Food Price List Template

Whenever you go to a grocery store or a bakery to buy some food items, the first thing you want to find out is the available items and products to see if the store has what you are looking for and their prices so you can calculate which item you want to buy now and which you will buy in the next visit. To do so, you either ask a salesman or the person behind the counter or you just look for a price list. A food price list is a widely implemented document which contains all the information about the available food items in a place along with their prices. You can find such lists in superstores, shopping malls and bakeries. Sometimes the shopkeepers hang these lists outside the shop and sometimes you need to ask for one.

It’s an obvious thing that each food shop or bakery has its own foods and eating methods so there is no way to define the exact elements of a food price list. Many shops and bakeries use list form to put the food names on the price list where others put same kind of foods in separate categories. But usually a food price list contains the following elements such as:

  • Name and logo on the shop or company
  • Street and contact address
  • Names of food along with their prices
  • Special discount conditions and requirements
  • Timing of the shop and closing hours
  • Weekly special food items and their prices too

Benefits of a Food Price List:
The first and most important benefit of making a food price list in your bakery, café or the restaurant is that now you don’t have to waste your time with the customers while talking about the available food items and their prices. When you hang a price list above the counter or outside the shop on a window, you obviously put the names of available foods and their prices so now people don’t need to stand in a line for 20 minutes and then find out that the muffin they are looking for is not available here or it’s available only on weekends. People can also save their time by choosing the food they want to eat and count for the money and keep it in their hands so the counter person inside the shop doesn’t need to wait for them to take out and count the money.

Here is preview of this Food Price List Template,

Here are some Guidelines to create a Food Price List:

  • Start by putting your company’s, shop’s or bakery’s name on the top of the list followed by the street address and the contact numbers.
  • As you have already decided whether you want to print on both sides of the paper or only one side, so arrange the items as per requirements.
  • You can use either way to enlist the food items on the list such as list view or categorized view.
  • Put the price of each food in front of its name either in Dollars or Rupees.
  • Any special notes such as if you accept credit card or not and what’s the weekly specials are, will go at the bottom of the list.
  • If you are offering any type of discount, put that in the bottom too.

Here is download link of this Food Price List Template,