Student GPA Calculator Template

GPA or a grade point average is a process by which your school, college or university calculates your overall performance in an exam. Some institutions have a scale of GPA from 0 to 4.0 and other have 0 to 5.0 which mainly based upon the rules and laws of the local government and educational department there.  You get a GPA based on the grades that you earn in each class throughout the semester. At the end of each educational year, the institution also calculates your cumulative GPA which is the sum of all the previous acquired GPAs. Once you have passed your high school and want to apply for a college, the one thing that matters the most is your GPA. That college is going to access you by the GPA you earned and nobody will care if you are hardworking or very intelligent, if it is lower than the average, you won’t be to go to that college whether your GPA is lower because of you or you had a health problem during the exam. GPA calculator helps one to find his GPA and realize if he has to study more to improve or he is doing great and will get admission in a college after the high school.

Calculating your GPA throughout the study year is a very essential part of the education. Your institution does this calculation and after each exam you find out what is your GPA in this exam. This way when it happens after every three or six months, you don’t have to ask anybody else if you need an improvement in your studies or some college is going to accept you. By looking at your GPAs, you can tell if you are improving in studies or going down. In the start of the educational year, when you get GPA of your first exam, you can estimate if you have to increase the study hours or you are doing just fine.

This calculator is very accurate and easy to use and even an immature can create it and use without any outside help. It’s so easy that you can make it at home within minutes and the best part is that you won’t need any help from head of math club. With a little research, you can find a perfect college for you according to your choice but the thing is that if your GPA is not enough, that college won’t accept you so you have to make sure if you are going above the average like or need and improvement or more hard work in the studies. From the first exam GPA you can set your goals and decide whether you need to study more or not.

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General guidelines to create a student GPA calculator:

  • Most schools use a four point scale where:
    A = 4
    B = 3
    C = 2
    D = 1 and
    F = 0
    once you are sure that your school or college is using the same scale, you can utilize it.
  • Find your grades in the current examination by asking your teacher or head of the department.
  • Write the correct point value next to each grade using the above mentioned grade table. For example if you’ve got A in your math, that means it means 4 point and if you got C in your history, it means 2 points.
  • Add all the above points for each of the subject and write down the final value, which in this case you can assume that it’s 24.39.
  • Now divide the final answer by the number of classes you have. In this case suppose you have 8 classes so divide 24.39 by 8 and the answer is 3.04 which mean on a scale of 0 to 4.0 your have earned 3.04 points which means your GPA is 3.04.

Use of student GPA calculator in daily life:

  • Schools use this calculator to find the ranking of each individual student.
  • Colleges use this calculator to check if the applicant fulfills their criteria and is really eligible for the admission.
  • Institutions use this calculator to check in what category the student lies from bellow average to average to extra ordinary.
  • Individual student uses this calculator to access if he will be eligible to enter into a college after a year or two.
  • Students use this calculator to find out if they need any extra hard work or they are doing just fine.

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