Square Root Table

In schools and colleges, students always wonder “Why do I need to know square root calculation? Are square root have got any importance in the practical life? “

Square root calculation has also got its own importance in some real life applications and one of these important applications is a printed square root table. Every operation in the field of mathematics has got its inverse too. For addition, subtraction acts as an inverse. For multiplication, division acts as inverse. Same is the case with square root calculation, which acts as an inverse of squaring a number. Square root of a number in simple words is a value. When this value is multiplied by itself, it gives the number.

Square root calculation is done for a lot of purposes that include scientific computations, computer graphics and many other purposes like normal distribution in probability etc.

Here is preview of a Free Square Root Table created using MS Excel,

Let us explain these purposes individually to make you aware of the importance of square root calculation;

  • Use in Scientific Computations:

Square root calculation has got its importance when it comes to scientific computations as it helps in some scientific calculations like finding the value of an angle.

For example: Calculating the value of a trigonometric function like sin (pi/3) =31/2/2 etc is only possible by using square root.

It also helps in calculation of distance between two points.

For example: Suppose distance between points ‘x’, ’y’ and ‘y’, ‘z’ is known. To find distance between ‘y’ and ‘z’ you will need to calculate square root.

  • Use in Memory Utilization:

When it comes to data compression in order to reduce the size of data to utilize memory, square root always sounds beneficial. For example, in video compression or image compression that is performed to reduce the data size, image square root calculation is needed.

  • Use in Computer Graphics:

Square root calculation also has its role in computer graphics. Using square root helps in the creating the possibility to have a better resolution as well as pixels.

Printed square root tables have got their importance when it comes to finding the square root of a number by using a table. A printed square root table provides us a systematic way to calculate the square root of numbers from ranging from 1 to 100. Using a printed square root table helps in calculating the values of the numbers that are not present in the table. This can be done by using the technique of approximation on a square root table.

A printed square root table also helps us in calculating the square roots of even more larger numbers. For example; if you are willing to find out the square root of 2000, draw a square table along with it. Look in that table to find the square value closest to 2000, this value will be 2025. On the printed square root table, the approximate square root value of 2000 will be 45.

Now a day’s various websites on internet also provide their help to an individual, who want to create or use a printed square root table.

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