosses as well as reminding them of their scheduled tasks. Besides being cheap, compact and available in different forms these biweekly timetables are important aspect of professional lives.

To make sure biweekly timetables works effectively, a person has to make sure few things. Always write all scheduled confirmed meetings on your schedule, since they occupy the time slot, if unconfirmed it will waste precious time. Second, always consult your biweekly timetable before committing to any meeting or appointment. A clash among those will portray a very bad image. Lastly, don’t forget to revise your timetable and make suitable adjustments.

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Common Data Validation Chart

The process of checking and analyzing whether the provided data is correct and acceptable or need some changes is called data validation. It is also referred to as data vetting or data cleaning in IT field. This is a process which is held to check if the data fulfills the needs and specifications as provided before. We also refer to this process as the data comparison process in which the data is compared with other documents and provided facts and figures to see if it’s applicable or needs to be collected again. This process also determines the level of implementation up to which the data is valid and doesn’t need any changes. Organizations and businesses use automatic computer programs which check the data for errors and mistakes and when they found one, the computers inform the operators to make changes or correct the mistakes. Whether you are creating a business application or entertainment software, the verification of the data provides a professionalism look to the programming.

There are some concepts that need to explain before we move on to the types of data validation such as:

  • User interactivity screens and forms:
    some part of the application needs the user to enter some data like their name and DOB and this part is the most important part to validate in this data validation process. Any existing mistake at this point can cause the whole application to fail so it’s an essential part of the data validation process.
  • File manipulation routines:
    it includes the file related actions like reading from the file or writing on the file. As the data saved to the file is entered by a human and it’s not uncommon to enter wrong data by mistake so it’s very important to validate all the input data before implementing it to the file.
  • Import and export routines:
    when you want your application to save the data in different formats so that the other applications can open the file without any mistake or error, you need to validate the data at this point.

Some common data validation techniques are:

  1. 1.     Field level validation:
    in this technique, you provide the user with a list of options and ask him or her to select an option and enter its value so that it will be saved in the database which you can check later to see if there is any error or not.
  2. 2.     Form level validation:
    here the user is asked to enter different values for the list same as the above mentioned method but in this type, the data is not saved on every step but once the user is done with the whole form, it’s saved as a whole file which you can check after for the possible errors.
  3. 3.     Data saving validation:
    this validation method is used to actually save the data in the database once the user has finished entering into the form. This method is usually used in option screens and multiple data entry forms that all need to be filled out before the data is saved in the database. The user is free to go to any form without a certain pattern and at the end, he just needs to click on the “Save” or”Ok” button and the data will be immediately saved.

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Square Root Table

In schools and colleges, students always wonder “Why do I need to know square root calculation? Are square root have got any importance in the practical life? “

Square root calculation has also got its own importance in some real life applications and one of these important applications is a printed square root table. Every operation in the field of mathematics has got its inverse too. For addition, subtraction acts as an inverse. For multiplication, division acts as inverse. Same is the case with square root calculation, which acts as an inverse of squaring a number. Square root of a number in simple words is a value. When this value is multiplied by itself, it gives the number.

Square root calculation is done for a lot of purposes that include scientific computations, computer graphics and many other purposes like normal distribution in probability etc.

Here is preview of a Free Square Root Table created using MS Excel,

Let us explain these purposes individually to make you aware of the importance of square root calculation;

  • Use in Scientific Computations:

Square root calculation has got its importance when it comes to scientific computations as it helps in some scientific calculations like finding the value of an angle.

For example: Calculating the value of a trigonometric function like sin (pi/3) =31/2/2 etc is only possible by using square root.

It also helps in calculation of distance between two points.

For example: Suppose distance between points ‘x’, ’y’ and ‘y’, ‘z’ is known. To find distance between ‘y’ and ‘z’ you will need to calculate square root.

  • Use in Memory Utilization:

When it comes to data compression in order to reduce the size of data to utilize memory, square root always sounds beneficial. For example, in video compression or image compression that is performed to reduce the data size, image square root calculation is needed.

