Multiplication Table

Mathematics has always been a very interesting subject since the beginning of human life; where the early humans used sticks and stones to count and calculate; proceeded to the fingers and then the lines on the fingers; which in turn gave rise to writing and other concepts and this have lead us to the modern age of such great advancements in the field of mathematics.

Multiplication is a well know function of mathematical field, which is an advanced form of addition; where you add a specific number into itself, the number of times it is indicated; called the multiplication. A multiplication table is a very important component for learning the basics and is usually the younger students are referred to study this table for better understanding and faster calculation. Multiplication table is also sometimes referred to as “Times Table”. Its nature being N×N, where N can be any number, gives it an unstoppable form, which means that there, can be a table of 0 to 10 as well 0 to 100 and may be from 0 to may be any number of zeros written with 1. The multiplication table states the products (product is the answer of multiplication of two numbers) in a systematic form, easy to recognize and use.

Here is a Sample Multiplication Table created using MS Excel,

excel multiplication table

Multiplication table has a few features which include its basic terminology. This table has numbers written in a square, which means it has equal number of blocks along its length and height. There are rows and columns in a table, the lines which are horizontal are called rows and the ones which are vertical are known as columns. So a multiplication table will have equal number of rows and columns (if it is an N×N table). The blocks with in the table other than, the top row and left most column, will all have products of the numbers along the top row and the left most column; written in them. A few of the uses of times table or multiplication table are specified as follows:

  • It is taught to almost all elementary students for learning the basic multiplication function.
  • The product of two numbers can be found, by cross referring the two numbers in the top row and left most column; where these two will meet, that block will have the product of the two numbers. You can consider any number in the top row or left most column as per your choice. For example, if you have 6×3, you can look up either 6 or 3 in the top row and the same goes for the left most column; either way the product you will get will be 18.
  • The diagonal in the table starting from the 0 side will contain all the squares of the numbers written in top row and the left most column, up to the Nth number in the table. It will have numbers 0, 2, 4, 9, 16, 25 in the diagonal if you have table where N=5. So you can also use the times table to find the squares of a number.

The multiplication table has a fundamental role in the base building concepts of the students. It helps a lot to undergo the basics and provides a faster learning technique to the students.

Here is download link for this Sample Multiplication Table Created using MS Excel,