Monthly Time Sheet Template

Time sheet is an important document that is used for the recording of work done by particular employee with actual completion time for the job. Time sheet includes days of working weeks, working hours, beginning and ending of lunch time and total time taken by employee for break. Time sheet is usually calculated at the end of the pay period. It is a common task that has been done by different people. It is equally important to write monthly time sheet and this information is equally important for the management department specifically in the project programs. It will help you to estimate total cost of project, trading and management. Monthly time sheets are an easy way to track his/her work.

Uses of Monthly Time Sheet

Time sheet is basically designed for an employer to determine payroll and to use for some other purposes. Time sheet is used for different purposes such as it is used to record starting and ending time of tasks and the total duration required or used for the completion of each task. You can record detail breakdown of tasks during the accomplishment of project or program. This information is important and can be used for payroll, client billing and cost management, estimation and tracking for a project. Time sheet is frequently used while project management because it will help you to measure the performance of employees and you can easily pinpoints all problematic tasks.

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Tips to Design Monthly Time Sheet

Time sheet is used for multiple purposes therefore it is important for you to pay attention on its designing and following tips will help you to design a perfect monthly time sheet according to your own requirements:

  • Time sheet can be designed in any spreadsheet program where you can keep track of total hours worked, cost incurred on project, performance of employees and different other details as per your own needs.
  • Start your time sheet with date and time at which the work has been started but do not forget to record all breaks the employees have taken during the course of their work. Write down ending time at the end of day to get accurate figure for total working and resting hours.
  • It is important to keep complete record of working hours so that you can easily track billable and resting hours. Calculate number of total hours worked at the end of the day to calculate the amount of total payment. If the project is started at 8:00 a.m., and you have worked on the project until 1:00 then the total worked hours are 5 hours. Do not forget to subtract break hours from this time such as if you have taken break of 30 minutes then working hours are 4 ½ hours.
  • Keep your project hours separate from the daily working hours and it can be easy with the use of monthly time sheet as you can record everything separately without any conflict. Do not forget to record minutes and round all minutes at the end of month while preparing your final monthly time sheet.

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