  • Use in Computer Graphics:

Square root calculation also has its role in computer graphics. Using square root helps in the creating the possibility to have a better resolution as well as pixels.

Printed square root tables have got their importance when it comes to finding the square root of a number by using a table. A printed square root table provides us a systematic way to calculate the square root of numbers from ranging from 1 to 100. Using a printed square root table helps in calculating the values of the numbers that are not present in the table. This can be done by using the technique of approximation on a square root table.

A printed square root table also helps us in calculating the square roots of even more larger numbers. For example; if you are willing to find out the square root of 2000, draw a square table along with it. Look in that table to find the square value closest to 2000, this value will be 2025. On the printed square root table, the approximate square root value of 2000 will be 45.

Now a day’s various websites on internet also provide their help to an individual, who want to create or use a printed square root table.

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Wedding Expenses Record Template

Download this good looking Wedding Expenses Record Template in MS Excel Format.

It is quite normal to celebrate marriage ceremony in the company of acquaintances, bosom buddies and loved ones as their participation gives the event its true color. After necessary rituals related to the marriage ceremony, a party goes along the festivity. This party, nevertheless, may take the form of a jamboree which accordingly can cost the marital life. Impress the people by your life long relationship with your partner instead of astounding them by the grandeur of wedding ceremony. If the wedding costs you more than that of your starter lodge, you are more likely to end up with your spouse very soon. So, it requires a careful planning that may preclude blowing up your budget. Here are some suggestions about what you should take into consideration while planning your marriage.

Do not exceed your budget limits. The important thing is to rein in your expenditures just in the beginning. If you spend a lot in the start the further expenses will become difficult to control. A Mini Cooper standing next to a Limo seems extra small in comparison. In the same way a huge amount being spent in the beginning will not let you bear in mind the effect of smaller expenses which when added together may knock your accounts down.

Make a carefully chosen guests’ list. Every extra invitee inflates the wedding cost. Try to keep the list as much down as you can by inviting only important persons. Here is preview of this Wedding Expenses Record Template created using MS Excel,

Most of the wedding dresses are a rip off. What is important is how much a dress suits you not how expensive it is. You don’t wear a dress with the price tag on it. Nobody is aware of the dress cost unless you tell them yourself. It is also a human psyche that people notice themselves more than they notice others and it has been experienced that only you remember what you have worn on a particular occasion while others forget it. Therefore, you need not to be extra conscious of others’ opinion about your dress. Sometimes a less costly dress provides your personality a marvelous glow. It may also be hired as for the reason that wedding costumes are tended to be worn on the wedding day, say, just for a single day. They are of no use for you in the later life, so, hiring a dress may be a good option to save your money.

Contrary to a set menu with open bar, a buffet along with specific drinks may help to bring down your food cost. Instead of booking a famous banquet hall in the center of the town, choosing an unusual and natural place like a vacation home along the river side or the garden of some historic mansion can prove helpful financially and will give a romantic touch to the ceremony.  It can also be a wedding cum honeymoon trip. Do not go for a limo, a party van instead can serve the purpose and book it as much earlier the wedding date as possible because the earlier the booking is the lesser the rent will be.

In order to dumbfound the guests some people go to boundless extremes. Don’t be mad, overcome your unleashed desires and let not your beautiful wedding turn into an appallingly bad experience.

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Printable Roman Numerals Chart Sample

Download this Printable Roman Numerals Chart Sample to help you in your day to day working.

Today we see the use of roman numerals in many of the text books, table of contents and other things but very few few people  know about its origination other than its being Roman invention. However the exact details have not been determined by anyone in the current period but one thing is clear that Etruscan were the first one to use them. It is said that Etruscan numerical system first came into being from Greek Attic system and later got enhanced into Roman Numerals Charts. The System of Roman Numerals is very easy to understand. It is based on the numerical digit of 10 so it is most probable that it was first started by getting counted on fingers.

