TV Programs Schedule Template

Print media is an old story of communication world, and number of readers has also enormously decreased with the passage of time, as the technology started to take place of the classical writings and reading trends. With the advent of radio technology, the newspapers were given a set back and the next blow was given when the pictures along with the voice were telecasted for the first time in 19th century. Although it was not very common, but later in 20th century television or TV had taken most of the attention of the world, diverting them from newspapers and radio broadcasts. However, newspapers and radio broadcasts still have their importance till today.

TV has become an addiction to almost everyone in the world; and affects the lives of millions and billions of people all around the world. The media has become so fast that no news is surprise to anyone no matter in what nook of world they are; it just spreads within a blink of eye. The TV has become a proper industry and the broadcasting is considered a great business these days. TV is an entertainment, education, reporting and it won’t be wrong to say that, TV has now become the part of breakfasts and dinners of our everyday life. The TV industry has grown so big that, there are more things to broadcast on the TV than the hours in a day; which gave rise to a scheduling of such things, called as programs. Most of the programs are broadcasted once in a week, and this makes it a huge number; which becomes difficult for the viewers of TV to keep record of their favorite program(s). Also there is not just one channel, there are several channels broadcasting today, and hence the number of programs being telecasted also increases to an enormous number.

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Hence, a TV program schedule is made by each channel for its programs which are telecasted throughout the week for their viewers. TV programs schedule is designed in such a way that, the audience is never bored and the people must not lose their interest and should not be disappointed. So the TV program schedule is set in such a way that it is a mixture of entertainment, news, infotainment, and of course most importantly the sponsored ads, with which the channel is being run.

The more entertaining and fun is a TV schedule, more are the chances of getting audience’s interest and increasing number of viewers. No doubt about the fact that the quality of the programs being telecasted also matters to a great extent, but the scheduling is also important; because a schedule full of news is as useless as a schedule of continuous commercial ads, so it is a successful approach to present a mixture of all types of broadcasting, to keep the audience interested. Moreover, it is also considered feasible to put entertainment stuff in the evening times, as that is the time where the audience is in front of their TVs more likely. News on the other hand, is scheduled hourly or quarter hourly depending on the type of a channel. There are also entire channels for news or entertainment etc. which have their own schedules set up to deal with their kind of programs. No matter what type of channel it is or what type of programs are up in the broadcast list, the schedule should be mixture and surprising and not boring at all, because TV is an entertainment; and it MUST entertain the audience.

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