Wedding Guest List Template

It’s not an easy job to decide who is going to be by your side on the most important day of your life, your wedding day. The most important ingredient of a wedding day is the wedding guests list which decides who is going to be there and how many guest you will have to welcome. It’s up to you if you are planning to welcome the guests at the airport or will welcome them at the destination point with a gift in your hands. It’s important that you make the list before you create or send the invitation to all the guests. As you already know that 20% to 25% of your invited guests will not able to make it and will apologize and send you a gift and card instead so as you start sending the invitations, you get to know the actual number of the guests that will attend the wedding. This is a very good thing which allows to plan to invite a few more than your capacity.

The most important thing to consider before the guest list it to come up with a reasonable number of guests that you and your partner are agree to invite. It all depends upon the type of the wedding you want i.e. small and private or big and more social. The number of guests and your wedding events mainly depend upon the money you have in your hand for the wedding. This guest list helps you to stay on the budget by inviting the number of guests that you can afford and handle within your financial range. It’s also important that you sit with your partner and decide what you are going to offer to the guests i.e. food, wine, gifts etc. You may have money to invite 300 guests but it would be possible that you won’t be able to afford them good food or great wine. This is why it’s important that you invite lesser guests but provide them with luxurious hospitality and accommodation.

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  • First of all, you have to come up with the total number of guests that you and your partner have decided to invite. Then divide that number into two halves so that both you and your in-laws have the same number of guests in the wedding. This step is very useful in order to eliminate the dispute or friction between the both families which is quite possible in such an event when everybody wants to share his or her own ideas.
  •  Create a hierarchy when creating the guests list as the close family members and relatives come first and after that, consider your close friends, and finally the acquaintances. This way if you have limited seats, you can choose easily.
  • It would be much better if you and your partner decide that you only invite those who are still in touch with you and there is no need to invite long lost friends who were your class mates in the high school.
  • Some people think of children as an extra in the ceremony which only cry and make noises during the ceremony, where on the other hand, some people think that wedding is a family event and the whole family should be invited. This is up to you if you want kids in your wedding or not, but make sure that you and your partner are on same page.
  • There is no hidden deal about it and mostly people know about it that about 20% to 25% of your invited guests will not attend the wedding. There are many reasons that some of your guests will call you and apologize not to be able to come to the wedding. That’s why it’s important that you keep in mind that you can always invite a few more than your capacity.
  • Always mention it in the invitation letter if your guests are allowed to bring a date and if you don’t put anything like that, it’s understood that the guest is invited alone.

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