Wedding Day Schedule Template

How many of you think that there will be something more important other than your wedding day? If I am not wrong, each one of you thinks in the same way that the wedding is the most amazing thing that can happen in someone’s life. That’s why wedding day is so important for bride, groom and their families. Females, who are more attached to the wedding and its events, use to plan their wedding day even when they are so young. This is why this day is more important to the bride as compared to a groom. Every bride wants to make this day as per her expectations and in the same dreamy way that she imagined it a few years ago. The one thing that scares the bride more than anything is that there is going to happen something wrong at their wedding day. No matter how much you relax them or make them feel satisfied, they always get cold feet of their own bad imaginations.

All the above mentioned stuff and factors make it more essential that you plan your wedding day a few days before. You can make a checklist for the events that are a part of the wedding and the stuff or items you will need for each event. For example in the bridal shower, you only invite females and arrange for simple take away gifts which are less show-off and more elegant or for the rehearsal dinner, you invite only the most important guests which rehearse for the actual day. But the most important thing is the reception day which is actually the one day that only matters. This is why it’s important that you make a proper schedule for the wedding day in which you plan for each event and item that matters.

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Wedding Day Schedule Tips:

  • The most important thing in the wedding is the timing. People don’t feel or notice if the timing is perfect, they do when it’s not. So the first thing to make a schedule for your wedding day is to allocate time for each event. Event like; bride and bridesmaids’ makeup and dressing, final dress fitting and photography need time to complete and making it quick will only result in a mess.
  • It would be so much better if you rehearse the actual events of the wedding day with your friends. One can act like the priest and one may become the father of the bride to walk her down the aisle. Rehearsing the real events will make it easier for you to perform them on the actual day.
  • The location of the wedding ceremony should be close so that when the bride’s makeup and dressing is done, she can reach the church in few minutes.
  • There should be enough time between the ceremony and reception. There is no need to rush things or make a mess in order to do any task quicker.
  • The photographer should be provided with enough time so that he or she can capture all the moments in the camera.
  • You should spend some extra time with the guests and don’t hurry to take off. We know that it’s your wedding day and you just got married but it’s not a good thing to neglect the friends and relatives just to be alone with each other.

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