Wedding Gift List Template

Once the wedding date is fixed and you have sent out the invitations, it’s time for you to start receiving the gifts from your relatives and family members. It’s a good thing to send the gift a week or month before the wedding to the happy couple. A few years back, the gifts were sent to the bride’s family but now most couples decide to receive the gifts together on a single address which they have to mention in the invitation letter. The gifts will come from different sources and sometimes, you will collect them from different places too and it can be a tough task for the couple to keep a track of every gift. This includes the sender’s name and the date you received it. If you want to make sure that all of your guests receive a thank you note, you have to keep a track of every gift you receive. This way you will also remember the guests to whom you have already sent a thank you note.

Information you should write down on a paper regarding every incoming gift that will help you in the tracking process. The details such as:

  • The sender’s name
  • His  or her mailing address
  • A small description of the gift they sent
  • Date when you received the gift
  • The information about the purchasing of the gift i.e. buyer’s name and store’s information
  • Name of the shipment or cargo company
  • A little something that you thought when you saw the gift. This will help you to write a thank you note
  • The date when you mailed the thank you card.

Here is preview preview of a Free Wedding Gift List Template created using MS Excel,

A few important methods for gift tracking:

1.     Microsoft wedding gift tracker:

This program is introduced by Microsoft and it’s like the first choice of most of the brides. The great thing with this software is that it’s very easy to operate and you need just a single click to update it. Someone with a basic knowledge of computer can operate it very well. You just have to build a habit of going straight to the computer every time you receive a gift from a person you have invited to the wedding. This way you will create a list that you can check and update as many times as you want. You should always email a copy of this document to yourself every time you update something just to make sure that in case your computer crashes, you have a backup.

2.     Spreadsheets:
Many people also prefer to use a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet whenever they want to keep a track of their incoming gifts. Females who already have tried the spreadsheet for their gift tracking process, recommend this program to others because of its compatibility and availability. The biggest advantage of this software is that you don’t have to be online every time you want update the tracker list. This is a desktop base program which you can operate even on you cell phone. You just have to put information in the appropriate box and you got yourself an amazing gift tracker without any extra cost.

Handmade list home by yourself:
People who are creative enough or always try new things, usually create a gift tracker list at home using just a pen and paper. This way they can be surer about the tracker they want according to the available information about the gifts. This tracker is also very easy to update and you don’t any computer or a digital device every time you want to put something new in the list.

Here is download link for this Wedding Gift List Template,