Bride Wedding Budget Calculator Template

According to most people especially females consider their wedding day as the biggest day of their lives and a general survey shows that girls start planning and imagining their wedding day since they are just 7 to 8 years old. If you want to make this day just like you dreamed of, it’s essential to plan it properly and set the limits for every item and important stuff. You don’t want to mess up the whole planning by spending a major part of your budget on the flowers and centre pieces because only a few of guests will notice if you have tulips or roses. People usually look for the bride’s dress and the food items in a wedding and they don’t even notice if there are centre pieces on the tables or not. A wedding budget calculator helps us to plan a wedding according to our need and capacity.

This calculator comes in handy when you have limited finances and you don’t want to spend too much on a single item while the important things are being neglected. You just need to enter the amount of cash you have in your in this calculator and the items you want in your wedding such as wedding dress, cake, centre pieces, flowers, give away presents and many others. This calculator takes the latest prices of every item from online websites as this is a web-base software and generates the estimated prices of each item and as you enter the quantity of everything, it also provides you a gross budget figure from which you can see if it’s under your control or you have to skip an item or two.

This is not a common trend in countries like America or England but there are some countries which borrow money from banks or loan firms for the wedding of their daughter or son. In this situation, it’s more important that you use this calculator because you have borrowed the money from a bank and eventually you have to pay it back. This calculator provides you detailed information about the items that are too costly and according to your budget; it won’t be a good idea to add them in the wedding. This way you save a little bit even if you have extra cash in your hand and this step helps you after the wedding when you start paying off the debt.

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General uses of a bride wedding budget calculator:

  • The most important and common use of this calculator is in the wedding seasons by individuals who want to see what their wedding would cost?
  • Parents of the bride or groom use this calculator in order to save some money for later expenses like buying a separate house or purchasing a car or SUV.
  • Professional wedding planners use this calculator to plan a wedding for their client and to let them know if they can afford the wedding they planned or not.
  • This calculator helps you to choose a category for your wedding such as A, B or C. these categories are based on the finances you have in your hand and the extra stuff you can easily afford. Such as there is no chance of arranging for give away gifts in category C but you can arrange for a live music performance if you can afford category A.
  • Even if it’s not a wedding but a general party or an event, you can use this calculator as well.

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