Biweekly Timetable Template

Have you ever being caught forgotten something? Like absent on a very important seminar, missing out last date for payment of utility bills or failed to make it to personal commitments? Well we all are human beings and all these mistakes are among daily chores of our life but this however does not make room for ignorance or negligence in professional lives. A professional is always expected to be mature and disciplined on the same time.  Here, biweekly timetable aids limed human memory, remembering all tasks for the week so each activity can be efficiently executed and completed on time.

So, what are these Biweekly timetables? As the name suggests, they are timetables a person uses to effectively utilize his time without overlooking anything of his importance. Such timetables are usually planned for a week and are revised and updated twice a week. These biweekly timetable may contain reminders, notifications, important notes etc. that a person wishes not to forget. All these activities are planned on this biweekly timetable along with details of starting and ending time in them. A person is expected to revise his schedule for next three days in order not to miss out something and avoid making un-full fillable commitments.

These biweekly timetables are available in different forms. The advancements of electronics and computer technology have directly placed these timetables in our computers, laptops and mobile phones in the form of very easy to use and interactive applications. On the parallel, traditional dairies and writing pads are also employed for the same purpose. In case of unavailability of all of these, a person can very easily design his very own biweekly timetable. All that is required is a pen and paper. The paper may then be divided into seven equal parts, each labeled with a day of week and that’s it biweekly timetable is ready to use.

Biweekly timetables have numerous advantages. It increases memory when a person keeps on repeating and remembering things furthermore it helps a person to be disciplined. Being effectively managed, a person is able to set his further commitments with anyone and also be on time for those he made earlier.

Being kept by all, directors, managers, secretaries, officer’s etc. biweekly timetables today are very important necessity of a professional. Managers maintains them to be in touch with different transactions of their customers, directors maintain them for them for their official trips and business events they have to attend while secretaries maintain them to arrange different meetings for their bosses as well as reminding them of their scheduled tasks. Besides being cheap, compact and available in different forms these biweekly timetables are important aspect of professional lives.

To make sure biweekly timetables works effectively, a person has to make sure few things. Always write all scheduled confirmed meetings on your schedule, since they occupy the time slot, if unconfirmed it will waste precious time. Second, always consult your biweekly timetable before committing to any meeting or appointment. A clash among those will portray a very bad image. Lastly, don’t forget to revise your timetable and make suitable adjustments.

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