Project To Do List Template

You have a big project coming up for your school or for your college and you need to ace it to get the best grade. You are worried and extremely stressed out about what to do and how to do it. You are worrying day in and day out and cannot make yourself to get organized and assemble all the things that you need to achieve in order to get your project on the right track. Sleepless nights are encountered and you are on the brink of losing it. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and make a project ‘to do list’. By preparing a “Project To Do List” you will be focusing your energy on your project and will be more focused on what you need to do, what you need, how will you complete your project and when will it be completed. Here is a useful link for you to download several free Excel Templates created using Blue Theme online.

The first step in making a ‘project to do list’ is to think and understand your project. You need to plan when making your ‘project to do list’ and need to understand what exactly it is that you need to achieve. Make a list accordingly and start off with the basic things such as the resources, the material and etc. then move on to more advanced stuff such as assembly and report writing.  Since the ‘project to do list’ will be made some time before the actual day, there should be a mention of dates and time in the most organized and proper way ever. Always keep some space along with each task for some kind of notes or reminder that you may want to note down at that moment or in a day or two. If you’re drafting up the ‘project to do list’ by hand then make use of various colored pens to differentiate between the most urgent tasks and tasks that aren’t that urgent. But if you’re making the ‘project to do list’ on your hand held device or your smart phone, then make use of various colored fonts or highlight and bold the important and urgent tasks. You can also set reminders in your ‘project to do list’ on your smart phone as well! Using technology is much more efficient and time saving but it depends on what is more comfortable for you. Just remember the main focus, to stay organized when making the ‘project to do list’, to maintain objectivity and to ensure that focus is maintained and sustained. Make sure you always leave some space for tick marking the task upon achievement. Never ever scratch off an item of the list or do it in a rough manner. Although it does provide the necessary satisfaction, it would just give the whole list a messy and disorganized look. You can even add some pictures to give it a more formal look to get you in the mood to complete those tasks! Remember, your ‘project to do list’ will be your guide for the months to come, make it wisely!

Here is preview of a Free Project To Do List Template created using MS Excel,