Body Fat Calculator Template

The amount of energy in the food we take decides whether we put on more weight or lose some pounds. If we eat more than the need of our body, the extra energy or excessive calories are stored in our body in form of fats. To live a healthy life and maintains a perfect body, we should always take just the right amount of calories that our body needs or in case of excessive amount of energy, we should work out or exercise to burn the extra calories so that it doesn’t become fat in our body. Our body needs necessary vitamins and minerals on daily basis and we have to provide some extra because our body ejects some energy in form of body oils, sweat, excrete wastes and other body fluids and if we don’t eat the extra amount, we may lose our weight. Before you think yourself as a fat person or start a dieting program, you should check if you are fat or not. The body fat calculator helps you to figure that out.

When we are on a diet, we don’t provide the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to our body and to work properly, our body uses the fats from inside the organs like belly or hips. This way as we eat less, we reduce some weight and get rid of extra fat too. But this is not an easy or usual process as our body goes under a lot of changes when we are on a diet. And it becomes worse if you are on a diet but your body is already weak. This is where a body fat calculator comes handy. When you use this calculator, you don’t need any doctor, physician, health instructor or diet specialist to tell you about your body but you call see the results by yourself even at home. You just need to check your actual weight and height and enter those figures into this calculator and in a blink of an eye, you have the results telling you if you have any extra fats or your body is in perfect shape. When you get the result you can match it with a chart given bellow to see if you fall into category of underweight, perfect weight, overweight or obesity.

  • <18.5 = underweight
  • 18.5-24.9 = normal weight
  • 25-29.9 = overweight
  • 30-30+ = obesity

This calculator is free of cost and also doesn’t need an expert to operate or to read the results. Anybody can use it without any supervision of a doctor or diet instructor. This calculator helps you to locate the extra fats in your body so that by reducing them, you can obtain a perfect shaped body. It helps you to draw a diet plane for you or one of your family members. The result you get is in percentage so it’s quite easy to compare it with your friend or spouse to see which one of you is healthier. You can use this calculator on a computer or your cell phone so there is no need to buy an extra gadget for this purpose. Even if nobody knows but only you about the extra fats in your body, you can use this calculator as many times per day as you want and nobody will ever notice that you are fat or are on a diet.

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Uses of a body fat calculator in our daily lives:

  • Individuals use this calculator to locate the amount of fats in their bodies.
  • Fat persons use this calculator to check how many pounds they need to reduce so that they can create a diet plan at their own.
  • Doctors and physicians use this calculator in their medical facilities to aware the patients about the extra fats in their body.
  • Nutritionists use this calculator to create a diet plane for their clients and to keep them up to date about their reducing fats.
  • Preschools use this calculator to see if the children are putting on some weight so that they need to change the ingredients of lunch they provide at the school or kids eat at their homes.

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