Profit and Loss Statement Template

Almost everyone has to file their private earnings and expenditures. Companies must do the same. This is known as your profit and loss statement. Once this is carried out properly, all funds that broke down and got into the business needs to be obvious. Here’s learning to make an income and deprivation report.

Your profit and loss statement demonstrates your company exactly how much it is capitalizing. It then subtracts all of its expenses from all its revenue to create an amount that demonstrates the genuine income of your company during a period of 12 months, 1 / 4 or 30 days. Comprehending the profit and loss statement is essential, therefore a company director can figure out how to improve earnings or reduce costs.

Your statement — or maybe P & L– can be a breakdown of profits and expenditures for the few months. It can be employed by companies to indicate the monetary outcomes of procedures for 30 days, 12 months or any other time period. Additionally it is used by people to help out with the cost management procedure. Your profit and loss statement is usually made by poker hand or maybe in a spread sheet or a data processing software package. Regardless of whether planning by hand or with a personal computer, the actions to finalization are similar.

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Your profit and loss statement, also known as an ongoing revenue report, can be a fiscal file used to determine a company’s net income or the loss. This specific statement provides details for your number of months and features a firm’s profits and expenditures. The main difference over these 2 sums symbolizes the business’s earnings or loss for your period of time. It can be one of the leading fiscal reports used by just about all companies.

Revenue and Losses Statement can also be frequently known as positive cash-flow Statement. The objective of your statement is usually to calculate and file a firm’s revenue and expenditures in the number of months. This reveals a business whether or not they are working in debt or in the dunked where improvements are necessary. This document will show you how you can make a Revenue and Deprivation Statement for the company.

Revenue loss report — occasionally termed as a P&L — is just one of the company’s crucial economic paperwork. Additionally it is referred to as a source of income report simply because by evaluating income and deficits for a provided time, it presents the business’s post tax profit. Which gives you information regarding your financial situation over the time period under consideration, although an account balance sheet displays your financial plans at one particular moment? You may also take advantage of the P&L to determine the firm’s cash flow per share for your time-frame you are seeking at.

What kind of money has to be your company earning? Just how much are you currently investing? Adequately prepared revenue along with deprivation record (P&L) will help you respond to those concerns and perhaps drop some lighting on aspects of the company which need to have more interest.

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Islamic Calendar Template

Islamic almanac also known as Muslim almanac or Hijri almanac is an astral almanac that consists of 12 months in a year with 354 or 355 days. Islamic calendar is used in different Muslim realms to determine dates of Islamic festivals and important days such as Ramadan, Hajj, Muharram etc. First Islamic year was started in AD 622 during the evacuation of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) from Mecca to Medina. Muslim almanac is typically known as Hijri almanac in the Islamic countries. Existing Islamic year 1434 AH was started at 14 November 2012 (evening) and will end at 4 November 2013 (evening).

Months of Islamic Year

There are 12 months in the Islamic calendar from which four months are really sanctified. Following are names of Hijri months in Arabic:

  • Muharram (A battle was set in this month and this month includes Day of Ashura also).
  • Safar (It is named because pagan Arabs plundered during this month).
  • Rabbi Ul Awwal (First spring and Muslims celebrate birth of their beloved Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
  • Rabi Ul Akhir (Second or Last Spring).
  • Jamadi Ul Ula (First month of scorched land means it is the time of pre-Islamic summer).
  • Jamadi Ul Akhira (Second month of parched land).
  • Rajab (Rajab means respect or honor and this is one of the sacred month of Islam in which fighting is traditionally forbidden.)
  • Shaban (Shaban means scattered that is marked as time of year when Arab tribes dispersed to find water.)
  • Ramadan (It is the most respected month of the Islamic almanac in which followers of Islam keep fast from dawn till dusk and give donations to poor people.)
  • Shawwal (Shawwal means raised in which she-camels would be in calf at this time of year.)
  • Dhu Al Qada (It is another month during which war was banned.)
  • Dhu Al Hijjah (It is one of the pilgrimage that refers the year in which Muslims pilgrimage to Mecca for Hajj.)

