Home Inventory Sheet Template

Home inventory sheet is an important document as it will help you to identify and report all items that are destroyed by fire or burglarized. In the absence of home inventory sheet you will not be able to replace these items. It will help you to file insurance claim against each destroyed product of your house. Insurance companies often advice their customers to design a home inventory sheet to cover your home in case of fire or invasion. Home inventory is a long list that contains details of valuables in each room of your house and amount of these valuables. It will prove helpful at the time of insurance claim and will strengthen your case. You can get benefits of tax-deductible items also with the use of home inventory sheet.

Home Inventory Sheet

Home inventory sheet is an important document therefore it is important to design it on first priority before creating any problem. Here is a preview of a Freely Available Home Inventory Sheet Template created using MS Excel,

You have to consider following points while designing home inventory sheet:

Living Room

Start your work with the living room because it is the place where more previous items are available. It is also known as family room so start with this room and simply cover all types of items like couches, chairs, bookshelves, wall shelving, books, television, stereo equipment, additional games, rugs and DVD films. Do not forget to write the amount of each item, with purchase price and purchase year.

Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry

Bathroom, kitchen and laundry usually contain different electrical appliances so do not forget to cover this place. Bathroom contains washing machines, drying machines, linens etc. Write all of them in a separate section you have designed with the name of bathroom. Kitchen section contains appliances, books, dishes, dryers, linens, ironing board, dishwasher, pans, pots, stove, glassware, freezer, crystal utensils etc. It is your responsibility to write details of all items with their purchase price and date of purchase.


Office contains books, bookcases, files, cabinets, chairs, couches, fireplaces, lamps, computers, printers and different other office equipments. You have to write name of everything with actual purchase price and date of purchase.


Bedroom include lots of things like furniture, rugs, lamps, tables and different smaller things like jewelry, watches and different other valuables. You can include everything in the home inventory list but design separate section for each category and write actual value of item with date of purchase.

Dining Room

Dining room is an important part of the house so does not forget to include dining room set in the home inventory checklist. Include all types of dining table set like crystal dining sets, silverware, wall shelving and table linens. Include quantity of each item, year of purchase and cost per piece.

Garage, Attic or Basement

You cannot ignore garage, attic or basement while preparing home inventory sheet because almost every house has them to store important equipment. Include your car, its model, year of purchase and purchase price in the list. It is time to write detail of all equipment you have stored in your garage. Lawn furniture, garden equipment, tools and other storage tools will be included in the home inventory sheet.

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