Wedding Expenses Record Template

Download this good looking Wedding Expenses Record Template in MS Excel Format.

It is quite normal to celebrate marriage ceremony in the company of acquaintances, bosom buddies and loved ones as their participation gives the event its true color. After necessary rituals related to the marriage ceremony, a party goes along the festivity. This party, nevertheless, may take the form of a jamboree which accordingly can cost the marital life. Impress the people by your life long relationship with your partner instead of astounding them by the grandeur of wedding ceremony. If the wedding costs you more than that of your starter lodge, you are more likely to end up with your spouse very soon. So, it requires a careful planning that may preclude blowing up your budget. Here are some suggestions about what you should take into consideration while planning your marriage.

Do not exceed your budget limits. The important thing is to rein in your expenditures just in the beginning. If you spend a lot in the start the further expenses will become difficult to control. A Mini Cooper standing next to a Limo seems extra small in comparison. In the same way a huge amount being spent in the beginning will not let you bear in mind the effect of smaller expenses which when added together may knock your accounts down.

Make a carefully chosen guests’ list. Every extra invitee inflates the wedding cost. Try to keep the list as much down as you can by inviting only important persons. Here is preview of this Wedding Expenses Record Template created using MS Excel,

Most of the wedding dresses are a rip off. What is important is how much a dress suits you not how expensive it is. You don’t wear a dress with the price tag on it. Nobody is aware of the dress cost unless you tell them yourself. It is also a human psyche that people notice themselves more than they notice others and it has been experienced that only you remember what you have worn on a particular occasion while others forget it. Therefore, you need not to be extra conscious of others’ opinion about your dress. Sometimes a less costly dress provides your personality a marvelous glow. It may also be hired as for the reason that wedding costumes are tended to be worn on the wedding day, say, just for a single day. They are of no use for you in the later life, so, hiring a dress may be a good option to save your money.

Contrary to a set menu with open bar, a buffet along with specific drinks may help to bring down your food cost. Instead of booking a famous banquet hall in the center of the town, choosing an unusual and natural place like a vacation home along the river side or the garden of some historic mansion can prove helpful financially and will give a romantic touch to the ceremony.  It can also be a wedding cum honeymoon trip. Do not go for a limo, a party van instead can serve the purpose and book it as much earlier the wedding date as possible because the earlier the booking is the lesser the rent will be.

In order to dumbfound the guests some people go to boundless extremes. Don’t be mad, overcome your unleashed desires and let not your beautiful wedding turn into an appallingly bad experience.

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