Tips to Design Islamic Calendar

  • Tabular Islamic almanac is designed with rule-based distinctions according to new moon. Variations of Islamic calendar are known as tabular Islamic calendar in which months are determined by arithmetic rule instead of observation or astronomical calculation. Its leap year has 355 days and comes after cycle of 30 year. It is precise to one day in about 2,500 years and it diverges up to about one to two days in the short term.
  • In order to design Islamic calendar, it is important to look up the date of new moon and you can take help from U.S. Naval Observatory website that provides important information for the designing of Hijri calendar.
  • Divide your calendar in 12 months of Islamic year and write days of week in the first row. Calculate the first month and count back from current position such as if the age of moon is seven days and it is Monday then count reverse six days and place 1 which will also be on Monday.

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Loan Payment Receipt Templates

Money is a very serious issue for businesses and most of the time, almost all the problems have the root cause of money at some point. Therefore just to make sure that there are no confusions or misunderstandings from any side, when banks receive installments or payments against a loan they issued to a company or individual, they sign a document that states they have received the payment on time along with the name of the client and the date on which the payment was made. This document is known as the Loan Payment Receipt and usually it’s given to the client who made the payment. Banks and credit companies also make copies of the receipt and keep it for their own record but it’s usually not necessary most of the time and only one copy that is issued to the client is enough.

Here are freely available Loan Receipt Format and Templates read to download.

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Weekly Attendance Report Template

Attendance reports are designed to evaluate the turnout of students in your school. Different types of attendance reports are designed according to the requirements of educational institutions. Weekly attendance reports are designed for the betterment of class because this will help you to understand the progress of students in different classes. Weekly reports will help you to take important decisions for the benefits of students. Higher attendance rate is important for the academic success of the school because frequent absentees of large students make it difficult for teachers to build new skills and to bring progress in the class. Students who miss their schools for large intervals on frequent basis will also face trouble with their studies.

Attendance of students is really important because frequent absentees can affect budget of the school because the budget of schools are based on daily attendance at school therefore weekly attendance reports are used to access the attendance level of students and to take necessary steps for the betterment of students and school on right time.

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Tips to Design Weekly Attendance Report

Weekly attendance report is important part of all institutions therefore it is important to design it with all important contents. Following are some tips that will help you to design a perfect weekly attendance report according to the requirements and policies of your institute:

  • Write “Weekly Report” at the top of your document in the bold font and centralized it. Write name of school and date of report at minimum. Do not forget to leave place to write the name of tutor so that you can easily identify class with original teacher.
  • Prepare brief summary of whole week work and write few sentences about it. It will prove helpful for management to assess your work potential and your progress. Weekly attendance report should contain name of all students and their attendance status.
  • If you are designing an individual attendance report then you have to be careful while collecting data. Write number of days attended by students and details of leaves with all excuses. Do not forget to include performance and progress level of student in the weekly attendance report.
  • Identify your class goals and write progress of other students and compare it with the student for whom you are preparing weekly attendance report. Write all potential problems that student has to face in case of frequent absentees.
  • Weekly attendance report for the whole class is also designed for the assessment of entire class and effectiveness of teacher’s teaching method. It is important to report management about frequent absentees of students so that management can take necessary actions in the favor of school and students.
  • Weekly attendance sheet should contain different rows and columns to write date, name of weeks and name of students. Do not forget to prepare a special column to write total attendance of student for the convenience of reader.
  • You can include special notes at the end of weekly attendance sheet and can write suggestions and complaints about students of your class.

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Travel Expense Report Template

travel expense report is a form of report that is used by a traveler to report all the actual expenses that occurred while the traveler is on a travel status. All these expenses are recorded in a travel expense report according to the basic accounting system. A travel expense report should necessary be filled in order to receive reimbursement, to clear an advance or to remove an encumbrance.

Business traveling often requires planning and follow-up in order to ensure that the trip achieves all its goals and all these business travelers receive a reimbursement for related travel expenses. So, a travel expense report gives a clearer outline of all the expenses that will take place in business related activities along with the compilation and organization of receipts to make sure that the traveler do not miss any kind of expense due to lack of proper documentation or may be forget about a cash transaction. Using a consistent and convenient process for collection and listing of expenses can facilitate a travel expense report by streamlining of reimbursement.

