Travel Expense Report Template

By | June 21, 2015

A travel expense report is a form of report that is used by a traveler to report all the actual expenses that occurred while the traveler is on a travel status. All these expenses are recorded in a travel expense report according to the basic accounting system. A travel expense report should necessary be filled in order to receive reimbursement, to clear an advance or to remove an encumbrance.

Business traveling often requires planning and follow-up in order to ensure that the trip achieves all its goals and all these business travelers receive a reimbursement for related travel expenses. So, a travel expense report gives a clearer outline of all the expenses that will take place in business related activities along with the compilation and organization of receipts to make sure that the traveler do not miss any kind of expense due to lack of proper documentation or may be forget about a cash transaction. Using a consistent and convenient process for collection and listing of expenses can facilitate a travel expense report by streamlining of reimbursement.

Here is preview of this Free Travel Expense Report Template created using MS Excel,

Travel Expenses Report Template

Travel expense reports are a much better and beneficial alternative to spreadsheets and receipts. These reports make it extremely easy to capture all the necessary expenses so that you have to spend a lesser time in accounting and recording. A travel expense report helps in quickly addition of cash expenses and other expenses to the report. If you’ve used foreign currencies during your travel status, you can still track all the expenses in local currency to your travel expense report by using some simple conversion tools available on internet.

Travel expense reports provide following advantages to the travelers:

  • It helps in elimination of human errors in terms of calculation of expenses. Research has showed that more than 63% errors in expenses calculations occur due to human error, so using these kinds of reports could reduce it.
  • It provides a better analysis on all the spending that takes place, when the traveler in on some business-related trip.
  • Using a travel expense report for reporting of expenses extends the work flow of an organization by tracking all the expenses records easily.
  • Using a travel expense report allows a company to get the most out of all tax deductions that are included in expenses.
  • A travel expense report gives employers of an organization the real time spending information.

Now days, some organization use those travel expense reports that can easily be created by using a software for travel and expense management. These types of reports are known as automated expense reports, as these reports facilitate an organization to create the report in a more automated way rather than using that old manually physical process for calculation of expenses. Using automated expense report software for preparing a travel expense report gives following advantages;

  • It cuts down all valuable creation time by 50%.
  • It allows employees of a company to get reimbursed faster.
  • It reduces handling fees.
  • It reduces the amount of storage space that is needed for physical travel expense reports.

Here is download link for this Travel Expense Report Template,

Download Travel Expense Report Template

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