Cleaning Sheet Template

A cleaning sign off sheet is frequently prepared in large organizations like hospitals or big factories where large equipments are installed and it’s necessary to clean those machines on regular basis. It’s also applicable when it comes to offices which have more than one department and it’s very important to clean each floor with maximum supervision. The actual aim of a cleaning sign off sheet is to arrange all the cleaning duties and spread the tasks to individual cleaning workers.

Usually in hospitals, a cleaning sign off sheet contains information like name of hospital and separate department names. After that, there is a brief explanation of the cleaning rules implemented by the department in addition to the main intentions of cleaning tasks.

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A cleaning sign off sheet contains the following details:

  1. Name of the organization
  2. Name of the department (if any)
  3. Date
  4. Names of all matrons along with their duties
  5. Comments area
  6. Signature area for the supervisor

On this sheet there is a table that shows all the tasks related to cleaning a specific department or floor. Then there are written the names of all the cleaning employees along with their duties and each worker have to sign after completing his or her tasks. In this way it’s very easy to locate the person on initial level because no one is allowed to sign off their duty until a supervisor checks out the whole department and makes sure that every task is completed the way it’s supposed to be. With the help of this sheet, it’s very easy to find the person who is responsible for an error in providing the asked cleaning services.

A cleaning sign off sheet actually makes it possible to provide the maximum hygiene of a place and it ensures the cleaning of all equipments as well. This sheet can also be used to enlist a specific machinery that needs more concentrated cleaning either due to its fragile parts or because its more frequent use.

Generally the persons, who had installed the machines, provide a detailed list of how frequent the machine will need cleaning services and which parts are more sensitive and need cleaning on daily basis. It’s possible to create separate cleaning sheets for separate equipments which will contain information about their parts and cleaning procedure to make then keep working. After every cleaning service, it’s better to call an engineer and let him check all the parts if the instrument is too expensive. There is a signature area on every cleaning sheet where that engineer will sign in order to give permission to use that machine.

Similarly there are cleaning sign off sheets used in schools, colleges, and other educational buildings. In some countries there are also some schools that use a student cleaning sign off sheet. It is used to make sure that the students are keeping their rooms clean at home and it’s necessary to take your parent’s signature at the bottom of the sheet every day. Some schools also assign duties to their students to keep the class room clean and there the on duty student has to sign the cleaning sheet by his teacher to make sure that he has provided all the services.

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