Job Sheet Template

Job sheet is an important part of any successful business therefore it is necessary to create. It is also known as job cost sheet and categorized as an accounting document because it will help you to calculate the costs of a particular project and orders. Job sheet will help you to have an estimate of your customers and upcoming expenses therefore you can also consider as a scorecard. It will help you to estimate either your business is making profit or going into loss. It can be critical to calculate the job cost therefore companies use different software to get accurate results. There are different elements that are necessary to access the job cost sheet. The accuracy of the final values can be calculated on the basis of all these factors and elements. Labor is most prominent factor and it is important to determine the labor to calculate working hours of all workers by name.

Here is preview of this Job Sheet Template crated using MS Excel 2007,

Importance of Job Sheet

Job sheet is necessary to design in order to manage the accuracy of your work. Following are some points that will help you to understand the importance of job sheet:

  • Job sheet will help you to stay on the top of your jobs and let you to coordinate what is happening at the job site with central office. It is necessary to design in the manufacturing environment to manage too many orders and supplies.
  • Properly designed job sheet will help you to see the problems in advance before happening. It will help you to evaluate historical data to estimate your jobs in better way.
  • Any kind of manufacturing work involves incurred costs and these costs should be part of the estimate and agreed upon before starting work. You have to provide an accurate assessment cost to the customers. It is necessary because any outset can impasse the vendor to left paying unexpected expenses.
  • Job cost sheet should feature material, labor and different expenses that can be further subdivided into direct expenses. Make sure to include all these elements in your job cost sheet.
  • Direct material is another important part that should be included in the job sheet to complete a job. Direct materials can be different for different nature of jobs such as in the construction work the direct material includes lumber, nails and wood sealant. In bakery work, the direct material will be sugar, flour, eggs and butter.
  • Job cost sheet will help you to calculate direct labor such as person-hours required to complete a job. This will usually include general labor, general contractor labor and other works such as plumbing. Direct labor is money that will be spent on the laborers.
  • Direct expenses are required for the completion of job such as if you are responsible to exhume the swimming pool then you will require renting or operating a backhoe to dig the hole. For the revamping of landscape, you can rent a stump remover.
  • Indirect expenses usually include different items such as taxes, building permits and any municipal fees associated with a project.
  • This sheet will help you to create a complete cost sheet for the field use and this will prove really helpful to manage your project in better way.

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