Monthly Attendance Report Template

Monthly attendance reports are used by schools to track the attendance of students according to the rules and regulations of school. It is most important part of classroom life and all teachers are responsible to take attendance of their class at the beginning of each lesson. Monthly attendance reports contains information of students, details of days present and absent, notations regarding absences like excused or unexcused. Monthly attendance report is important to prepare because it often becomes the part of student’s grading and parents are usually notified on the frequent absentees of student.

Importance of Monthly Attendance Reports

Monthly attendance report will help you to record absence of all students on daily basis. It will prove really helpful in the preparation of individual attendance reports of students by extracting details of absent days and reasons of absentees. Monthly attendance reports are usually designed by considering attendance policy of schools. Monthly attendance reports help you to take important decisions for the benefits of schools and let you to report permanently absent students to their parents or guardians.

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Monthly attendance sheet will help you to find out attendance rate in the average percentage of school attendance in a particular year. This report is used by department of education to compute the attendance rate and this information will help you to evaluate effectiveness of your education system and policies of your school to increase the attendance rate of students.

Tips to Design Monthly Attendance Report

Monthly attendance report is an important document not only for students but for school also therefore it is important to include complete contents in this document according to your own requirements. Following are some tips that will help you to design monthly attendance report:

  • Divide your monthly attendance report in different rows and columns to include different details in it. You have to write the name of student, classroom number and the name of course at the top of the page. It will help data entry person to enter accurate record for each student.
  • Write name of students in the wide column and use alphabetical order to do this. Write first, middle and last name of students like Vaneeza Smith or Brack T. Taylor.
  • Write name of month and date for which you are taking attendance and write date in the small boxes across the top of the sheet. It will be good to write initials for the each day of week at the top of each date. This will make your work really easy and you can simply find any particular attendance record for a particular student.
  • In order to record attendance, you have to find current date and place. Use check mark or “P” for present student and “X or A” for absent students adjacent to the name of each student. You can leave absent boxes empty for few hours to confirm the reason of leave.
  • It is important to carefully record attendance because some school has policy to increase the rating or scores of students on the basis of attendance report.

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