Weekly Attendance Report Template

By | June 21, 2015

Attendance reports are designed to evaluate the turnout of students in your school. Different types of attendance reports are designed according to the requirements of educational institutions. Weekly attendance reports are designed for the betterment of class because this will help you to understand the progress of students in different classes. Weekly reports will help you to take important decisions for the benefits of students. Higher attendance rate is important for the academic success of the school because frequent absentees of large students make it difficult for teachers to build new skills and to bring progress in the class. Students who miss their schools for large intervals on frequent basis will also face trouble with their studies.

Attendance of students is really important because frequent absentees can affect budget of the school because the budget of schools are based on daily attendance at school therefore weekly attendance reports are used to access the attendance level of students and to take necessary steps for the betterment of students and school on right time.

Here is preview of this Free Weekly Attendance Report Template created using MS Excel,

Weekly Attendance Report Template

Tips to Design Weekly Attendance Report

Weekly attendance report is important part of all institutions therefore it is important to design it with all important contents. Following are some tips that will help you to design a perfect weekly attendance report according to the requirements and policies of your institute:

  • Write “Weekly Report” at the top of your document in the bold font and centralized it. Write name of school and date of report at minimum. Do not forget to leave place to write the name of tutor so that you can easily identify class with original teacher.
  • Prepare brief summary of whole week work and write few sentences about it. It will prove helpful for management to assess your work potential and your progress. Weekly attendance report should contain name of all students and their attendance status.
  • If you are designing an individual attendance report then you have to be careful while collecting data. Write number of days attended by students and details of leaves with all excuses. Do not forget to include performance and progress level of student in the weekly attendance report.
  • Identify your class goals and write progress of other students and compare it with the student for whom you are preparing weekly attendance report. Write all potential problems that student has to face in case of frequent absentees.
  • Weekly attendance report for the whole class is also designed for the assessment of entire class and effectiveness of teacher’s teaching method. It is important to report management about frequent absentees of students so that management can take necessary actions in the favor of school and students.
  • Weekly attendance sheet should contain different rows and columns to write date, name of weeks and name of students. Do not forget to prepare a special column to write total attendance of student for the convenience of reader.
  • You can include special notes at the end of weekly attendance sheet and can write suggestions and complaints about students of your class.

Here is download link for above mentioned Free Weekly Attendance Report Template,

Download Weekly Attendance Report Template

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