Invoice Template with Freight

By | February 18, 2013

The world has become a global village due to rapid communication that has a positive effect on business also. This also includes the transportation of materials all over the world. This transportation needs to be charged on solid grounds. In this regard freight invoices are issued to record money transactions related to movement of products of service providers. Initially freight invoices are generated by banks or transport industry. Freight invoices are useful for cargo companies which provide shipments whether local or international. To manage their cash transactions in a commercial way that helps them to create their tax documents and conduct other audit processes successfully. Recently it is not so difficult to create a freight invoice as many online and desktop applications are available with plenty of templates which are easy to personalize according to your business requirement. You may create your own freight invoice by combining more than one template according to your business needs. A Freight Invoice is used when commodities are transported overseas. Freight Invoices are required for export and import. The most important thing companies need to understand about international business is that shipping goods without good export documents is pointless. International freight is nothing without paperwork, almost like it doesn’t exist. So having the right export documents, of which Freight Invoices are one, is the key to international business accomplishment and good client service. Luckily, developing invoices is comparatively simple.

Here is preview of this Invoice Template with Freight,

Invoice Template with Freight

In freight invoice include your company name and logo at the top of page with complete contact information. Under that include invoice number, issue date for invoice, client’s information to whom the products are sold and shipped. If both are different persons or companies include information of both parties separately. In this section incorporate order number, destination and source of travel and payment status either prepaid or collect. The next part of invoice consists of the details of shipped items, their quantity, and description of product, unit price and total amount. At the bottom of this section write the total payable amount as subtotal. Include tax and freight in it and provide grand total prominently. In the last part of invoice include the contact information for any queries and finance related person of department information in this section you can also include any special note or condition regarding payment etc. While creating freight invoice be careful about the following points to avoid any misunderstanding in future and keep running your business smoothly.

  • Insert your company name and information to make your invoice recognized.
  • Don’t avoid Invoice No. and Invoice issue Date. Never jumble issue date with dates when services were rendered.
  • Add clear information about source place and destination point for the shipment.
  • Appoint a responsible person for business inquiries and provide his/her contact for a convenient communication with your client.
  • Send a copy of invoice to your client a keep one with you in case of multiple customers in one shipment send a copy of invoice to each.
  • If using a template do not forget to replace your own text in template and remove the unnecessary columns from template.

Here is download link for this Invoice Template with Freight,

download template.

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