Home Inventory Sheet Template

Home inventory sheet is an important document as it will help you to identify and report all items that are destroyed by fire or burglarized. In the absence of home inventory sheet you will not be able to replace these items. It will help you to file insurance claim against each destroyed product of your house. Insurance companies often advice their customers to design a home inventory sheet to cover your home in case of fire or invasion. Home inventory is a long list that contains details of valuables in each room of your house and amount of these valuables. It will prove helpful at the time of insurance claim and will strengthen your case. You can get benefits of tax-deductible items also with the use of home inventory sheet.

Home Inventory Sheet

Home inventory sheet is an important document therefore it is important to design it on first priority before creating any problem. Here is a preview of a Freely Available Home Inventory Sheet Template created using MS Excel,

You have to consider following points while designing home inventory sheet:

Living Room

Start your work with the living room because it is the place where more previous items are available. It is also known as family room so start with this room and simply cover all types of items like couches, chairs, bookshelves, wall shelving, books, television, stereo equipment, additional games, rugs and DVD films. Do not forget to write the amount of each item, with purchase price and purchase year.

Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry

Bathroom, kitchen and laundry usually contain different electrical appliances so do not forget to cover this place. Bathroom contains washing machines, drying machines, linens etc. Write all of them in a separate section you have designed with the name of bathroom. Kitchen section contains appliances, books, dishes, dryers, linens, ironing board, dishwasher, pans, pots, stove, glassware, freezer, crystal utensils etc. It is your responsibility to write details of all items with their purchase price and date of purchase.


Office contains books, bookcases, files, cabinets, chairs, couches, fireplaces, lamps, computers, printers and different other office equipments. You have to write name of everything with actual purchase price and date of purchase.


Bedroom include lots of things like furniture, rugs, lamps, tables and different smaller things like jewelry, watches and different other valuables. You can include everything in the home inventory list but design separate section for each category and write actual value of item with date of purchase.

Dining Room

Dining room is an important part of the house so does not forget to include dining room set in the home inventory checklist. Include all types of dining table set like crystal dining sets, silverware, wall shelving and table linens. Include quantity of each item, year of purchase and cost per piece.

Garage, Attic or Basement

You cannot ignore garage, attic or basement while preparing home inventory sheet because almost every house has them to store important equipment. Include your car, its model, year of purchase and purchase price in the list. It is time to write detail of all equipment you have stored in your garage. Lawn furniture, garden equipment, tools and other storage tools will be included in the home inventory sheet.

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Tennis Tournament Schedule Template

In every era, people have involved themselves in sports in order to drain their stress and tensions in a constructive way. Some people like to involve physically in these sports and some are obsessed with the tournaments, and events which held on regular bases.

Among all these sports, tennis is one which is strenuous physically but very simple rules are connected to it so anyone can play it who can technically hold a racquet as racquet and a ball is basic instruments of this game.  Tennis is the game which people normally play single handedly against single contestant or among two groups of two contestants each doubles. Each contestant utilizes a racquet which is twined with cords to strike a ball which is made up of hollow rubber . The scoring of the game depends   on the way the contestant play a ball so the opponent is unble to return it in good way.

Here is preview of this free Tennis Tournament Schedule Template created using MS Excel,

Today Tennis has become a world famous sport. It is played in olympics and numeorus tennis tournamenst shedules the year on regular bases. People of every age and society keep some interest in this sport but there are also those fans who devote all their time to each and every game when they see the tennis tournament schedule coming in a year.

These tournaments are usually organized and managed by number of players. Some of the famous tennis tournament schedules which come in the years are men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, and women’s doubles. In double’s tournament two players play the sport at each side of net. Tennis tournament schedules  are sometimes made for group of people of particylar age. Upper age limits means for youth while lower age limit means for senior players. Orange Bowl and Les Petits are examples of junior tennis tournament schedules . There are tennis tournament shedules  for disable players as well. Wheelchair tennis and deaf tennis are the examples.

In a report (1950) by Associated press, Bill Tilded was nominated as the world’s greatest player for the era of 20th century’s first half. At the current era tennis fans are crazy about Roger Federe as hes is considered as a complete player of modern tennis. With his grace and extraordinary skills in tennis, he has achieved 17 grand slam winning tropies. He is the male player who has the record of achieving this title for most times.

Females are not behind in the field of tennis from male players and there re many who have created the history ib this area as well. Martina Navratilova is ne of them. Tennis magazine has chosen Martina Navratilova as greatest female tennis player of the years from 1965 to 2005. The historian and one of the biggest journalist of tennis Bud Collins has titled Navratilova “arguably, the greatest player of all time.”while Jean King stated in 2006 about Navratilova that, “She’s the greatest singles, doubles and mixed doubles player who’s ever lived.” these are the words which are rarely achieved by any celebrity on the face of earth.