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Travel expense reports are a much better and beneficial alternative to spreadsheets and receipts. These reports make it extremely easy to capture all the necessary expenses so that you have to spend a lesser time in accounting and recording. A travel expense report helps in quickly addition of cash expenses and other expenses to the report. If you’ve used foreign currencies during your travel status, you can still track all the expenses in local currency to your travel expense report by using some simple conversion tools available on internet.

Travel expense reports provide following advantages to the travelers:

  • It helps in elimination of human errors in terms of calculation of expenses. Research has showed that more than 63% errors in expenses calculations occur due to human error, so using these kinds of reports could reduce it.
  • It provides a better analysis on all the spending that takes place, when the traveler in on some business-related trip.
  • Using a travel expense report for reporting of expenses extends the work flow of an organization by tracking all the expenses records easily.
  • Using a travel expense report allows a company to get the most out of all tax deductions that are included in expenses.
  • travel expense report gives employers of an organization the real time spending information.

Now days, some organization use those travel expense reports that can easily be created by using a software for travel and expense management. These types of reports are known as automated expense reports, as these reports facilitate an organization to create the report in a more automated way rather than using that old manually physical process for calculation of expenses. Using automated expense report software for preparing a travel expense report gives following advantages;

  • It cuts down all valuable creation time by 50%.
  • It allows employees of a company to get reimbursed faster.
  • It reduces handling fees.
  • It reduces the amount of storage space that is needed for physical travel expense reports.

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Expenditure Report Template

Expenditure reports cover all the key transactions carried out for the purpose of executing a particular project either in a public or private organization, therefore it is very important to have a proper record to ensure transparency or clarity is maintained. Different organizations are strengthening their control over the expenses being carried out by employees and contribution towards civil infrastructure. More over common objective of all the organizations is to make sure expenses are recorded timely and properly.
There are various key elements to cover on the expenditure report:

1. Objectives
The most important element of the expenditure report is the objective, background and priorities highlighted in the report. It can provide reader with a strategic overview of the company or government institution, covering mention below items:
o What are its key strategies
o How their priorities are aligned with the strategic objectives they want to achieve over a period of time
o When they are expected to complete the project
o What are the control mechanisms adopted to manage and maintain expenses

2. Allocation of Expenses
In this section a detailed review of all the expenses which are carried out within the individual department or sections are clearly mention enabling the reader to understand and get an insight over the development overall operations.

3. Reforms or modification in System
Expenditure reports contains any changes or modification required by an organization or government institutions within the framework of curtailing and minimizing costs associated with carrying out a project. It ensures to give a broader idea about how different organizations are keen to drive out the profitability by reducing the costs and exploring new ideas to align with their strategic objectives.
The reforms includes short term goals of the organization pursuing different activities conversely adding value towards changing overall circumstance driving the project with an objective to minimize expenses incurred on the project. Long term goals of the organization refer to changing departmental objectives or completely hold the activities of a department as it couldn’t produce the desired result or outcome in the project.
Performance budgeting is as important for the organization as conducting an audit of the project whereby organizations are able to analyze and gauge in which area they are lacking with respect to performance and which area is delivering good results to make sure they are able to invest in those departments which are mobilizing their resources towards increasing the profitability of the organization.

4. Future strategic estimates
This section includes those entire estimates pertaining to strategic goals and objectives of the organization or governmental institution whereby they are able to deliver the results as expected in the future. These estimates are based on the past performance of different department, their performance analysis along with aligning their resources in relation to the strategic objectives of the project. These estimates can be break down into short term goals and long term goals. The purpose is to make sure different departmental resources are aligned with meeting the requirements of the project.

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Tax Comparison Template

It is difficult to evaluate tax rates all through the world and it can be subjective up to some extent. Tax laws of most of the countries are tremendously intricate and due to these laws the tax burden cascade differently to different groups of the each country and associate state unit. Tax rates around the world are different but basically the tax system is focused on three types of taxes including corporate taxes, individual taxes and sales taxes and GST (Goods and Services Taxes). Every country has its own tax schedules for the properties and edible goods so it is necessary to check the available schedule to have estimate of your taxable income. Usually, taxes are being paid for the general budget of the government as the fees is required to pay for the specific social benefits.

