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By | November 10, 2017

Production schedule is not limited to a specific type of business because almost all types of businesses require production schedule. It is commonly considered that only film industry requires production schedule to manage different films but industrialized and other firms equally require this schedule to determine the available products and required numbers. Hospitals also use production schedule in the housekeeping department to properly schedule labor. Production schedule is also useful for publishers because they use it for the timely release of new publications. This schedule plays really important role in the management of specific documents and activities. It will help you to meet with the different needs of organizations without wasting your time and resources. People have different approach toward production schedules and usually follow some basic steps to accommodate every scenario.

Here is preview of this Production Schedule Template created using MS Excel,

Production Schedule Template

Tips to Design Production Schedule

Production schedule is necessary for the proper management of different activities and for your help I am sharing here some tips to design effective production schedule:

  • In first step, you have to identify different tasks that are necessary to complete during production. You can make list of production, pre-production and post-production activities. You can break different goals into individual goals with the estimation of time required for each stage.
  • You have to estimate available time required for the completion of each task. Confirm different locations according to your shooting and include all stages of production schedule. Estimation and duration of tasks will help you to estimate the number of staff required to complete your work.
  • Prepare a chart with different headings on the top like days, weeks and months. It will help you to chronologically list everything like different activities in the schedule. Write total duration of each task with starting and ending period.
  • If you are designing production schedule for film industry then do not forget to consult schedules of all actors to know about their availability because some actors are available for short period of time only. It will help you to avoid all conflicts regarding dates.
  • You can write about different stages of production, shooting and editing to manage your whole work uniformly. Write dates and time for each stage to avoid any misunderstanding. It will be good to write some important notes about the production to remember important points.
  • Organize a meeting with the important staff members such as directors, assistant directors, and other important persons before finalizing your production schedule. It will be good to make all necessary changes before taking printout.
  • You can include the details of different tasks and responsible persons associated to each task for your own convenience. It is good to consult production crew before finalizing anything because it will help you to know about all important activities.
  • After preparing your production schedule, distribute copies of schedule to each staff member to make sure his/her availability on right time. You have to keep your schedule flexible to make some adjustments in the schedule to overcome the absence of any staff member.

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download template

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