Mortgage Comparison Template

Mortgage means getting a loan to buy some kind of property which usually comes with predefined payment periods and interest rates. Not every person in the world has resources to buy a house or office whenever he wants either because of his low salary or disability of arranging the down payment. In that case he contacts to a bank to get some money as loan and promises to return the full money in form of weekly or monthly installments. There are many banks and other corporate firms that offer mortgages with different interest rates and various installment periods. You are asked to sign a contract with the bank or the firm to avoid any misunderstandings or errors in the future.

There are many websites that offer online mortgage comparison and that allows you to come up with the best choice according to your circumstances. On the other hand, you can do this comparison by yourself and end up with more concrete decision. You just have to do some research and ask different banks about their policies of mortgages they are offering and the terms and conditions.

The most important feature of any mortgage is the interest rate and this is the only thing that mostly people consider before getting a mortgage. If you have a job with less salary, you have to get a mortgage with lowest interest rate and with monthly installments. On the other hand, if you have your own business you may consider getting a weekly payment based mortgage.

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You can do this comparison by reviewing the following features of mortgages like:

  • What is the interest rate on the mortgage
  • What is the down payment for the mortgage
  • Is there any double-up payment feature
  • Do you have ability to increase your mortgage payment
  • In case you move, do you have ability to take your mortgage with you

Mortgage offered by any bank or firm should have the above features. Although these features vary with the different firms but the main idea remains the same. For example every bank has a different interest rate and installment periods. Selection of the mortgage highly depends upon you need and source of your income. You can’t make weekly installments if you have a job and usually get your salary once in a month and that will be more difficult for you to arrange for the weekly payments.

Some firms or banks require you to give a down payment before getting a mortgage. In that case you have to arrange for some money that’s usually 20% of the total loan amount but different banks require different amounts of down payments. Although you are not forced to get a loan with down payment but terms and conditions of this type of mortgages are simpler than the other types.

Although some mortgages comes with very fascinating terms and conditions but it’s important to sign a contract even if you have very good relations with the bank superiors. This little effort will eliminate the future errors and possible conflicts.

Here is download link of this Mortgage Comparison Template,