As for the usage and importance of Roman Numerals Charts, it is not only wide spread in modern world but the utilization also date back to ancient times as well. Roman numerals charts were very commonly used till14th century. After that they got outdated by Hindu Arabic numerics in literally all the applications of economics and mathematics. Roman numerals Charts are still utilized today in various areas. Some of the examples regarding the importance and uses of Roman numeral charts in current era are listed below:

  • Titles of monarchs and elites, for example Elizabeth II of UK and Pope Benedict XVI. The Roman numerics used here are to indicate their ordinal. In Elizabeth II, “II” is used for “the second”. This practice started in Europe in Middle Ages.
  • It is also used as Generational suffixes for those people who carry the similar name throughout generations.
  • The production year of TV shows, films and various other work of art. According to a report by  BBC News, this practice is done to hide the original age of movies and TV shows.
  • Marks indicating the hours on a timepieces.
  • The construction year on the faces of buildings and cornerstones.
  • Index of books particularly the page numbers of prefaces, book volumes and chapter numberings.
  • Number indicating the sequels of films, video games etc. occurrences.
  • When a recurring big event are held yearly or regularly, for example: The Olympic games eg. XXI Olympics, The Super Bowl eg. Super Bowl XLVII, WrestleMania eg. WrestleMania XXV.
  • In the field of Chemistry, Roman numerals charts are mostly utilized to indicate the different groups from periodic table. They are also used for oxidation numbers of cations that has the capability to take various positive charges. There are also many other uses of  Roman numerics in the discipline of Chemistry.
  • In seismology of earthquake, Roman numerics are utilized to assign degrees of Mercalli Intensity Scale.
  • In the field of music, Roman numerics are used to identify diatonic functions.
  • In field of  photography, zero of the Roman numerals are utilized to indicate changing brightness levels while working with the Zone system.

All in all, the use of this ancient Roman numerics have never ceased in ancient or current eras. Roman Numeral Charts are the best way to understand the system and reading of this numeric system and can be viewed on any of the many reliable websites for better understanding.

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Banquet Hall Reservation Sheet Template

A banquet hall proprietor and event organizer should be on exactly the same web page when preparing an event. To guarantee the event is effective and problem-free, there are a couple of essential particulars that you should know and supply to reserve a location. Excel spreadsheets are PC paperwork that show an area of columns as well as rows so you can certainly show info such as a work routine or calendar. If you work in a cafe or perhaps a resort, these spreadsheets might be utilized for reservations. Creating a spread sheet for reservations is pretty simple, as lengthy as you believe via everything that you are going to require and double-check your details and figures.

1.     Day

1 of the very first issues a banquet hall proprietor will require to know is the specified day for the event. It is essential to have a minimum of two feasible dates for your event in situation there are scheduling conflicts with the banquet hall.

2.     Visitor Rely

A banquet hall reservation should include the visitor rely. The banquet hall proprietor can be ticketed by the city when the quantity of individuals in the event exceeds the quantity permitted by the building’s hearth code.

3.     Catering

Whether or not you are employing your personal party caterer or using the banquet hall’s specified caterer, you should consist of details about your food-related ideas and desires on the reservation.

4.     Enjoyment

If you want grooving or enjoyment in the event, you should particularly ask for dance flooring or phase on the reservation type. There’ll most likely be an extra charge for these attributes.

5.     Deposit

To book the hall, you should location a deposit (generally non-refundable) to maintain the day.
Other Concerns

In numerous instances, you will be needed to employ safety along with a cleanup crew, or spend an extra charge for these solutions.


1.    Established up the column and row titles, for occasion, if you are performing reservations by the working day for a resort, you could have the column titles be the dates, and also the row titles be the space figures.

2.    If you are a cafe that requires bookings by the hour, you will make the column titles the quantity of tables and also the row headings the time by the hour.

3.    Fill in the booking info as required. As soon as you have the columns and rows established up, fill in the suitable info for the bookings exactly where the 2 intersect.

4.    In the next instance, say you have a desk reservation from 7 p.m. in order to 9 p.m. for a Mr. Cruz. Pack out all of the reservation places from the 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. slot with the title Cruz.