Easy Ways for Sales Tax Comparison

New inhabitants of any state should conduct tax comparison. They should check for sales tax as it is differ from state to state. Some starts charge 7 percent sales tax while other states have no sales tax at all. Following steps will help you to compare sales tax by state:

Select the states that you want to compare such as if you are moving to a new state then look for its rules and regulations as well as tax terms before your move. It will be good to browse tax admin sites to find tax rate table of each state.

Sales tax chart will contain percentage of sales tax on different items. Asterisk sign under any item such as food, prescription drugs or any other item means the exemption of those items from tax. You can compare the taxes of new and old state before moving.

Do not forget to check additional taxes charged by local government because there are some clauses under which the additional sales taxes can be charged on discretion. It will give you a clear picture for your own tax comparison.

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Tax Comparison of Different States

Following is a short tax comparison of different states according to their tax brackets and number of earners:

States with Highest Earners

Hawaii, Maryland, New Hampshire and New Jersey are some countries where highest family earners exist. The average of salary was $60,000 in 2007.

States with Lowest Earners

Arkansas and Louisiana are some those states that have lowly earners because their average annual income was $30,000 in 2007.

States with Highest Tax Brackets

Rhode Island, Vermont, California, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, Minnesota, Oregon and District of Columbia are some countries where the tax percentage was laid in upper tax bracket in 2008.

States with Lowest Tax Bracket

In 2008, South Carolina, Ohio and Oklahoma fall in lowest tax bracket categories.

No Tax States

Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Washington are some states that do not collect any income taxes.

Tax Breaks for Seniors

Washington D.C, and 26 other states have facility for seniors by providing them tax breaks on social security income.

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Financial Comparison Template

Business organizations have to deal with different clients and investors in order to arrange finances for their company. It is not easy to persuade a potential investor to invest in your business because they want proper evaluation of the financial status of the organization.  Accurate and honest communication to the strengths and weaknesses of the company is an easy way to convince investor. Financial comparison report is an important document that will help you to grab the interest of the investors as this report contains the actual financial health of the company. Financial comparison report will provide better comparison of costs and benefits. You can divide your report in different sections to provide detail comparison of financial status of the company. Financial comparison should portray clear picture of the business health financially for the satisfaction of potential partners.

Fundamentals of Financial Comparison Report

Financial comparison report should contain following fundamental points to have a comprehensive comparison of the company:

Investment Notion

Bullish and bearish stance of the company is easy to uncover in the section of investment notion. It can be included at the top portion of report for the convenience of investors. You can cover the pros and cons of key investments. Financial statements can be used to design this section because sales and profit growth trends as well as cash flows, debt levels and liquidity can be compared via financial statements of the company. The most important part of the financial comparison should be past trends that will forecast the performance of the organization. Past and present trends can help you to get the idea about future trends.


It is the most important part of the financial comparison and it is based on the valuation of the self-governing value for the stock and market price comparison. Usually, three primary valuation techniques are being used for the valuation of stock and assets of the company. Usually, estimation of prospect cash flows can be used for the valuation of company’s assets. Discounted cash flow analysis is another way for this process. Financial comparison analysis is essential to get the book value of all assets and stock in the market.

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Major Risks

This point cannot be ignored while financial comparison because goodwill and patent protection of the company is greatly based on its valuation. You have to discuss important risks to your business from market, climate conditions, rivals or any other reasons. These should be discussed with proper solution in the report to deal with all bad situations. Corporate governance, political environment and different other related factors can prove potential risk or benefits for your company according to circum stances so do not forget to mention them in the financial comparison.

Financial comparison is really important for clients, investors, income tax departments and auditors because it is a better tool to measure the performance of the organization. This comparison requires proper research and details financial statements of the company otherwise you cannot design a perfect financial comparison report for the convenience of potential investors.

