Restaurant Reservation Log Template

By | March 8, 2015

For a restaurant the most important thing is to bring customers to their door steps. For this a restaurant should have a very impressive seating arrangement and reservation system. No doubt that the first impression lasts long. Reservation is actually keeping something reserved for a particular person or a party. Reservation system is very important now a days as some parties reserve tables for their special occasions like anniversary, birthday etc as the parties want to avoid any kind of mess or to wait and pay a good amount for it. Most of the restaurants use reservation log but some restaurants follow the policy of first come first serve. Sometimes this system is useful for the manager but sometimes they suffer loss as well. Because sometimes instead of coming after reservation, parties change their plans and the manager suffers loss. So in order to avoid such cancellations some of the managers try to make reservations more than the available space but if no cancellations are made then the manager suffers and he has to reserve a table in the comparable hotel and pay for table and the tax of that hotel.

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Restaurant Reservation Log Template

Managing hourly reservations for the manager is not an easy job. It requires a lot of management capabilities and time and space distribution. Now-a-days, to manage this hourly reservation management, different restaurants are using different software; these software help hotels to organize their bookings and manage time. This reservation system benefits customer a lot but the customer is bound because of time limitation. Reservations can be made by different means like some people reserve tables by directly visiting the hotels themselves, some reserve by contacting through cell phones and some through the hotel websites. Time is a very precious thing; people reserve some space and service for themselves in order to save their time. Some businessmen reserve conference halls and want the manager to maintain discipline and require good service so it is very difficult task for the manager to accomplish their needs. Manager manages arrival and departure of people on hourly basis; which requires professional management skills.

Another advantage of hourly reservation is that it saves you from waiting too long. You get the best services as it is all pre planned and you feel relaxed as all your arrangements are made earlier and according to your will. Secondly, because of hourly reservation, you don’t have to pay in full; instead you are charged for the time you have used the services of the hotel, so it is also economic in a sense. Now-a-days reservations are mostly made through different websites and it is very fast and easy way; within no time you reserve a place of your own choice while just sitting in your homes but there are some disadvantages of this system as well for example if you fail to reach the reserved place on time you cannot claim the reservation or it may happen that your program changes due to any reason, the payment you made in advance goes all to waste. So this system proves to be useful if managed properly and organized according to wish of the customer but if not properly organized the customer and the manager both suffer the loss.

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