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Today we see the use of roman numerals in many of the text books, table of contents and other things but very few few people  know about its origination other than its being Roman invention. However the exact details have not been determined by anyone in the current period but one thing is clear that Etruscan were the first one to use them. It is said that Etruscan numerical system first came into being from Greek Attic system and later got enhanced into Roman Numerals Charts. The System of Roman Numerals is very easy to understand. It is based on the numerical digit of 10 so it is most probable that it was first started by getting counted on fingers.

As for the usage and importance of Roman Numerals Charts, it is not only wide spread in modern world but the utilization also date back to ancient times as well. Roman numerals charts were very commonly used till14th century. After that they got outdated by Hindu Arabic numerics in literally all the applications of economics and mathematics. Roman numerals Charts are still utilized today in various areas. Some of the examples regarding the importance and uses of Roman numeral charts in current era are listed below:

  • Titles of monarchs and elites, for example Elizabeth II of UK and Pope Benedict XVI. The Roman numerics used here are to indicate their ordinal. In Elizabeth II, “II” is used for “the second”. This practice started in Europe in Middle Ages.
  • It is also used as Generational suffixes for those people who carry the similar name throughout generations.
  • The production year of TV shows, films and various other work of art. According to a report by  BBC News, this practice is done to hide the original age of movies and TV shows.
  • Marks indicating the hours on a timepieces.
  • The construction year on the faces of buildings and cornerstones.
  • Index of books particularly the page numbers of prefaces, book volumes and chapter numberings.
  • Number indicating the sequels of films, video games etc. occurrences.
  • When a recurring big event are held yearly or regularly, for example: The Olympic games eg. XXI Olympics, The Super Bowl eg. Super Bowl XLVII, WrestleMania eg. WrestleMania XXV.
  • In the field of Chemistry, Roman numerals charts are mostly utilized to indicate the different groups from periodic table. They are also used for oxidation numbers of cations that has the capability to take various positive charges. There are also many other uses of  Roman numerics in the discipline of Chemistry.
  • In seismology of earthquake, Roman numerics are utilized to assign degrees of Mercalli Intensity Scale.
  • In the field of music, Roman numerics are used to identify diatonic functions.
  • In field of  photography, zero of the Roman numerals are utilized to indicate changing brightness levels while working with the Zone system.

All in all, the use of this ancient Roman numerics have never ceased in ancient or current eras. Roman Numeral Charts are the best way to understand the system and reading of this numeric system and can be viewed on any of the many reliable websites for better understanding.

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