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By | September 22, 2013

Monthly shopping list is very important in nearly all the households. Women of the house starts working on their list as soon as the month approaches to its end. They are also very keen on this listing as a complete monthly shopping list means a lot to those who have to keep their refrigerators and kitchen full with everything which their family needs on daily bases. But no matter how efficient women are in making this shopping list but at the end there is something left behind in the super store and one has to go back in order to buy the things which are left because they were missing from the list. In the current era when everyone is busy and running fast on the tracks of their life, it is very difficult to go back each time to buy the things which were forgotten to be listed down on the monthly shopping list. Therefore whoever has the responsibility of making this list should be very well aware of the steps to make it in a way that every thing is covered and after one shopping trip there is no need left to go there again.

Here is preview of this Free Monthly Shopping List Template created using MS Excel,

Mothly Shopping List Template

First of all it is very important to focus on the areas of your home which need items because most of the time women centre their attention to the kitchen items and when the husband  has a hammer in hand and need a nail to put a picture frame on wall then there is no nail in the house. In this case it is rightful for the husband to get frustrated. When he is paying for the long list of groceries then its just ridiculous that he is unable to get a penny worth nail in time. So pay attention to not only the kitchen, but visit each area and see if anything is needed besides kitchen items such as garden accessories, tools box items, fuel and oil for the power equipment, toiletries etc.

The next thing is to keep an eye on budget. While making your monthly shopping list, keep in mind that your goal must be to keep your expanses under the budget. With a smart move you can achieve this task. Put the prices against each of the item included in your list. When you have finalized it, see if the total is running over the budget. If it is then cut down the things which can wait till the next month. For instance, if you have included the fuel and oil for generator in the list then see if there are any chances of serious electricity shutdown or if you are planning to take a camping trip with the generator. If no then you can cut it down from the shopping list and can save it for the next month.

Making a complete and all inclusive shopping list can save lots of your time, money and energy so you can use them for some other constructive work. Therefore, don’t take it lightly and work on your shopping list with great care for a hassle free month.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Monthly Shopping List Template,

Download Monthly Shopping List Template

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