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By | December 7, 2016

Preparing the price list is one of the important tasks in creating demand of your product in the market as well as among masses. It is the most critical point in every business. The retailer has to keep the price list precise and comparative to make it attractive for the customers. It looked as simple phenomena but need a deep insight while making price list. Everyone is searching for the lowest or most economical price for their needed product with a good quality of it. If the similar product of another company is available in high price, no one will go for it and leave the low price item for the same product. Supplier or distributors also need to take care of the market prices and offer their price list according to that so they can balance their sale. Seller should know that a buyer always search for the best deal. Seller usually finds out what the opposite party is going to offer in market so seller offers his product on comparatively low price so the buyer or consumer will easily choose his product on the opposite company’s product.

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Price List Template

It is also considered as a market strategy to set your product price lower than the opposite party’s product. Most of the time a buyer waits to launch his product till the opposite party launches his product, so he can certainly decrease his product price to nearest possible price and capture the market without any serious difficulty. Another way to advertise your product is to make your product’s price sustainable as compared to other brands that increased their product price to double with the high demand of that product. In some cases, retailer has already decided the price list and negotiates it with vendors or with the market on their terms and they allow no similar product with their product in the market so in this case, buyer has to buy the specific product for whatever price is offered to them. But it is very rare to create such a market place or make such exclusive product that compete every other similar product of its kind.

When you increase your profit and try to earn double from a product without increasing its demand, it will earn you nothing. Make sure that while making your profit high you do not increase actual product’s amount so much that can easily be compared with similar product of another company and buyer can ignore your product for the reason that your product become so expensive. You must use pricing scheme to set up your pricing list that includes all your expected expenditure and save you from any kind of losing.

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