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Invoice Template with Freight

The world has become a global village due to rapid communication that has a positive effect on business also. This also includes the transportation of materials all over the world. This transportation needs to be charged on solid grounds. In this regard freight invoices are issued to record money transactions related to movement of products of service providers. Initially freight invoices are generated by banks or transport industry. Freight invoices are useful for cargo companies which provide shipments whether local or international. To manage their cash transactions in a commercial way that helps them to create their tax documents and conduct other audit processes successfully. Recently it is not so difficult to create a freight invoice as many online and desktop applications are available with plenty of templates which are easy to personalize according to your business requirement. You may create your own freight invoice by combining more than one template according to your business needs. A Freight Invoice is used when commodities are transported overseas. Freight Invoices are required for export and import. The most important thing companies need to understand about international business is that shipping goods without good export documents is pointless. International freight is nothing without paperwork, almost like it doesn’t exist. So having the right export documents, of which Freight Invoices are one, is the key to international business accomplishment and good client service. Luckily, developing invoices is comparatively simple.

Here is preview of this Invoice Template with Freight,

In freight invoice include your company name and logo at the top of page with complete contact information. Under that include invoice number, issue date for invoice, client’s information to whom the products are sold and shipped. If both are different persons or companies include information of both parties separately. In this section incorporate order number, destination and source of travel and payment status either prepaid or collect. The next part of invoice consists of the details of shipped items, their quantity, and description of product, unit price and total amount. At the bottom of this section write the total payable amount as subtotal. Include tax and freight in it and provide grand total prominently. In the last part of invoice include the contact information for any queries and finance related person of department information in this section you can also include any special note or condition regarding payment etc. While creating freight invoice be careful about the following points to avoid any misunderstanding in future and keep running your business smoothly.

  • Insert your company name and information to make your invoice recognized.
  • Don’t avoid Invoice No. and Invoice issue Date. Never jumble issue date with dates when services were rendered.
  • Add clear information about source place and destination point for the shipment.
  • Appoint a responsible person for business inquiries and provide his/her contact for a convenient communication with your client.
  • Send a copy of invoice to your client a keep one with you in case of multiple customers in one shipment send a copy of invoice to each.
  • If using a template do not forget to replace your own text in template and remove the unnecessary columns from template.

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Importance Of Currency Converter Template

Businesses and organizations provide products and services to individuals and other businesses and in return they ask for money as their fees. The general acceptable form of that money is called currency and it includes currency notes and coins. People and businesses use the currency in their daily lives to buy or sell things because it’s not a barter era anymore. There are only fewer businesses that deal with other parties and exchange services for products or products for services and their mutual deals don’t involve the actual money although both parties get their profits. As the world is becoming a global village and countries are doing businesses together, so do the common businesses and organizations. The business of a country deals with another business which is in different country and the currency in both places doesn’t match and have different values. Also when some individual goes for a business or vacation trip to another country, he can’t use the currency of his country in that place but he has to replace his currency with their currency notes or coins. This exchange of currency notes and their value is called currency conversion.

In every country there are some organizations, businesses or banks that deal with the money exchange process. They take the money of another country, analyze its importance and in return give the accurate amount of their own money which could be more or less than he paid. For example if a person takes $10 and goes into a Pakistani bank, he gets around 1040Rs but on the other hand, if he takes 1000Rs and goes into an American bank, in return he only gets $9. As a country can’t accept the currency of another place, it’s necessary for the travelers and businesses to convert their money into their currency form. Without a currency converter, one can’t understand the value of different currencies and he could estimate wrong about the worth of various currencies which will lead him to loss.

This calculator enables a person to comfortably do a business in the currency of their own choice. This way if businesses of two different countries are dealing together, they can estimate the profit and pay the charges into their own currency and then the other party can exchange in into their own currency. This calculator eliminates the confusion of different currency rates and their values and helps the businesses to expand their services and branches in different countries. This calculator makes it possible to transfer the money online via internet and banks. The banks, by their own use this converter and pay the other party in their own currency to make this process much easier.

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Uses of currency converter in our daily lives:

  • Individuals use this converter to check the value of another country’s currency before they move to that place.
  • Businesses use this converter to check for the value of currency of another country before they sign a deal with the other party.
  • Travelers use this converter to find out the currency rates of a place they want to visit.
  • People, who are working outside their own countries, use this converter to transfer the money to their families.
  • Governments use this converter before they sign a deal or agreement with another country or an outside government.

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