Chinese Conception Calendar Template

Parents, particularly mother, is always curious about the gender if their babies. If not for any other reason than for the purpose to prepare the room and wardrobe of the baby according to the gender. In eastern countries like India, informing the gender of  the baby prior to birth is not legal. Although, there is no harm in just predicting the sex of the infant to be born. Chinese Conception Calendar is one of the most legendary things in this regard which was found deeply buried around 700 odd long years before in a regal tomb located around Beijing. AT today’s date the one and only Chinese conception calendar are safely kept in Beijing in the Institute of Science. There are also some individuals who believe that original chart which was found buried in a tomb around Peking is safe in the Museum of Science, Peking. In anyways it is difficult to consider that which one is the original chart . But the thing which is confirmed is that the Chinese calendar as per lunar pregnancy is a real thing to predict the sex of the baby before birth and that also with 90% truth.

There are individuals out there who are disbelieving about the matter and argue against the prediction theory. But this calendar says that there is a method to predict the gender with the help of some calculation. However the right understanding of this calendar has not been determined till now so one can use it as fun but believing on its prediction is risk and that is why it is not provided to pregnant women. The calendar has something to do with Chinese astrology, therefore understanding the basics is very important to explicate the chart.

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Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology
It is a known fact that zodiac signs in Chinese astrology are based on twelve animals that are rat, dragon, ox, snake, tiger, monkey, rabbit, horse, rooster goat, boar and dog. These signs symbolize particular years which are determined on the basis of a rotating cycle of 12 years. Chinese astrology works on lunar years and thus moon signs. However in western regions, the solar year  is common to follow but in Chinese it is not considered to be as correct as lunar year and lunar age. On the bases of these animal zodiac signs, one can relate it to his or her character analysis in a detailed way.

Forecasting the Gender of Baby:

In order to explicate the Chinese Conception Calendar, it is necessary to calculate the accurate lunar age of the pregnant women according to the following instructions.

If the date of birth is falling between 1st of January and 20th of February then the current age will be used in the calculation. If it is falling between 21st of February and 21st of December than a year will be added in the current age.

The next step is to determine the month in which the baby is conceived and that also will be according to month based on the lunar year.

After this practice one can obtain the chart from any of the reliable website and calculate according to the given instruction with chart to obtain the most probable prediction.

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