Wedding Checklist

The most important and excited day of a person’s life is his or her wedding day and the same day is also very important for other people too such as their parents, friends and relatives. A wedding is a social occasion which only completes when all the persons that matter in your life are invited in the ceremony to share the joyful moments with you. In a wedding it’s not just about the incoming guests, but there are a number of others factors too that matter a lot such as wedding dresses, flower decorations, centre pieces, cake, wine and food items. In a wedding there are some other functions that you invite guests too such as bridal shower, mehndi or walima which require different kinds of arrangements like in bridal shower, you only invite females and every function has different kind of arrangements too. The amount of work in a wedding ceremony is so big that no matter how much you want to remember, you will always forget something. This is why you have to keep a track of everything you do or buy.

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In order to remember each and every detail in a wedding, you need to arrange for a wedding checklist. This is like a to-do-list in which you enlist the important things or stuff to do and when you finish that thing or arrange for that item, you put a check mark on that item for the later. There are many methods to create a checklist such as you can make it in MS word, excel or by hand on a simple paper. You can either create a joint list in which you put all the necessary items or tasks for every function or you can make separate checklists for each function or item types. For example if you want to make a checklist for food items for all the functions, this is a joint food items checklist. This list helps you to arrange for every item or task one by one according to their priorities. There are many websites that facilitate the visitors with the readymade checklists in which you just have to pick the items and enter the number of guests you have invited along with the money you have in your hand for the wedding, and the website automatically provides a checklist according to your needs and financial conditions.

A wedding checklist is like the most important item in a wedding which tells you what to buy and when to buy. This way you make sure that you have only planned for the most necessary items or tasks and there is nothing irrelevant in the shopping. This checklist helps a lot when you have to plan the wedding in lower budget or lesser finances and it’s very important to only buy the essential items. You can make this list anytime before the wedding i.e. one week or even three months. This checklist also takes a lot from you head too as with this list, you don’t have to try so hard to remember everything or each item. Also it’s very possible that you will buy something that you have already bought because you can’t remember everything. With the help of this checklist, you put a check mark whenever you buy an item or some services.

Tips to create a wedding checklist:

  • Before starting the actual planning, you need to pick a wedding date. You can choose a date in your favorite month or in your favorite season like winter or autumn.
  • Check for the money you have in your hand for the wedding and then set a wedding budget limit. This will help you to create a checklist which will allow you to buy only the important stuff.
  • You should divide your budget into several parts in order to allocate finances for each function or event.
  • You can also make more than one checklists in order to make different persons responsible for each function or event in your family for example you ask you brother to look for the rehearsal dinner or nominate your sister for the bridal shower. This way each one has different tasks with separate checklists.
  • Put the number of guests you want to invite for each event and if those numbers are different, it’s not uncommon.
  • Always put the quantity of each item on the checklist so that you  have an exact idea about what to buy and how much to buy.

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