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By | November 10, 2017

Ok so you have enrolled and met your course advisor. You now have to decide which classes you want to take. Take a look at the list and you may feel confused. How would you decide which classes to take? Your decision is basically taken in 8 steps.

It is advisable to prepare a bit before you register for the classes you choose. Once you have decided which classes you want to enlist in, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your priority?
  • For what do you need to block time?
  • Do you want to take any class which is offered this semester only?
  • Do you need time for lab work or seminars?
  • How much travel time do you need?
  • What about your other commitments?

Here is preview of a Free Course Schedule Template created using MS Excel,

Course Schedule Template

The Schedule

Once you have your priority list, you are ready to build your schedule. It is better start this process at least a week before your enrollment.

  • Take your priority list first and block time for classes which are necessary.
  • Keep the list of courses offered handy to refer to if needed.
  • Note down everything on paper or in a word file.
  • Block out time for travel and other personal activities.
  • Don’t forget to mark out time for rest and relaxation.
  • Set aside time for home assignments and extra work.
  • Find out which courses are available and which ones have a wait list.
  • Then go down the list of courses you have chosen and fit them in as you go.
  • Resolve conflicts as they arise, by adding or dropping classes as you go.

Other Issues

Some other things to keep in mind are:

  • Have your schedule ready well in advance so that you can register as soon as enrolment begins.
  • Keep some time between classes for snack or coffee.
  • Do not depend too much on the wait list. Register for what is available even if it is second best.
  • Keep checking back on your wait list and chuck classes that you don’t want anymore.
  • Register and pay on time so that you are sure to get in.

Use Work Sheets

Make use of work sheets to make sure you reach everywhere on time.

Weekly Planner

Make a weekly planner ever Sunday or holiday to remind yourself of your commitments for the coming week. Print it out and carry it with you.

Semester Planner

Make a list of classes that you plan to take for the next semester or two and carry it with you when you go for your enrollment.

If you plan your course well, you will not waste time on planning while you are studying. You can concentrate on your work and have a stress free semester.

Here is download link for this Course Schedule Template,

download template

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