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Periodic Table

Science began with four basic elements namely Earth, Air, Fire and Water but with the progress leading to discovery of new elements scientists felt the need of a table or chart listing all the known elements in specific order according to their similar properties. They named this chart of elements as Periodic table.

Antoine Lavoisier was the first one to arrange the discovered elements in groups of metals, non-metals, gases and liquids, but scientists were not satisfied with this arrangement and this dissatisfaction lead to the Johann Wolfgang’s Law of triads in which he arranged similar elements in groups of three. Later on the discovery of atomic and mass numbers of elements lead to the new arrangement of elements on the basis of their mass numbers proposed by Russian chemist Mendeleev. Mendeleev arranged elements in rows and columns in ascending order of their mass numbers and left space for undiscovered elements. But Mendeleev’s periodic table had many flaws in it. In spite it was a revolution in field of chemistry but it had small flaws like it could not explain isotopes because of their varied mass numbers from the original element. Later on Mosley proposed the now known as modern periodic table on the basis of ascending order atomic number of elements. This arrangement perfectly arranged all the elements in rows and columns. Every row also known as a period starts with the filling of electrons in the new shell of an element while a vertical column known as a group has elements with similar outer electronic configuration. Modern periodic table has also been divided into four blocks namely s, p, d, and f. These groups are formed in order of the outer electronic configuration of elements.

First two groups of periodic table make up the s block , the middle ten groups make up the d block, while the last six groups form the p block while the two rows of elements placed separately, are after the elements actinium and lanthanum are known as lanthanides and actinides make up the f group. Mosley’s periodic table consists of seven periods and eighteen groups. There are small periods with two elements and longest with thirty-two elements whereas last period is incomplete with vacancy for new elements yet to be discovered. The sixth and seventh period include lanthanides and actinides which make up the f block of the periodic table. The eighteen groups arranged as 1 to 18 according to American system. Each group has specific elements with similar properties. The groups extend from first group of Alkali metals to the eighteenth group also known as zero group comprising of inert or noble gases. The elements of groups 1, 2, 13, 14, 15, 16 and seventeen are known as representative elements. The elements of groups 3 to 12 are known as transition elements and actinides and lanthanides are known as inner transition elements and they are also member of group 3. All elements in a group have similar chemical and physical properties because they have similar electronic configurations.

Here is preview of this Periodic Table created using MS Excel,


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Multiplication Table

Mathematics has always been a very interesting subject since the beginning of human life; where the early humans used sticks and stones to count and calculate; proceeded to the fingers and then the lines on the fingers; which in turn gave rise to writing and other concepts and this have lead us to the modern age of such great advancements in the field of mathematics.

Multiplication is a well know function of mathematical field, which is an advanced form of addition; where you add a specific number into itself, the number of times it is indicated; called the multiplication. A multiplication table is a very important component for learning the basics and is usually the younger students are referred to study this table for better understanding and faster calculation. Multiplication table is also sometimes referred to as “Times Table”. Its nature being N×N, where N can be any number, gives it an unstoppable form, which means that there, can be a table of 0 to 10 as well 0 to 100 and may be from 0 to may be any number of zeros written with 1. The multiplication table states the products (product is the answer of multiplication of two numbers) in a systematic form, easy to recognize and use.

Here is a Sample Multiplication Table created using MS Excel,

excel multiplication table

Multiplication table has a few features which include its basic terminology. This table has numbers written in a square, which means it has equal number of blocks along its length and height. There are rows and columns in a table, the lines which are horizontal are called rows and the ones which are vertical are known as columns. So a multiplication table will have equal number of rows and columns (if it is an N×N table). The blocks with in the table other than, the top row and left most column, will all have products of the numbers along the top row and the left most column; written in them. A few of the uses of times table or multiplication table are specified as follows:

  • It is taught to almost all elementary students for learning the basic multiplication function.
  • The product of two numbers can be found, by cross referring the two numbers in the top row and left most column; where these two will meet, that block will have the product of the two numbers. You can consider any number in the top row or left most column as per your choice. For example, if you have 6×3, you can look up either 6 or 3 in the top row and the same goes for the left most column; either way the product you will get will be 18.
  • The diagonal in the table starting from the 0 side will contain all the squares of the numbers written in top row and the left most column, up to the Nth number in the table. It will have numbers 0, 2, 4, 9, 16, 25 in the diagonal if you have table where N=5. So you can also use the times table to find the squares of a number.

The multiplication table has a fundamental role in the base building concepts of the students. It helps a lot to undergo the basics and provides a faster learning technique to the students.

Here is download link for this Sample Multiplication Table Created using MS Excel,

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