5.    Produce new reservation sheets as required. For a resort booking sheet, you can have per month of reservations, however the cafe most likely would want a brand new sheet each evening or a minimum of a brand new sheet every 7 days.

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Badminton Tournament Schedule Template

Making attracts is a tough and tiresome procedure, which demands each manpower and time. Do not believe you will lay everything out and be carried out with it in an hour or so. Of program, the dimensions of your tournament will dictate just how long it’ll consider producing the brackets. Just keep in mind to double-check everything, purchase up some pizza, and be ready to perform some work.

Bracket Fundamentals:

This segment will familiarize you with the fashion and structure of tournament brackets to give you a basis to work from. Brackets are established up to assist figure out a winner out of a bunch of individuals. It is not usually probably the most comprehensive indicates, but is probably the most time-efficient way to figure out a winner.

Beneath are the 3 primary bracket formats:

Consolation: Probably the most well-liked of the 3, consolation fashion ensures gamers a minimum of two video games prior to becoming eradicated. There’ll be a primary bracket along with a consolation bracket. At first, all gamers or groups will begin in the primary bracket, with the consolation group totally vacant. Following the very first spherical of matches, each dropping group will instantly go into the consolation bracket.

Single-elimination: A few competitions will undertake this fashion when confronted with time or courtroom area constraints. Single-elimination competitions have nearly fifty percent the quantity of matches as convenience tournaments; therefore it is perfect for smaller sized fitness centers. Single-elimination is actually straight-forward in that the group will carry on to performing till it loses.

Round-robin: Extremely seldom will a tournament use this structure, simply because it is therefore time-consuming. Round-robin features every group perform each other group in exactly the same flight and event. For instance, if there are 5 women’s singles groups in a flight, every group will perform 4 occasions (as soon as towards every of another groups). Tournaments will undertake this structure provided that a particular airline flight in an event has 5 groups or less.

Collecting Sources

Prior to the mayhem can start, you should make certain you have all the required sources to end this job in a well-timed method. Beneath is a checklist of issues you will require to maintain in thoughts when heading into bracket working day:

Tournament Dimension: Initial you will require seeing the number of entries you have for the whole tournament. This implies you will require each participant collaborating in every event you are providing.

Volunteers: As talked about over, make use of the 20-to-1 team-to-volunteer ratio as a place to begin.

Area: The quantity of area you will require is dependent on the number of volunteers you have, which is in the end determined by how big your tournament is.

Supplies: To create the working day go easily, you will require having all your supplies prepared to go. Here’s a checklist to go by:

Match playing cards: Answering out match playing cards forward of time will conserve you a bunch of time arrive tournament working day. Fill out only recognized info, like first-round matches and match figures.

Grasp list for entries: The list with each participant, as nicely as lists for every bracket, ought to be printed out for simple reference.

Invitations: Writing items and paper are essential.

Here is preview of this Badminton Tournament Schedule Template created using MS Excel,

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Cost of Goods Sold Sheet Template

Cost of goods sold is amount paid by Merchandising Corporation for the merchandise sold during an agreed period of time. It is prepared on monthly basis on the completion of accounting cycle to calculate cost of goods sold and gross profit of the company. This is the price at which the goods were purchased and direct cost associated by bringing them to the sales room and completing the sale. Cost of goods sold is important to include in the balance sheet and its actual calculation is based on the manufacturing status of the company either the company is producing single product or multiple products. Cost of goods sold sheet will help you to report and analyze sales of the company of all sizes. It is important part of general ledger and helps you to calculate important things like break-even point.

Formula to Calculate Cost of Goods Sold

Cost of goods sold is an important part of business accounting therefore it is important to prepare this sheet on time. Following formula will help you to calculate cost of goods sold:

Beginning Inventory + Inventory Purchased – End Inventory = Cost of Goods Sold

Here is preview of this Free Cost of Goods Sold Sheet Template created using MS Excel,

Tips to Design Cost of Goods Sold sheet

Cost of goods sold sheet is an important part of whole accounting cycle and following tips will help you to design cost of goods sold sheet:

  • Get amount of beginning inventory for the month you are calculating the cost of goods sold. This will be the ending inventory of previous month so you can take it from the balance sheet of last month.
  • Calculate total cost of direct material purchased during the month and add this number in the beginning inventory number. This will be the cost of material used in the production of your product. Do not include amount of office supplies because it will be taken in the indirect expenses.
  • It is time to add cost of direct labor used during this month in the manufacturing of goods. Direct labor will be the wages of workers who run manufacturing equipment and provide direct supervision. Wages paid, taxes of employer including social security and benefits paid by the company for employees will be calculated to get direct labor cost.
  • Subtotal of the beginning inventory will be added in the cost of direct materials purchased, plus cost of direct labor. You will get a number for the total goods available for sale during month.
  • Value of ending inventory will be subtracted from the total cost available for sale during month. You will get a number called cost of goods sold for this month. This cost is calculated by including direct cost of goods manufactured.
  • If multiple products are manufactured by your company then you have to calculate individual cost by product. After this multiply each individual cost with total sale of the each product of the month and after getting total sales of each product, add them together and get total cost of goods sold.

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Body Growth Chart

Growth charts work with percentile ratings to evaluate an infants, kid’s or teenager’s height-for-age as well as weight-for-age with other people of exactly the same age and sexual category. Regular growth charts for these 2 to 20 years previous plotted peak and excess weight individually, ensuing in 2 percentile ratings. Babies from beginning to Three years have a particular chart that analyzes length-for-age, weight-for-age as well as weight-for-length with infants of exactly the same age and sexual category. The Body mass index growth chart measures up just one body size index rating, which is determined from a kid’s or teen’s peak and excess weight measurements.

Standard Growth Chart

  1. Weigh your kid in lbs. or kgs on a correct rest room scale. If you have a toddler, weigh yourself on your own and after that weigh you’re self-keeping your infant. Subtract the smaller sized quantity from the bigger quantity to have your baby’s excess weight. Document the quantity.
  2. Actions your child’s peak, or stature, in inches tall or cm by getting him stand without shoes with his back again towards a wall, frivolously tag the wall with a pencil in the top of his head. If you have a toddler, lay her down on a sizable piece of paper or other surface area that you can frivolously mark.
  3. Create a pencil mark in the crown of her head and in the heel of 1 carefully, totally prolonged leg. Make use of the measuring tape to obtain the kid’s peak or even the baby’s size. Document the quantity.
  4. Find the chart for your kid’s gender and time. Girls and boys of all ages have independent charts. Every chart consists of 1 region to mark the kid’s height-for-age and an additional to mark his weight-for-age.
  5. Plot your kid’s excess weight on the part of the chart labeled for excess weight by doing a trace for your finger up from his time in the base of the chart to his excess weight outlined on the aspect of the chart.
BMI Percentile Chart
  1. Evaluate your kid’s peak in inches and his excess weight in lbs. Document the figures.
  2. Determine his BMI rating by dividing his excess weight in lbs. by his peak in inches squared. Multiply the end result by a conversion aspect of 703. For instance, if your son is fifty one inches tall and weighs fifty five lbs., using the calculation (fifty five / (fifty one x fifty one)) x 703, his BMI rating would be 18.9.
  3. Make use of the BMI age-growth graph that matches to your kid’s gender to discover his percentile. A 7-year-old child with a Body mass index of 14.9 could be just over the twenty fifth percentile for his age team.
  4. Read the Body mass index rating. In this kid’s situation, twenty five % of boys his age have exactly the same or much less body fat than he does, whilst seventy five % have much more.
  5. BMI percentiles are additional classified: scoring beneath the fifth percentile is regarded as underweight; scoring in between the fifth and eighty fifth percentiles is regarded as a wholesome excess weight, whilst scoring in between the eighty fifth and ninety fifth percentiles is regarded as obese. Scoring over the ninety fifth percentile is classified as overweight.

Here is preview of this important Body Growth Chart,

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